Back with some new stuff - TUTORIAL

Date Posted: 20th Jul 2008 at 6:11 PM

Hah... my last entry was almost a year ago. I'm not very good at journaling am I? Well I've been busy lately, building and doing other stuff. I finally added a tutorial to this site, so read that before you PM me with questions.

Got a few new lots coming sometime soon It's great to be back.

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I didn't die

Date Posted: 27th Jul 2007 at 11:31 PM

I didn't die, just been very busy this summer! I was gone for most of the month of June on vacation with my family. I've just returned from another vacation from Colorado, and now I'm home for a while. I won't be any less busy, however. Summer band practice starts for me on Monday, with 2-a-day practices from 9 am to 1pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm.

I do have some new uploads coming soon though! I haven't had a ton of time to create lately, but I've finished up some old projects. One is a large contemporary/traditional house in neutral, bright tones. I also have an eye set that will soon be uploaded (MUCH better than my last attempt at eye making).

Over the last few months, I've created many new walls and floors, all of them hand edited in Adobe Photoshop CS2. I've been thinking about uploading them in a bundled set sometime soon.

And lastly, here is a preview of my new eye set. Just a small swatch:

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A few things

Date Posted: 20th Apr 2007 at 12:51 PM

I'm working on about 3 houses at once right now, so hopefully I will have something to upload by Saturday... maybe not though. For the first time I've started using custom objects, which is a bit of a hassle since you have to track down all the sites and make sure the objects are redistributable.

I'm so sorry to hear that nengi has retired from creating and moding here. Her architectural talent will be greatly missed... her lots were always very inspiring to me. I don't know if it's because of real life problems, but we all know that life can sometimes get in the way of our simming.

And lastly, a big CONGRATS to V1NDICARE for joining the staff at MTS2! Congrats V1ND1!
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First bodyshop...

Date Posted: 10th Apr 2007 at 10:23 PM

Woohoo! I just uploaded my first Bodyshop item today, a set of eyes. They're in the approval queue right now, I can't wait till they get approved I drew them from scratch with Adobe Photoshop, and I hope you guys will enjoy them

Here's your sneak peak:

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Thank you all

Date Posted: 12th Feb 2007 at 4:19 AM

I just want to make a journal entry thanking EVERYONE here at MTS2 for all the support they have given me. When I first thought about submitting lots here, I didn't EVER think I would ever be this successful. I am so honored to have some of my lots featured on this site!

I really love the whole MTS2 system. I think it is much more efficient than the exchange, where my work is constantly rate hated. The positive only rating system is a wonderful idea, and I love it

Anyway, I have a few new lots coming to you in the next few weeks. One is in the moderation queue right now. Another is a really innovative (I think) modern that I hope to submit early this week.

Thanks so much everyone!
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First Entry...

Date Posted: 16th Jan 2007 at 10:48 PM

Well... I've never used the journal feature before now... and I'm not really sure what to write about So I'd just like to say:

Thank you SO much everyone here for being so welcoming and open! I just started uploading a few months ago, and I was so delighted at all the positive feedback I immediately received. This is such a wonderful community, and over the last month or so it has really grown on me. I am so excited to be part of such an awesome site

You will see a lot of more of my creations in the coming months. I will be uploading most of my lots from my SimPage here, and of course putting new ones up as I build them. I tend to work on several lots at once, and right now I am working on 4, with 2 of them about %98 complete. I can't wait to share them with you!

And I guess that's all for right now Cheers!

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