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Default Nocturnal Dawn

For four generations, the kingdom of Vailiania had been ruled by the just king Vikar who ruled with justice and fairness over all his subjects though his reign had been long but sorrow claimed his sorrow. Despite many attempts by himself he had no heir to his throne so he worried with every part of his being as he had no heir it would pass to the military overlord of the land Fallean who had a lust for battle and blood that none could stop when he has upon the battle field. Though his realm had been ravaged from wars past he kept the lawless in check with his armies and weaponry.

With these making him fear about the future of his kingdom so he had been in poor health of late. The people rumoured in silent voices of the death of the king and their fear of the military rule to come of them.

Vikar stood with his face fixed with the worry, tension, fear that his soul had inside him. A voice spoke to him from behind him or from unseen being that haunted him for reasons unknown “my king, Vikar I have an offer for you that will make your fears of death despair.”

He turned his body slightly to see with a sigh his advisor, Vulcan. He had severed after the mysterious disappearance of his last advisor three years ago after he had made a peace treaty with the witches in the uncharted territory of the Forrdiean valley. Vulcan was respected and feared by all who saw as rumours had surrounded him for years about him being a vampire connected to the recent and violent murders that had happened since he had taken his role. “I see that your poor health of late has made even more reclusive to the company of all but yourself.”

Vikar did not turn to look at but kept his vigil out of the widow he stood before. He snarled at him with no real rage as he was never known for his rage as his soul was like petals of the flowers that grew upon the grounds of the castle “Vulcan what is the meaning if this I told you I do not want to speak to anyone.”

He frowned slightly, remembering what he said about a deal which would remove his fear of death, a gift like that he thought was most tempting indeed “what do you speak of, my advisor” with a voice of interest.

Vulcan almost gave an evil smile to his final smile with the king’s final words “I have away you for you to avoid the fear of death that lingers over you like a shroud. My king I will tell you more of this if you just follow me.”

He turned slightly with his worry of this mystery but he would follow him. If this was true then his kingdom could be saved from the threat of military rule. His mind was now made up with thought of following him but he did not like this idea he will try to kill him or imprisonment.

Vikar told Vulcan his answer with a small smile that showed his hope that he would be giving what he desired most “show me, Vulcan.” Vulcan turned and ran out of the room followed by the old king Vikar who’s breathing became harder every step he took. He wondered if this course of action was truly wise but Vikar’s urge to keep his kingdom safe over ruled his reason so he continued to follow Vulcan.

Vulcan stopped before a bookcase, Vikar watched him wondering what he was up to as there was no way they could to move forward but the bookcase swung open. Relieving a dark passage way which Vulcan looked at with a smile.

Vikar asked with his curiosity flowing “Vulcan, where are you taking? Into the black of the earth to led me to some terror unknown?”

He did not answer him straight away as he continued to led the way in silence while Vikar was followed him.

Vikar stopped before open coffin but his eyes bid not see anything. Vulcan finally answered his question that he had asked when they entered this secret room “I found this room soon after I arrived anywhere my king look inside the coffin and you will see the form of your salvation from death.”

Suddenly Vikar could see something appear out of black mist inside the coffin. He noticed with some surprise that this man who lay as if dead inside the coffin looked similar to himself when he was young man “Vulcan what is this?” he said with worry.

According to the legends blood magic which he guessed how this being was created was destroyed by the brotherhood of the silver stars, the armies of Fallean and Vailiania.

Vulcan did not say anything as he moved silently towards the bookcase without the king noticing what he was doing. the king was transfixed so much he did not see or even feel his hand slashed and five drops of his blood to fall on this apparent corpses brow.

Suddenly the candles along the wall suddenly caught a life sending light across the room so that Vikar could see what was happening better.

Vikar turned to look back at him only to see at almost at the book case so he ran to get him. Unfortunately he fell as he ran as he knew that even now his health had got worse.

Vulcan laughed as he heard the sounds of Vikar’s pain and frustration as he failed to stand back up again. He reached for the book that would open the bookcase so he could leave and he made sure that Vikar could not escape this chamber. Vulcan’s hand was now on the book’s spine and was about to pull it but he did hesitated at the last moment as he heard Vikar cry out to him “Vulcan why have you done this to me?”

He removed his hand from the book’s spine. An evil laugh issued from his lips “forgive my king but my see you are more trusting than any human I have meet in all my unbead life. When we heard of your ill health, no heir and large kingdom filled with humans for us to feast what better for a group of vampires from beyond Forrdiean valley. Do not worry your kingdom is in good hands Vikar but I did not lie to as the man in the coffin will be your salvation. Farewell Vikar and feast well my master” he graded hold of the book, pulled and left Vikar trapped in the room.

Vikar cried out as he realised he was trapped in here, he was about to make a prey to Morhal, the god of law, justice and wisdom until he wondered to himself “how is his master?”

A slamming sound came from the coffin at the end of the chamber. When he heard it he shivered in fear as he was suddenly afraid of what was in that coffin. Vikar managed to stand and slowly walked towards the coffin noticing that the lid was closed. Every part of his being cried out him that he was walking to his doom but he could not stop as he knew that Vulcan had not lied to him about his salvation. If what ever was in there would stop from dying then he would do what ever it took.

He opened the lid of the coffin to see the body inside surrounding by white mist. Vikar noticed that his skin had changed but he decided to see what happen if he touched him for a moment helping that what ever magic was over him would give him peace. The body’s skin was as cold as the winter snows and the colour of snow, “what is the creature? How did he end up here inside this castle and why is my salvation” but when he removed his hand was about to carefully close the coffin when he heard a voice say “your blood tastes like that wheat ale you humans drink for pleasure but I know that none of that poison is inside of you.”

Vikar shrieked, slamming the coffin lid down on top of him and running away from the coffin as whoever was in coffin was a unnatural creature.

The lid opened as the corpse arose from the coffin to Vikar’s fear. He laughed slightly “now was there any need for such treatment as we are going to become so close soon.”

Vikar turned around and screamed in fear “you’re ... A vampire!! Gods protect me” he laughed to see the fear on his face. Vikar could control his fear as he was terrified of this man whoever he was “who are you vampire and what do you want from me?” the vampire gave him an evil smile.

He answered with him with a voice of coldness and evil “my name is Caunidhrenon but in your tongue human I am Darius, the leader of the death star vampire clan. What I want with you my dear Vikar is simple to make your wish come true” Vikar blinked in surprise as he continued “Vulcan performed a spell upon my body to make myself appear human until your blood touched my skin. My appearance was changed so I looked like you but now I am awake” he stepped closer to Vikar.

Darius graded hold of him “stop what are doing?” said Vikar shakily, Darius moved his head closer to Vikar’s neck. Vikar could feel his cold breath against his neck “hush my king soon we will be joined together for all eternity” he sank his fangs into the veins of his neck.

As the blood was strained from his body he felt like he was being filled with ice. When he was blood was completely drained he was flunk on to the ground. “I will deal with you later but there is a lose end I need to handle” he left Vikar on the ground as Darius left to find some suitable robes to wear.

He emerged from the secret chamber of the castle. As the bookcase closed behind him, Darius was approached by Vulcan “my master, we have located the queen. She is the throne room” Darius smiled “excellent Vulcan. When the queen is dead we shall speak more but now I need to slay the queen!”

Suddenly Darius transformed himself into a bat. Vulcan looked straight at the bat’s red eyes “my master, it is still daylight outside. Unless the spell I put on you when we I brought you here still holds you will burn”. The bat did not answer but Vulcan’s voice telepathically said to him “I will take my chances” he flew upstairs to the throne room to kill the queen before she could interfere with there plans.

