March UpSimAwie Award~!

Date Posted: 18th Apr 2008 at 4:51 AM

Holy crud. O_O I won something. *drops dead*

March UpSimAwies Winners

Click to download Salus

My babeh, Salus, was named the best Sim upload in the March.
Wow... O_O
He was up against some GORGEOUS sims, and I'm so honoured that he won!
I really am. <3<3<3 He's also gonna be featured in a Sim Magazine, soooo I'm excited. :3 Yays!

Outside of Sim stuff, life is busy.
xD My eyesights going (with my glasses, my eyesights so bad that I would fail a driving test MISERABLY for it) and college is a bitch, buuuuuut whatever.
:3333 It's all good, I suppose.
I had to wipe all my Sims downloads, so I'm in the process of rebuilding that, but I should have new stuff soon.
Hopefully. No promises as to when, though.

aaaand, I just hit 150k downloads and 7k thanks. I want to thank you guys SO much~! Your support keeps me creating, and I appreciate it SO much~!
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