Entirely New Lineup

Date Posted: 23rd Sep 2012 at 7:28 AM

After my hiatus, I had a burst of creativity, and I came back to sims.

I have a new lineup, on top of the Another Sunset Valley Houses that are being built, and the Apocalypse stuff.

Recently, I submitted one of the Sunset valley Houses, conservatory to be upload, awaiting results.


- Howland Island (WIP; Beta V.1 in CFF)
- Studio 40 (Built, waiting 3 days to upload)
- Elevation (Built, waiting 6 days to upload)
- Tidelands (Built, waiting 9 days to upload)
- Casa Romana (WIP, waiting 12 days to upload)
- McKinley Point and Research Center (Planned, Completion Unknown)

You may have noticed that while many of the homes are built, I am waiting an allotted amount of days to upload them, this is because I want to release them gradually, this way each gets more views and more downloads. While this may seem like something to get more attention, well... thats exactly what it is, it's called marketing :P
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Project List Updated

Date Posted: 17th Jul 2012 at 3:53 PM

Please ignore everything below for the meantime, because I am just backed up right now.

Current project list (In order of completion):

-Another Sunset Valley Houses (3)
-Apocalypse Private project buildings (3-4)
-Sturgeon bay project (1-3, at least)
-Requested Houses

Also at the same time I ahve a huge amount of projects I have to build for the company I work for in a GTA:SA RPG Server.
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Yep, Sure Am

Date Posted: 18th Mar 2012 at 12:17 AM

I decided to put a halt on my house building because I am working on a new world, which can be found in CFF and in by Sig.

- Toodles!
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More and More Ideas

Date Posted: 28th Feb 2012 at 2:12 AM

More ideas:

- Country Queen Anne (colorful, brownish-green, yellows)
- traditional style home

Completed (In Queue):

- Cantilever Modern House

Currently in CFF:

- Rooms For Rent
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More Planned Projects!

Date Posted: 30th Jan 2012 at 8:37 PM

Well I am just becoming sooo busy with all these new ideas flooding in and all.


Planned Projects (Please still refer to the list below)

1. Rock and Roll Theme - Unnamed Music themed house (Next in line)Not Built
2. Great Depression Theme - Stock Exchange (maybe?)
3. Careers and Office Theme - The Blk Box Realty Offices (Being pushed back a bit further)
4. Vacation - French Vineyard (Which has been started about a year ago, just never finished)
5. Rock and Roll Theme - Unnamed Music Venue (Probably for Showtime)
6. Pacific Standard Time (A beachhouse) (In progress: Furnishing)
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Date Posted: 26th Jan 2012 at 12:58 AM

Well due to my impending schedule and flood of ideas, I will be postponing "The Series" until about a month or so later.

New Planned Projects updated.
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"The Series" Groundbreaking

Date Posted: 25th Jan 2012 at 5:44 AM

I am happy to personally announce that just now I have broken ground on my series, "The Series" and hope to finish most of it this weekend. I will not, by my own choosing disclose much info on it, but I can say this:

1. It consists of 5 houses
2. None are starters, and all will most likely be in the 6 figures.
3. 4 are for 1-2 sims, and one should be able to house a famliy.
4. One of the houses is based off of a historic Eichler plan.
5. This does not mean all are based off of plans, just one is.

One thing is known for sure, because I could be lying, but The entire series will be released in the next two weeks, hopefully as in a synchronized fashion.
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Lines Uploaded, New Houses on the way!!!

Date Posted: 25th Jan 2012 at 3:22 AM

Now that one of my many houses has finally been upload to MTS, I have regained my confidence and noble stature and decided to build and upload many more, hopefully to the same standard as Lines.

Currently I have a few New Houses Planned and On the way (In order):

1. The GreenHaus Project (Uploaded)
2. Creekside Bed and Breakfast Building 2 (Planned)
3. Appaloosa Plains (or however I choose to name it) Historical Museum (Status: Finalizing)
4. Blk Box Realty Ltd. Offices (Status: Planned) (Note: Will include separate offices for all cities)

Slated Houses (Any I am considering):

1. Victorian Up Top (Victorian Style Apartment)
2. "The Series" *Another Post will officially announce the contents of said Series* (Status: Planned)
3. Rooms For Rent (In prgress) (CFF)
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