Unaware of what had happened the queen sat alone in the throne room. Queen Amelia II had ruled by her husband’s side for thirty years or more, she made sure that there peace treaties with the clans of goblins under the mountains held and that the people had enough food to get them through the year. She had been one of the most beautiful women in Vailiania but after years of sorrow after not giving her kingdom an heir had aged her extremely but her kind and gentle nature always shorn through her sadness.

She was about to go and search for her husband as she feared for him as their had been rumours of the king considering to take his own life. As she stood the boors of the throne banged open as a Darius, smoking from the heat transformed back into a man. He screamed as the pain of his flight in the sun hit him, he managed somehow not burn so badly. Amelia bashed over to him as he rived on the floor, she knelt down beside him “are you alright? Should I call for a healer?”

Darius sat up and looked at her. Out of all the people he had murdered on the way here for either nourishment or for discovering him, he regretted none but he would regret this one. For she knew what he was but she was not afraid of him. Darius smiled “a healer, would stop the sun hurting me as much but you know what I am and I guess you know what I will do to you?”

Amelia helped him to stand before looking at him, pensively “my older brother, Lucan, was a vampire but he was not monster. He had no choice but to kill in order for him to live. I will never forget the day when my husband sent out the order for his capture. A week later at dawn I watched as I saw my brother, tied to a stake burn in the suns light. Not once bid his eyes leave mine asking me why.”

Darius wondered if he was developing some small degree of mercy. He grabbed hold of her pulled towards, to his surprise she did resist his touch. He was about to bite when he told in hushed tones “I am sorry but I have no choice if you live you will undermine me and my fellow vampires from ruling this kingdom. If this bring any comfort to you, no pain shall you feel from this bite of mine” he sank his fangs into her neck.

When he had noticed that he had turned her into a vampire, he reached down into his boot where he kept a small knife. He intended to stake her before she escaped but when he was about to stake her with it, Amelia managed to break his hold of her body hitting the wrist of hand that held the knife, sending the weapon flying out of his hand and into the corner of the room. He gave her a small laugh “a martyr?” she nodded “I saw all this in a vision years ago foretelling this and the truth of those of silver stars.” Darius blinked for few now live remember that truth, he himself was the one of the few who knew.

She slowing walked of the room under the watchful gaze of Darius who did not try to stop as he knew now her fate

Amelia stood outside feeling the heat of the sun burning at skin, the light of it was pain to her and she could feel what ever blood was left in her veins boil. Her mind wondered of what would happen to Vailiania now with her gone and knowing that her husband was bead. She had only seen one glimpse of the future, a women with hair as black as a winter’s night, eyes as red as blood and skin as white as the winter’s first born snowfall.

Amelia could sense her life was almost at an end “who ever you are, may your heart be strong for this land is corrupt with the sins of the vampires that rule it now. Avenge us who have been killed and gods protect you” with a faint a smile her body turned into dust that was blown away by the wind.

As the sunset upon the land, Darius and Vulcan sat in the throne room watching the light fade form the outside world. This night marked the rise of the rule of Darius over the land which will be soaked in the blood of innocents. He had plans for this land “are quest is complete my servant now we can pursue are true aims. We will make are enemies drown in the blood of the fallen comrades” they both laughed with an evil manner as they were looking forward to make there enemies suffer.

Four years passed in fear, blood and demise for the people of Vailiania. Every full moon an untainted maiden was given to their vampire lords that ruled over them. Word had come from a cross the see that the hidden island where which the brotherhood of the silver stars lived had been sighted recently off the far eastern coast of Fallean causing worry for the people as the last time that island was sighted it meant war for the three kingdoms against someone or something.

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Default Chapter 1: Elderfire

The warmth of the flames bid not seem to spread far across the room not warming those who sat in that room, despite tending the fire no heat came from it. For they were talking about sinister deeds and dark happenings that they had heard of from not just there village but all over the kingdom.

“I am glad that you were able to come here, I hope that your journey here was not problematic for you, Eyfura” his name was Euenor he had been a guard in the capital city of Malania until he retired from active guard duty in the city. He moved to the village who had been appointed there village elder as he was one of the few in the village of Wolf’s blood who had experience of both fighting and using a small degree of magic in combat terms.

Since the vampires had taken control of the kingdom he had been in the command of a vampire that had been assigned as the lord over the village.

His companion sat a little way down the table from him, smiling slightly to see him for she had not seen him in many years “it is good to you to my friend, I would have come hiver even if army stood in my way .” Eyfura was half human, half elf mage who lived in Fallean. She was a trusted friend of Euenor and despite the fact that she lived in Fallean and was the owner of The Silver Priestess inn.

Her eyes glittered slightly from the fire light and the magical protection that she had upon herself from any magic that was used against her. The rest of her face was fixed into an expression of confusion “so why did you bring me here? Your letter only said that

haven't you already guessed mage?” asked a woman. Her name was Tara she was the village the Taylor turned wise woman after the tragic death of the previous one. She gave her a slight smile “we need your help, my friend as we are unsure of what actions we should take against the vampires.”

Eyfura blinked slightly for she had recently discussed the same matter with a group of power mage friends of hers. “I know of this but not much of the details apart from that vampires had taken control of this realm.” Her friends seemed surprised as Fallean usually kept an interest in the happenings of Vailiania unless their leader was hiding it from the general public.

A sigh came Euenor from the lips as he heard the information that his friend had given to him “unusual but I guess he has good reasons for keeping it secret from you all. Since the death of the king we had to sacrifice one of his maidens to the vampire lords and their king. Once we have sent them, they are lost to us forever.”

He looked sad as he spoke “with this means that many of our women have been turned into creatures of the undead. Many families have been effected including mine as my own daughter was taken by them, leaving me to care for her orphan daughter. I know that the king has asked personally for someone this time” his eyes took on a distant look as he thought of the maiden who was gong to the king.

She sat silently for moment thinking on what she had learnt before asking him “who is the maiden that the king has asked you for? I feel your sorrow for your loss but I am unsure of what I can do to aid you” she clicked her fingers making a small ball of white light appear and then disappear in front of her.

Tara gave him a grim smile with a slight sinister edge “Malodora Grimm , the wife of one of our fishermen I am so glad ... I mean ... Sad that she has been chosen.” She hated her as she had always had a crush on her husband, Gerlat as he was not just a fishermen but a skilled hunter.

It was well known through out the village that Malodora wanted power and influence with rumours of her delight of being sent to the king as his victim.

Her smile grew wider as she said to them “the Grimm family has lost there oldest family members was killed when she went to kill the vampire lords but together we three can kill them. I believe with help of your magic Eyfura we can succeed in slaying the vampires so we can live in peace once more.”

The room seemed to grow darker as she finished, no one spoke as they considered what she said.

Suddenly a man appeared with cold aura of death around him, “what is this I hear? Are you planning are demise after everything I have done for you, keeping you save from that a cursed werewolf clan that lives in the forest. How could you do this to me? Isn't my price ureasonable to you, Euenor.”

A look of nervousness and fear appeared on his face “oh urm ... Greetings lord Claudius ... You look well” he fell silent as he noticed Eyfura had vanished back to Fallean or another place of existent that was hidden from the sight of all.

Claudias turned to look at both him and Tara with some slight confusion in his voice as he asked them “where is the third member of his party? I heard a third voice in this place but I know that you are planning my demise and my friends to save your own lives. I am feeling hungry for some blood so don't tempt me to bite you” he noticed that tara was looking at his chest as if she had an idea of ripping his heart out.

