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Date Posted: 8th Jan 2021 at 8:51 PM

Hello there, I'm Keallow and this is my new journal, started on 08/01/2021...

In this first entry, I want to share with you, some things that I have reserved only for myself, for years...like making sims movies and write stories, and to be participative in the community, but, how?

When I spent years thinking, I had a conclusion, I play the sims since I have 9 years so, how about being part of the community, just for having a presence and having a great hobby...like sharing my creations with the world, and the others can see them, I spent a lot of my lifetime of 17 years playing the sims, so I think that It will be amazing to share my conclusions with yours and have a very... appropriate form to share my creativity and ideas, my fears and tears, and my sims dramas...

So, what I am waiting, let me flow my creativity and start creating content here!

I know, this post can be a little selfish on my part but is an explanation of my first introduction, I am going to publish a lot of things here so don't be rude, just let me introduce myself and start creating. And if you love my first entry, please let me know just commenting on the comment sections or something because I don't know anything about journals in modthesims...

Thanks for having the time to read since here and have a nice day!!!
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