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Date Posted: 18th Feb 2007 at 6:40 AM

Well I figured I would test out this Journal stuff...and at the very least make some notes for myself Mostly...I just needed a wee break from texturing and this seemed like a good excuse....Anyways.....stuff I'm currently working on....


Beach Sets (casual and swimwear) - I wasnt going to do these until summer rolled around...but I figured working on these might kick some of the winter blues. The Idea is to create 2 or more outfits...1) A bikini. 2) A skirt and bikini top. 3) shorts/pants/sarongs etc etc and bikini top. I wanted to add some realism in the sense that..if I personally go to the beach or to a pool, I dont walk out my front door wearing nothing but a bikini. So with this Idea, if the sim is wearing the shorts and bikini top...when she does her presto-chango will look like she only took off her shorts. In my head it works perfectly....Hopefully it works well in the game too! I'm absolutely itching to get started on these so expect them soon. Finished

Requests I should have done ages ago (oops) - Pretty simple stuff here really....things like adding long sleeves to the sweater dresses, high heels to the bikinis, nothing too major.

One (wo)mans trash is another mans (or womans) treasure - Basicly finishing and uploading any skins i made that didnt make the final cut...they are all "ok" I just didnt like them enough to finish them at the time. They werent special enough to upload all by themselves...but a mega-pack of skin leftovers might just be the solution


Disney Princess Bedroom Set - Pretty self explanitory, I've already started it (got the walls and floors finished), so I just need the patience to retexture 9 or so Items I have never done before, not really a big deal but I am hoping and preying that the "The Castle Keep Toybox" isnt mapped like the original one. If so it should be availiable a couple days from the date of this journay entry. If not...trial and error might slow down the process.

Other Stuff - Kitchens, bathrooms, livingrooms, OFB business sets, etc etc. Nothing specific planned for these yet, but I want to increase the variety in my uploads.


The World's A Stage - I designed a residential lot for myself that is nothing but sets for photo taking/movie making. I want to upload it..but Im not sure where it would fit....or even if it would be approved (It's terribly ugly but it serves it's purpose) So I want to see it I can figure out a way to spruce it up while maintaining functionality. If I can...I'll *Hopefully* be sharing it with the community

Apartment Complex - Back in the old days of TS1 I used to build an Apartment complex in every single neighborhood I ever played. (I only play 1 or 2 families usually but they need neighbors and friends so Id build this complex and stuff it with sims) I'm total rubbish at building with TS2 but I'm gonna give it a shot anyways. My plan is to completely decorate the lot with only maxis objects and my own it will be a while before this one is complete, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned - Back in TS1 I used to regularly play a family that earned their money solely from making gnomes (those little suckers were good money!) But it was irritating because the cheap items arent usually complete mesh sets, and rarely ever match. My plan here is to make a starter home with only the cheapest of objects and make it all match.

Well that sums up most of what I'm working on at the moment. Hopefully having posted it here will be the motivation I need to stick to the plans. Feel free to crack the whip and tell me to get moving if you read this
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