He launched at her about to bite her before pulling himself back which made Tara gasp as her fear became clear “you think that you can stop us, human then you are mistaken! We will rule this land for the next thousand years and anyone who wishes to stop us shall die a most painful death.” Tara almost fainted as she feared what he said to them may come back to haunt them later.

In an instant he transformed himself into a bat and was about leave when he told her in a cold whisper “for your insolence and treachery you will be my next victim” he gave her evil laugh. As he flew away a scream echoed across the room from Tara and to see that Euenor was hiding from him.

Claudias started to disappear back to his manor house. He wondered as he disappeared whether Euenor had become more easily frightened over the year and half reign that Claudias had over this area, had made the people more afraid of him and there old feud with the werewolves that lived in the woods. When he fully vanished, Tara and Euenor thoughts went towards Malodora and there fear of there vampires that ruled over them.

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Default Chapter 2: The setting beauty

The golden rays of the sun still light the room as Malodora examined her appearance in a mirror. She had been delighted when she was given the news that the king had personally requested her presence in his castle. Knowing the rumours of him killing every maiden he had summoned to him but she did not believe it.

For she wanted to use the king to gain power over the land by slaying him to take his crown for herself but she had hidden her plans from her husband, Gerlat. A voice said to her “please Malodora stay here with me. I will protect you from the king so he may never touch you.”

Malodora laughed as she saw Gerlat approach her with his fury with her actions. “I am aware of your views my love but know that I have my skills as you are aware of” Gerlat sighed angrily at his wife’s reasoning “skilled you maybe but not even you were once a Forrdiean witch you lack the skills to defend yourself against him. And fear that I will never see you” for a moment they heard the muffled sound of crying from a room to the side of them.

Hiding her true plans from her husband she told him “Gerlat, even if I did not travel to the king he would come here for me and he will harm are daughters to get to me. It’s better this way my love ... I promise you that no matter what happens I will return to you. Now I need to get changed into my best dress for him” as she left the room so did Gerlat to see who was crying.

As he opened the door to see his oldest daughter weeping her sorrow. Gerlat walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her “Ignatia? What is wrong my bear?” he asked her. Ignatia was the oldest out of his two children who was well known for her strength and her strong leadership skills that made the villagers think that she may go into the army or the guard when she was older.

She managed to see in between sods “I don't mother to go ... I have heard ... Stories from the ... Boys in the village” Gerlat kissed her on the forehead as he had stories to but from many other people that had similar things happen to them. He told her softly “I worry to about but we must stay strong for her, for us and so that the gods will look down kindly on us” she stopped crying after he spoke to her but she looked she was about to start crying again.

While Gerlat comforted Ignatia, Malodora had changed into her best dress. Her arms held the small form of her youngest daughter who’s blonde hair shorn in the rays of the sun turned her hair golden. Malodora smiled as she looked at her beauties over whelming beauty “I envy my child. Your youth and beauty makes mine pale to your appearance. When you are older you will grow in grace and beauty may you become a pure hearted women, my bear Kalian” she put Kalian in a crib. As she left the room she heard Kalian cry out to her as if she knew that something was about to happen to her.

When she left home with un easy feet to see that the sun was setting causing her skin to turn pale by the shadows of the setting sun.

"I know, and it breaks my heart to do it, but we must remain vigilant. If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!" - knight commander Meredith (dragon age 2)

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Default Chapter 3: Vampire seduction

Every step she took made her think of her family even more especially her two children for if she failed in her plan they to would be at risk from the king or any of his vampire friends when they turned sixteen. Also she wondered if her true nature that she had hiding for so many years would arise again for the hope that she could leave her old life.

As Malodora stepped into the castle she noticed Vulcan was leaning against a wall waiting for her. Over the four years of king’s rule Vulcan along with Adanion had served as his generals, making sure that the humans weren't massing to attack them, keeping the law and bringing down death on those who refused to give them there maidens to the vampires.

Vulcan looked her up and down, his gaze making her freeze to the spot. A demonic smile spread across his lips “yes, Darius made a good choice with you.” He walked towards her and gave her small bow “greetings my dear, I Vulcan have been sent to escort you to Darius’s chambers to wait for his arrival.”

They walked through the castle in silence but adventurely Vulcan asked her “what is your name? I forgot to ask you” she gave a small smile “my name is Malodora” he gave her smile in reply. He wondered about her as she walked along side him as even when they asked for the first time for human women seemed as clam as she did. Most usually tried to flea, and fight them but all there attempts led to their screams filling the castle.

Malodra noticed that the sun was taking awhile to set as if the gods wanting the daylight to ever end.

Vulcan led her into the king’s chamber. She looked around to see that Vulcan was preparing to leave her alone “wait!” Vulcan turned his head to look at as she asked him “it is still daylight but you seem not been affected by the rays of the sun? I have not seen many of your kind around the castle or any of the areas surrounding the castle on my journey here. What will Darius do to me when he comes to me?” she heard some cold laughter from Vulcan at her last question.

When he answered her his voice concealed his own personal blood lust, as he had his eyes fixed on a pulsing vein in her neck. If she was not claimed by the king he would drain her himself, “I have covered my body in a silvery liquid that protects my body from the sun for a little while as long as I do not spend to much time in direct sunlight. For the rest of us ... They are either a sleep or using some form enchantment or potion to live in the sun.”

He stopped for a moment thinking that he knew few vampires that used anything to stave of sun apart from a few, some of them had some unseen side effects like some of sparkled in sunlight to the amusement of the other vampires.

Vulcan continued “you are smart enough to know what will happen which is a change as few women have taken this so ... Clammily” he then realised that Malodora was up to something. He turned and gave an evil smile thinking that Darius was going have some amusement out of her. Vulcan started to leave the room, he called back to her “farewell Malodora” he heard her give him her farewells as the boor closed behind him.

Vulcan used his magic to appear before the coffin of the sleeping Darius. He grabbed hold of the edge of the lid preparing to left it wondering how Darius would react to him doing this.

He lifted the lid slightly looking into the sleeping face of Darius, Vulcan smiled thinking how peaceful he looked in his slumber hiding his true nature of a powerful vampire. Vulcan whispered to him “my king, Malodora has arrived for your blood lust to be staved of a little.”

Suddenly Darius awoke and hissed at him with rage “how dare you awaken me! The sun still in the sky! I shall awaken in due time to deal with her but for now I shall rest. Do not awaken me again unless we are in danger” he waved his hand causing the coffin lid to slam shut as he lay back down inside his coffin.

As time passed Malodora lay on the bed waiting for the arrival of Darius. She noticed that the sun had finally sat only to hear a voice to speak to her “I apologies for my lateness my dear, the sun did not seem to want to set.” Malodora sat on the edge of the bed before standing and turning to look at him as he approached her.

Darius looked her over for moment as he had seen a scroll that contained details about her but upon seeing her it didn't do her any justice. He like Vulcan fixed his gaze longest on a pulsing in her neck “you have a gorgeous neck my dear Malodora not see that the rest of your body is not beautiful. I guess you know why you are here but why not make this more pleasurable for us both?” he gave her a smile.

Malodora could not hide that she was tempted by his offer but remembering that she was married “pleasure but you must surely know that I am already wed to a man and have children or do you not care” he gave her small laugh as he moved closer towards her.

When he got close enough he gazed straight into her blue eyes as she gazed into the depths of his red eyes. His words flowed off his lips like blood on the winter ice but was extremely alluring for Malodora as he said to her “you think that a fisherman can give what I can. I sense your true nature you desire for power and eternal beauty that can not be rivalled. Through away this mask you wear” she almost fell against him noticing that she was deeply in the vampire’s power.

She blinked as she realised that she felt alive again. For years she had been hiding what she was but now her true nature was that of a lust, power and desire. Malodora graded hold of him and kissed him passionately falling in love with him.

When they had stopped kissing, Malodora smiled at him, forgetting about her plan. She told him with an air of joy “I owe you my king. I have not felt such alive in years ... I am yours my king. Now let us consummate are love” Darius smiled thinking that his seduction had worked on not just making her fall for him but bringing out the person she truly was.

Malodora clicked her fingers making there outer layer of clothing despair, leaving her in her under wear. Darius thought about whether or not he should turn her into a vampire. He considered it for a moment as he used his power to draw her closer to him.

Before he bit her he told her “I have decided to be bestow a gift upon you. I shall turn you into one of us where you shall become one of my brides eternally beautiful. The eternally beautiful maiden of death but first you must die as my blood surges through your veins” he laughed evilly to those final words. He remembered that the vampire that had turned him had told the extact same words.

He licked his lips as he fixed his gaze on her neck. He opened his mouth ravelling his sharp white fangs before sinking them into the pale flesh of making a sickening noise as he brink her blood. The haze that clouded Malodora’s mind passed causing her to scream in pain!

After he had drained her blood he let her lifeless body fall to the floor. Darius thought he had tasted something familiar in her blood “wait ... I have not tasted for an age” he wrapped his arms around himself realising what she was “by the gods she is one of them ... I should have sensed it she is one of the Forrdiean witches” he sighed.

His mind wheeled with thoughts of this until an evil smile appeared on his lips “this brings many benefits to me, I guess that one of her children may also carry the gift of magic but first lets see if awakes first” he turned and left the room.

Two hours before sun rise Darius stood before his coffin and said to an unseen figure “I have a quest for you my dear, travel to your home and bring me back your children alive. Upon the it’s completion you can take your place by my side ... Malodora” she nodded to him, stepping out of the shadows.

She smiled turning to leave “is there anything else I need to know?” she asked him. He hissed “yes return here before sun rise or you shall taste the sun’s fury.” As she left him he entered his coffin, lay down and as the lid closed he knew that she would not fail him as her love for him was strong and she was loyal only unto him. He smiled and closed his eyes as he drifted off into sleep.

Far from the castle of Darius eyes watched the events there with great interest, a sigh came from one of them “it appears that Malodora has finally betrayed us my lady. What shall we do now? Should I kill her?” her eyes fixed on a female figure that sat in a black throne.

A cold laugh came from a women with flame red hair before sighing woefully and her eyes took on a glimpse of sorrow “sorrow grips me deeply to hear of her betrayal, she was one of the strongest of my followers but I guess that when she told us that she wanted to led a normal life I hoped that she would return to her senses but not like this. I pity her family but we shall not kill her as their is more evils in this world which will threaten us, if she comes after us then we shall kill. This is what I command” she sat back in her throne.

Her minion nodded and rubbed her hands together evilly "as you command my goddess” she walked leaving the goddess to sit alone to wallow in Malodora’s betrayal of her.

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Default Chapter 4: A traitor’s desire and the sorrow of a father

The sound of the sea calmed the nerves of Gerlat, his mind of worry still settled upon his wife and the rest of their family for she was likely never to return. The taxes where high as lord Claudius had a flare for both blood and elegant clothes.

He blinked in surprise as he seared he heard a faint voice call out his name. Shaking his head and he whispered to himself “by Amisius, my nerves make me lose some of my sanity.”

As the sea hit the shore he heard the voice again calling his name again in a slight whisper “Gerlat, Gerlat, Gerlat!” for a moment he sat still as a rock. But when he heard it again he jumped back from the water and screamed “what is this! Is this the demons of the sea or the priests of the silver stars trying to lure me to my demise” Gerlat stood and continued to watch the sea.

The waves spoke to him again growing louder as they lapped against the sandy shore but it still had it’s whisper that made him wish to hear what it had to say. “you speak of demons and priests neither am I but know I mean no harm at all Gerlat” in reaction to this Gerlat frowned “then what do you want? For it is not everyday that the sea speaks to those that work upon her.”

A short laugh came from sea “you speak truth in your words Gerlat but I am hear to bring you a warning. Your wife ... He flame for desire and power has consumed her completely with this she now has a new master thus she is coming for the rest of you.”

Gerlat’s face became inscribed with rage as he yelled at the sea “what do you mean?! I know that she would never ...” he fell silent as he realised that who ever was talking to him may have a point about Malodora for he remembered how glad she was that she had been chosen by the king as she wanted power. He wondered why she was coming after him as he could not clearly why she would do this to him.

When the sea spoke to him again his rage turned into fear as each word passed “Gerlat, your wife's heart is twisted but she is cunning in her twistedness, hiding her true nature from you. Now she is under the power of the king, he has sent her to capture your two daughters as he believes that carry something special in there blood” Gerlat took a few steps back wards. His eyes were filled with worry as he started to form a plan in his head to save himself and his daughters.

Before he left, he asked the sea “how do you know all of this? And what are you?”

Gerlat saw the face of a man with long locks of flowing white hair in the sea, what scared him most that was all he saw of this creature. It laughed slightly to see the fear on his face “would you really like to see me in my entirety, I think not. How I know all this well all I will say only this. My powers do not control the visions and dreams that plague me if they did then I would be much happier. Farewell Gerlat, we shall not meet again.”

The face vanished into the waves as the only sound that was heard was the hurried breathing of Gerlat as he ran back to his house his plan, in action.

No heat lingered inside as if the evil of his wife, Gerlat though was burning with heat as his worry caused his heart to race. He entered the room of Ignatia to see that she sat on her bed her eyes open and filled with wonder as she was not sure why her father was there.

She quietly asked him “father? What are you doing here? Do not speak loudly as Kalian has finally fallen into slumber” Gerlat nodded. Ignatia tended to look after her little sister when her mother was around as her father was either fishing and hunting.

Gerlat took a beep breath before telling her in a voice of forced calmness “Ignatia, my dear I need you to listen to me. Your mother, has left us well who we know her to be is gone as the king has taken her close to him. I need you to come with me as we need to leave before your mother comes or any worse henchmen of king come for us.”

Ignatia sat motionless up her bed and stared at him with confusion before asking “father, I do not understand. Why would mother do this to me?” Gerlat sighed for he knew that she would not believe that he had been told by some sort of ethereal being.

Knowing that it was most unlike him to do this he commanded his daughter “shut up, girl! Now listen to me you go outside and hide until I come for you” Ignatia jumped of the bed and ran past him out of the room, to follow the orders of her father.

He almost ran into his room to see that Kalian lay fast asleep in her crib. Gerlat laughed quietly as he said “even in times of turmoil, you sleep well” Kalian opened her eyes and awoke from her sleep, Gerlat managed to pick up and held her against his chest.

Kalian did not make a sound as he held her, he wondered if she could read his mind for he willed her to be silent.

Gerlat rushed outside with Kalian's clothes into a pocket of his robes. He heard something slowly slink through the trees but he could not see who it was or what it was. Gerlat had found his daughter who had been hiding behind a tree until he came for her. She looked afraid by the noises of the forest at night. Gerlat still holding Kalian whispered to her calmly, “do not be afraid my dear, I will not let any one harm. Come we have not got much time” with that he started to run leading her deep into the forest. It was not advised to travel through the forest at night as local bandits and werewolves lurked around these parts, preying on any the catch at night.

As they left, unseen by them Malodora crept towards the house. She had seen them leave but she knew if she followed them she would be discovered. Deciding that she would wait for them to return whispering “I hope this pleases my master for I shall live forever in the shadow of the night. Patience is needed as they will return” she silently walked into her home to lie in wait for them.

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Default Chapter 5: Rogue’s promise

The trees started thin as the grass slowly changed into grains of sand. Waves splashed up against the hull of the ship that was anchored on the distant beach. Through fate or luck they managed avoid any misshape on their travels here but Gerlat worried still of pursuit of any creature or man who wanted him. Thus he had kept up a fast pace making Ignatia gasp for breath. Kalian was now dressed in her normal day clothes as he feared that the cold may get her.

They stood for a moment before Gerlat yelled up to the ship “captain, I need to speak to you!” Ignatia looked at him and blinked for she wondered how he knew of this place. She had been almost all around the coast of Vailiania with her father apart from the area close to maiden's rock and anything past the witches pass. Ignatia remembered little of her journey here apart from walking through a system of caves. She whispered to him “where are we, father? I have never seen this place and who is this captain you called for?”

Noises sounded above them as people moved around the ship, Gerlat whispered to her an answer “silence child let me speak as the captain may not be happy to see me” she looked at the sand feeling depressed as she had been told that they were leaving behind everything she knew to adventure to new realms.

He looked at her and when he looked up he noticed that the captain of the ship was approaching them.

She stood in front of them “greetings captain Eliza, you look as beautiful as ever” his greetings fell on deaf ears as the captain fumed with rage for she was not pleased to see him. Gerlat had carefully put Kalian down on the sand while he spoke to the captain.

When she finally spoke to him it was with distaste and anger in her words “how dare you speak to me with such honeyed and friendly words after what you had done to me. You abandoned me years ago and now you come crawling to me here in my cove wishing for something from me” Gerlat sighed, he hoped that she had forgotten that incident.

Until the age of 16 he had lived aboard many pirate ships for all his life until he had served on Elizabeth’s ship. She herself had only been appointed captain when she discovered a large fortune in hidden treasure that lay on a mysterious island. When they discovered this island after months of searching only to find brotherhood of silver stars waiting for them, resulting in the deaths of half the crew. They had left her on the island believing her to be bead but with all that death that Gerlat had seen made him leave a life of a pirate.

Gerlat gave her small shy smile as he told her calmly “Eliza ... I’m sorry we all believed you perished when you impaled through the leg by a spear. How was I supposed to know you survived Eliza for I had abandoned this life for ever but as you said I need your help. Before that may I make up for what happened so long ago” his watched with concern for he guessed that she had weapons concealed all over her body and a crew of blood thirsty pirates.

He moved closer towards Eliza trying to embrace but she stepped back to him with a look of both disgust and amusement “kiss face of enemy and slay friends you shall until the world finds thee slain and blooded. Now tell me what you want Gerlat before I give the order for you to be cut down” Gerlat stepped back allowing himself to compose his thoughts.

When he had composed his thoughts enough he spoke his request to the captain “I need safe passage for me and my daughters across the sea to Fallean as I have little money to charter a ship from the part and I hoped that you would do it for old times sake.”

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows as she was amazed that Gerlat would expect her to do such a thing for him after all he had done to her in the past. “foolishness, who gave you her love to produce you two children? I guess you left her two or else why have you crawled back to me” Kalian and Ignatia sat in the sand while both Gerlat and Elizabeth talked.

As each moment passed his desperation grew as he could hear the howling of werewolves. His mind raced as he wondered whether the minions of the king where coming or the werewolves coming to devour him. With one last hope he fell to his knee’s and pleaded with Elizabeth “please captain, I beg you ... I will do anything just help me” he was about to start crying when he heard the captain sigh.

The captain looked down and told him “alright, alright I will help you but” she grabbed his arms and pulled him up to look at her squarely to whisper to him “I will only take you daughters.”

He fell silent for a moment before whispering to her so that his daughters “may I ask one more thing, remove their memories of this time if you can so they will not live their lives in sorrow of people that will soon be dead” the captain nodded but she wondered whether she was making the right choice by doing this for him “alright, say your farewells to your children” Gerlat nodded and walked to his daughters.

He picked up Kalian and embraced her, keeping her close to his chest whispering into her ear “farewell my sweet Kalian, live a better life than I could ever could” he slowly handed her over to the captain who held her tightly in her arms.

Gerlat knelt down to embrace Ignatia to see a slight tear eye. As it rolled down her check, he wiped it away before quietly saying to her “listen to me, Ignatia I need you to be strong for your sister. Now go with the captain she will take care of you, farewell.” Ignatia kissed him with out a word though she took from tears that threatened to consume her.

Straightening up, Gerlat stood for a moment and fled so no one could see the tears that flowed from his eyes.

Ignatia slowly followed the captain who was walking towards the set of steps that led from the deck of her. Elizabeth eyes glanced to see the body of Ignatia shake from sorrow, her voice was clam and sad for she pitied the child “I know that your father wants you to be like a warrior but if you want shed tears over this then see me in my cabin. If that is what you wish then ask one of the members of the crew to take you to me” she nodded as they walked up the steps and on to the desk of the ship.

Upon the deck of the ship, Elizabeth safely put Kalian on the wooden deck of the ship, looking at her crew she yelled commandingly “raise the anchor and prepare to sail to Fallean for we have a gift to give to the nobility” she walked off into her cabin.

Wondering what she meant, Ignatia asked one of the crew men who looked down at her “yes, what do you want from me child?” Ignatia blinked before politely asking him “urm hello, what does she mean by nobility?” he was silent for a moment before answering her with a small smile “your life is changing plunging you into chaos but your future will give pleasures that few can aspire to in their lives.”

As he finished he placed his index finger gently between her eyes causing her eyes to close as slumber in a low voice he whisper to her “sleep now my child and soon your new life shall deign” he took hold of her and gently lay her down on the deck of the ship to sleep peaceful.

His name was Aristion, a captive mage who was the only member of the crew who could use magic. He had originated from Elevnia from what they had gathered from his shattered mind as he could not remember much. They had found him floundered in amongst the wreckage of a ship with the only information they gained from was his name and that he had been travelling to Fallean. Since then captain Elizabeth had kept him captive on her ship as a member of his crew.

Hours pasted unheeded to the crew as the ship sailed across a deathly still sea but mist appeared before them and slowly began to flow towards the ship. Aristion watched the mist with his mind remembering something about the mysterious mist “what is this mist ... I have seen this mist once before, this auspicious mist ... A man clothed in white came from the mist. Is that he has come back after all this to end me or some other being has caused this. Never less I shall watch this mist with watchful eyes” he continued to watch it as it passed over and wrapped around the ship.

One of the crew was standing on the rail of the ship with a look of fear on his face for he had been left in control of Kalian and he accidently lost sight of her in this mist. He cursed under his breath “where is that child?”

His name was Armand, he was known for his fear of the magical being after he had been almost killed by a centaur once in his home kingdom of Fallean.

His eyes looked down into the water to see a man in the water although he seemed to be fine in the freezing. He evilly smiled up at him with a cold voice he said to him “hello mortal.”

Armand fell backwards with fear for he knew what this thing was a demon of the sea that had come to kill them all. Standing with fear he pushed aside the sleep walking Ignatia knocking her back down to the deck to sleep once more.

Armand dashed to the captain but she was looking at something that stood on the deck, he turned to see what she was looking at only to almost scream in fear as Aristion appeared on the other side of the captain. Even the captain seemed afraid of this creature for she had never seen any of this before.

Captain Elizabeth yelled at the creature in both rage and fear for she did not want some sort of villain “what manner of evil being are you to come a board by ship. If your reasons are good enough I may let you live or else I shall rip out your heart” only laughter meet her threat.

His eyes fixed on her own as he spoke “foolish mortal, I am no demon of the sea nor am I a villain as you claim for I am a merman with a slight a demonic features. If I say my name you shall know of me almost instantly and you being pleading to me for your lives. My name is Amisius” the crew almost pasted out for he was the god of the sea and storms.

The captain began to pled to him “please, please my lord forgive” he hissed at her making her fall silent. Amisius smiled at them with what appeared to be evil delight “silence! You have given me a gift, a child for me do with as I will. Take the other were wish but the one you have lost is now mine if you try and stop me I will kill you all” he laughed evilly and as a bolt of lightning hit the beck he vanished into thin air, leaving the crew standing there in stunned fear.

For moment only silence was between them as the mist vanished and the waves of the sea sounded louder as they hit the hull of the ship, until the captain spoke “here is what we shall do. We will take the girl Ignatia to Fallean where we will present her to the king to raise as his own child but you, Aristion do what you can with the child’s memory so she will not remember her life with Gerlat” he nodded, walking over to pick up Ignatia and carrying her towards his room so he could perform the spells to alter her memory.

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Default Chapter 6: Amisius’s gift

Birds sang above them, the sun shorn down as two figures walked towards the rolling waves of the sea. “wait, Bellethiel we shall not be here. I have already took a fall for you by taking the blame for you” Bellethiel did not listen to her for she was enraged with her sister for her actions towards her.

When Bellethiel was stopped, her sister tried to embrace her for she wanted her sister to forgive her actions. Bellethiel flinched away from her and snarled “don't touch me, Lucia you dark elf idiot” Lucia hissed angrily at her. Lucia was a member of the royal court until an incident where wood elven sister almost led a group of humans towards the home to their king almost assassinated him but they where defeated. Her sister was about to executed for treason until Lucia offered the king her own life but the king could not bring himself to kill her so he removed her title and position in his court.

Lucia reached for her bagger considering to injure her sister “you foolish child, even though you are a druid you forget that are peoples are both in hiding from the humans in the kingdoms of Vailiania and Fallean” Bellethiel sighed for she knew that all to well.

Suddenly a sound echoed around them causing Bellethiel to kneel out of sight “what is that noise, my sister? Is it humans from Fallean come to explore Elevnia for their own game?” Lucia did not answer listening to the sound before walking away from her. Leaving her to stay hidden for if it was something that could kill or harm she had the skills to destroy it.

She walked with eager feet as her sister stood and whispered to her “Lucia come back here what if it kills you?” Lucia chuckled for unlike her sister she could see clearly what was making that wailing noise.

Lucia looked down at Kalian for she was not sure how the small child had appeared on Elevnia for there had been no storms over the sea recently and most of the ships that passed the their kingdom where trade or pirate vessels. With those thoughts going through her mind she whispered to her “where did you come from little human?” she picked her up as she heard the foot steps of her sister approaching her.

Upon seeing the child her eyes filled with a cold fear for she knew that this child would bring them trouble to them both “Lucia has your dark elf mind gone insane, humans almost killed us all and changed half of us forever. Kill this human for more will come and slay us all” before Lucia could say anything there eyes where both brew to the sea as something arose of the water.

Amisius stood on the water’s surface with his eyes fixed on them both. He had not been to Elevnia for many years for he remembered what happened the last time with many nightmares even he a god knew more than anyone what happened that day and the time after. He spoke to them both “listen to me mortal’s of Elevnia. I give you a gift that shall restore you kingdom and make it stronger. Change is coming to the world, the sliver star is fear and death to those who oppose there false truth. The child’s name is Kalian take her to your dark elven king and your goddess if they wish the girls death then tell that Amisius has sent her as a gift.”

With that Amisius dived into the sea to return to his place deep beneath the sea to recover his strength for he had spent allot of energy by doing all of this.

Lucia picked Kalian, holding her against her chest. Leading the way in land, Bellethiel emotions where clear to all for she was never good hiding her emotions from the world, the emotions she felt rage and fear for she being a druid had not meet another Godley being since her goddess that served as the ruler of the wood elves and a goddess.

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Default Chapter 7: The hidden king

Ruins scattered the ground, all made out of black stone. Once they had been a large temple which was honour the gods that the elves worshipped but it was destroyed by the armies of the other two kingdoms and the Silver Stars. The destruction of the temple changed the elves forever with half the population turning into dark elves and their nation forced to live in hiding from the peoples of Vailiania and Fallean.

Bellethiel and Lucia approached to thrones that stood in against a black wall. While Lucia held Kalian against her chest still, Bellethiel bowed clumsy to the two figures “greetings my goddess Laraniel and king Naruon” before she could say more she heard the king sigh slightly.

Naruon’s eyes fixed on Bellethiel with anger for he could see Kalian out of his the corner of his eye. He snarled at her “with what right do you stand before me like you are kin to me. Only through your sister you still live and now you bring a human child before me, I have told you before that I can hardly afford for are kingdom to exposed. Do I have to tell you why this is so again?” she blushed for she knew that all to well for Naruon had explained it to her in detail.

A small laugh came from the goddess after Naruon had finished speaking to Bellethiel “Naruon she is one of my subjects after all I am the leader of the wood elves of Elevnia. Why have you decided to bring this human child before us?”

Naruon arose from his throne to look at Lucia for he was unsure what to thing of Lucia for doing this. “my former advisor is holding a member of a race that have tried to kill us?” Lucia said calmly to him “how could this child know of that, if we raise my king she could be used to our advantage and also we commanded to look after this child. If you do not approve my king then I shall summon humans from Fallean to look after her then” silence as both Naruon and Laraniel thought.

He closed his eyes and thought. Naruon had been the crowned prince of Elevnia before the destruction of the black temple that caused his skin to turn white and his hair to darken. After his transformation he had been left atop a tower, for dead for he was feared by the leaders of Fallean for his own existence. Since then he had become king of the dark elves that had also been transformed into dark elves.

Before he could say anything more Laraniel stood from her throne “we have lived so long with fear of humans. Since I have been queen I have not desired the blood of the child. I say to you my king and lord, let this human live until her sixteenth year then if you wish you can slay her but until then you spare her of your wrath” silence followed her words.

Naruon walked away from with a contented smile to Lucia and look of distrust towards Kalian “very well then, I will take my leave of you. The girl may stay with us but one sight I see of a human assassin that comes for me, I will hunt her down with or without the goddess’s blessing. Laraniel come to my palace when you have a moment we have pressing matters I wish to discuss and Lucia I offer you your place back a court” he continued walking with the stunned gaze of Lucia following him.

Lucia folded her arms with annoyance of the king’s comment but she would accept his offer “why does he want me back in his court after a year of being no longer a member of his court. He himself ordered me to leave for my foolish sister’s safety” a small laugh came from the goddess.

Laraniel held a flower in her hands and smiled with a sorrowfully voice told them “do you know how I came to be here? Once I was in a place where light was darkness and not even the light of the sun could make me slumber. For years I was there but no more I shall say of that place for if it was it would mean the end of us all. I managed to escape them, I was found by a party of your kin who carried on their shields your wounded king. Also unless you have not noticed Naruon likes you Lucia” she giggled to see Lucia blush.

Before she could say anything more Bellethiel embraced her telling her softly “thank you my goddess though I do not know why you spare these dark abominations.” Laraniel whispered coldly in her scaring her slightly as she said to “darkness and light are one in the same but if you planning some sort of villainy against the dark elves then I will make you it will be the last you shall do in this life” Bellethiel realised her embrace.

She had to dash to keep up with her dark elf sister as she walked away with Kalian in her arms but as she left she called Laraniel “one more thing that I must tell you, a man Amisius by name told us raise the child” Laraniel vanished in a flash of green light. She had thoughts that raged inside of her for Amisius had not been seen by her or heard off for many years, she wondered what would happen if this child was given to them as a gift from him.

When they were both out of range and she was sure that she could not see Naruon anymore, she blew the flower sending it seeds flying on the wind before whispering to herself “Amisius, Amisius the god of the sea. It seems like my thoughts that most of the gods are free once more but foolishness as I have seen that vile island before it disappeared. How many of us are free now? Amisius is playing a dangerous game for if they were to find us they will capture us or worse. For now I will take my time with what little hope I have for those villains of brotherhood of the silver stars” she sighed and then vanished for she needed to think on what is best for her to do.

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Default Chapter 8 part 1: The nightmares of assassination

Years passed undaunted and the three kingdoms where at an uneasy peace but soon that peace would be broken.

The night was immersed in the summer heat as the assassin walked up the pale steps that led to the doors the white fortress home of the leader of brotherhood of the silver stars. Their island was hidden behind mists that none can see by dreams or sight of waking men unless they chose to be seen like they had on the soon after the king of Vailiania death. At the moment the island was hidden far off the coast of Fallean.

The island was called Iseisandias which meant island of eternal light for they rarely suffered from storms and winter’s cold was never felt upon the members of the order.

His foot steps echoed in the throne of room of which dwelled their leader and his guest for he had given orders for his guest not be harmed apart from that they knew little else about him.

He bowed before the throne, specking with a slight of a serpent in his words as he greeted them “greetings my divinity and lord Arandur and my lord?” his eyes glanced up at his guest who answered “my lord Aonir”. He continued in hissed voice “and my lord Aonir, I have come to do your biding that you have summoned me here” he felt the light that always seemed to be around Arandur fall over him making him feel uplifted.

A smile that had appeared on his lips carried both cold and venom towards them that reflected the nature of his plans for him at the moment. Calmly he told him “yes Odysseus, I have summoned you at night for what I need you for is dark deeds that require your skill and also this something I do not wish to be seen performing this deed by those who call me lord” Odysseus smiled also for he had guess on what he wanted from him.

Arandur continued “I wish you to travel to realm of Fallean. When you have entered the realm of war lords and blood soaked mages proceed to the palace and torture ... I mean assassinate the king of Fallean Anaxis.”

Pensiveness appeared on body of Odysseus as his mind was engraved with confusion and fear “but my lord, Anaxis is the god of war and flame. King he is not for that title of the kingship of Fallean goes to the blood haired Aragorn. Even you mean assassinate him that is a death wish for any assassin that takes that contract. I ...”

Aonir fixed his blue eyes upon his own, allowing them to stare in depths of their eyes. Odysseus felt some strange power wrap around his heart from the gaze “oh I think that you will find away to perform this deed for my dear brother. If you do not complete this task I shall make you sure that the death by the hands of warriors will be the least of your problems” he nodded to Aonir in a clumsily fashion.

A small laugh came from Arandur for he had not seen what his brother could do before and was only slightly impressed by what he had seen but fixed his face with an expression of contentment. He spoke to Odysseus with some sort of dark happiness “I am glad that you have decided to accept my mission but I have a certain wish that I wish you to perform upon the king. I want you to tort... I mean assassinate using the most painful and slow way of demise possible.”

Odysseus blinked as if he was losing what ever that Aonir had placed un to him before answering Arandur with a devilish smile “listen to these words for these will spell the death of Aragon. I will give him a poison which will cause a slow and most painful demise for him. So my lords I beg for your leave” he turned and started to walk away.

He heard him rise from his throne and felt his gaze upon his back “do not fail me assassin!” Arandur commanded. He gave him a slight nod in answer and continued walking out of the palace to bring death Aragon, king of Fallean.

The door thudded shut as Odysseus left them, Arandur sighed with some tiredness for when the hours of darkness fell, his powers where weakened until the sun rose in the sky once more. He looked upon his brother.

Centuries had passed for Arandur without any knowledge that on another world he had a young brother. Only when he had tried to summon a creature to be his eternal minion he instead summoned Aonir. Upon noticing this he tried to strike him down but his mind was filled with the voice of a woman who told that this man was his long lost brother and like him was a god of light.

Sitting back down on his throne, he fixed his blue eyes on his brothers “when I am finished here my dear brother, I will travel with you across the stars to your world Aonir. With my skills and the power of my followers we will bring you the head of that arch nemeses of a dark god to you” he fell silent allowing Aonir some time to answer his question.

Surprise spread across Aonir’s face as few gods had offered him this assistance but his expression changed into evil delight “yes at long last I will have revenge on that purple eyed warlock of demonic god” he gave a cold laugh before he noticed his brother was looking around as if he was looking for some observer. Aonir watched him before asking “what is wrong, my godly brother?”

Arandur laughed before answering “we are being watched” Aonir blinked in surprise for he could not see any being watching them. But before he could ask him he told him “I have cast upon my powers the ability to remain hidden from dreams of mortal men but” he closed his eyes as if he could see this “but I sense the mind of a slumbering child. No matter, this girl may have power but none of them shall stop me for they do not know what I know about the gods of this world” then their was a blinding white flash of light that made any seer lose vision of them.

On the far away kingdom of Elevnia a girl awoke from her troubled dreams for she had viewed the events that were happening at this time on the island of Iseisandias. She gasped slightly, these dreams where common for her but they were not this intense though each one of them where different and these dreams or visions she had plagued for years. As she tried to get back to sleep, she quietly whispered to herself “one day I shall be rid of these horrid dreams that plague me so. Now to what ever slumber I, Kalian can get” she lay back down and closed her eyes as sleep fell over her once more.

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Great pictures, lovely story. I have read the prologue, I wonder what has become of the King.
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I am glad that you enjoy reading my work and you will find out what happened to him.

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Default Chapter 8, Part 2: The shadows of a vampiress’s quest and the anger of Darius

Gerlat slowly closed the door behind him, his eyes watching the silver tears fall from his for his mind was filled with regret for he doubted that he would see his daughters again. He looked around trying to hide the fact that he had been crying but he noticed that their was something cold in the air as if the coldness of death was immersed inside the air. Gerlat looked around before yelling to the seemingly empty the room “hello? Reveal yourself for no matter if you are human or fowl beast I will defeat you” he heard foot steps slowly approaching him.

As they grew closer his eyes saw the being that they belonged “hello my dear husband did you miss me?” Malodora fully emerged out the corner in which she had concealed herself in. Her cold red eyes gazed upon Gerlat with some sort of animalistic hunger.

His voice shook with fear who now stood before her “by Amisius, he told me truth but it still hurts me for what I have done and what I have seen has happened to you for I still have love for you” Gerlat was answered by the laughter of Malodora. He could sense that she had decided to use her powers of magic that she had hidden for years in case she was slain by peasants and at that time, peace in life was what she desired.

She raised a hand to stroke his check with her eyes locked into those of her husband’s “now tell me, where have you been to return with tears that have fallen down your face in recent times, how has where have you been to shred such tears. Speak where have you taken by daughters?” Gerlat’s mind was filled with clouds making him feel faint.

Slowly he answered her question with a far away voice “they ... Are far out of your and fowl master’s grasp now. You will never find him” Malodora stepped backwards for moment breaking the slight trance that she had over Gerlat.

Malodora gathered her thoughts of rage as she had not expected him to do this. She knew that he would take both Ignatia and Kalian upon the sea with him at night so they could learn how to travel over the sea without suffering with sickness when they did so. When she spoke both anger and annoyance was in her words “Gerlat! You foul! You have saved them both from me, when they came of age they would have been turned in vampires. I would have trained in the ways, though I have never seen any magical traits from either of them but either way their blood will nourish us. You have may saved them but you have no way for yourself to escape now.”

Gerlat snarled at her with what ever emotion he had left in his shattered form “I may be lost but I pity you my dear Malodora for you have lost yourself now and for evermore” she gave him a hate filled smile for she had not felt this powerful for years.

A green light wrapped his wrists, binding them together tightly making him grunt in pain “what are going to do with me? Kill me?!” he heard a small cold laugh from Malodora. She grabbed hold of the back of his neck, pulling him backwards, stroking the side of his neck and whispered into his ear “true I am tempted to sink my fangs into your ... Pulsing veins” she almost bit him but resisted, moving her head away from his neck before continuing “but your fate is not in my will to decide. A traitor such as yourself will have your fate decided by Darius. Come we have much ground to cover” noticing that strands of sunlight appearing in the sky.

She grabbed hold of his bindings and bragged him along behind her. He did not resist her touch for he was unsure what would happen to her if she came back to the king emptied handed. They walked for the trees as the sun slowly rose in the heavens.

Time passed with sun shining down upon them. Upon their travels Gerlat had tried to escape twice but he had been stopped each time, once by Malodora and once by Wolfien, leader of the werewolves.

Wolfien was the leader of Vailiania’s werewolf population, he was not well known to help the vampires since they had been killing or torturing any of his kin men. He had almost escaped completely from what ever fate that Darius had planed for him. Gerlat had on his attempt to escape from Malodora run into Wolfien feeding on the body of deer, he had knocked him over causing his anger to surface. Noticing that the vampires wanted him so he tossed him down to the ground with the words to Malodora of not letting her prisoners escape her.

Snow lay as a thick blanket across the ground and crunched under their feet as they both ran to the door. Malodora hissed in pain for the light of the sun was burning her flesh for every moment she spent under its raise. She had used her mind to force Gerlat not to escape from her again for she did not think that she could live if she returned with nothing.

A sigh passed her lips when she entered the coldness of it’s walls and for a moment her flesh stopped burning. Malodora looked for the book that would open the way to the chambers inside which dwelled the sleeping forms of her vampire masters, Gerlat blinked as her control over him faded “why... Why do this? You have your own free will so why don't we flee into the other realms beyond the mountain passes?”

Her laugh was cold for her will was as clear than it has been in years for she had now had the gift she always wanted, an eternally forbidden fruit of undying beauty and power. She stopped laughing as her hand wrapped around the spine of the book, shielding from his view so he could not escape once they entered there “I have finally been bestowed with eternal beauty that no one can surpass not even my two daughters.” Pulling the book back watching the bookcase swing open before grabbing her husband and dragging him in after her.

They walked along together along with rows of the coffins where the powerful of their clan slumbered with there leader. She realised for the first time that Darius was going to be furious with her for not brining him her daughters for she feared that her lord would kill her for failing him but she now had a plan to make sure that he would not destroy her.

Thinking that she had a plan to exact a method where she would use her husbands vanity to be part of it. Breaking her mind control of him when they both stood before the coffin in which lay the slumbering Darius but time was short for soon the sun shall set and the vampires that now lay in peaceful slumber would awaken filled with the hunger for the blood of the living. Malodora words where frightened and persuasive followed like water over him “Gerlat!” she yelped knowing that Gerlat cared for her still. Gerlat looked at her for he could see her for who she was before she came “Malodora, tell me what is wrong?” Malodora looked at him before grabbing hold of his wrists and pulling them close to her “I need your help, Darius controls my mind. What I said before was lies all given to me by the king. There is only one way to free me from his spell, is to piece the heart of Darius, then and only then can we be free to find our daughters.”

Gerlat thought for a moment for that is what he desired but he remembered the words of that creature from the sea but he was not sure if he should trust it. Making the decision not to trust it’s words and with eager step he approached the coffin of Darius.

His hands reached for the edge of the coffin lid and slowly lifted it. His eyes fixed on the white mist which covered the slumbering the vampire. The heat from the brazier’s flames warmed his skin as he looked upon the vampire that slept inside “is this him? For I have not seen the king before?” turning his head slightly to Malodora who nodded in answer.

Using one hand to keep the coffin lid open, he used his free hand to reach inside his robes for a bagger that lay concealed on his chest. He grabbed hold of the hilt of the bagger, removing it from there to raise it before placing the tip of the bagger on his chest. He whispered to him “now in slumber you shall fall into the realms of death and your kin’s rule of our land shall end” he raised the bagger above his head and brought it down towards his heart.

Darius’s eyes flew open and his hands graded the downwards heading blade, Gerlat yelped as the dagger was slowly being moved upwards towards. Gerlat tried to angle and force the bagger into his chest while Darius snarled at him “what foolish motion of you to come here. To slay me, I have survived multiple attempts to slay me but coming now when the sun is setting” he hissed at him before sweeping at his face with one hand causing Gerlat to drop the bagger and fall backwards on to the stone floor before the coffin.

With a sigh for Darius had slept well with some pleasant dreams emerged from his coffin. It was only a few moments until the other vampires awoke. Darius looked at Malodora for he had heard her voice talking to this slayer “Malodora you have returned to me with the intentions to slay me while I slept. Is this sign of treachery against me?” standing before his coffin, his gaze was fixed on her face while Gerlat slowly rose to his feet.

A small smile appeared on Malodora “treachery? Why would see such a thing of me?! I would not betray you, this human I brought to you was a gift for you to feed upon. He over powered me so I could not stop his advance to slay you while you still slept.”

A cold laugh came from him for he had the ability to control and read the mind of anyone he had turned. It was a common ability among vampires although not many used it for a vampire that they had turned could resist their creators. His eyes narrowed “you may think that your power’s are great but I can still read your thoughts. You have failed in your quest so you have decided that killing me would save you from my wrath but instead Malodora your fate is now up to me and my two friends to decide.”

The coffins either side of Darius to reveal his two most powerful vampires under his command. One of sat still inside of his coffin before he hissed “Darius, why did you turn her when she will betray you and destroy you in time before I will ...” he gasped as a red light wrapped his chest, tightening. He slumped forward gasping in pain as the red light faded from him. Darius looked him with hatred in his eyes “if it was not for who you are and I still have my uses for you” the vampire looked away from him for his eyes where filled with anger and blood lust.

The vampire’s name was Azul though he did have a title of Count and the nickname of blood stained prince. Years before the destruction of the black temple, a group of vampires that dwelt inside the temple performed a dark ritual to create a vampire that was a true master of the night by using the recent dead body. The ritual lasted for several hours where in which many innocent elven lives where sacrificed for they needed their blood for both the ritual and to keep them selves alive. When the ritual was complete they had created a vampire with the soul of a vampire long dead inside of him but upon opening his eyes he fled into the night. As the years passed Azul grew in power and discovered he had memories of his past life as a count of a vampire clan in a distant other world.

Upon one dark and stormy night he stumbled upon a farm house where he meet a farmers soon who now commanded him. He though had not feed in days but in his haste to consume his blood he turned Darius into a vampire before leaving him to return to the cave that he was living in. Finally a powerful spell by the goddess of nature, Laraniel was placed upon making him sleep for the rest of time for she feared what he may become but his slumber did not last for Darius, now the mighty leader of death star clan found him there. Remembering him for turning him into a vampire he awakened him by sinking his fangs into the white flesh of his neck causing the spell that bond him to break. Since then he had been able to control Azul and he had despised for the fact that he was the vampire who created him and that he was more powerful than him. Azul looked at though pain was clear on it as he stepped out of his coffin “your control over me will not last forever Darius, soon I shall be free again from you and” Darius darted over to his neck looking at it “how can you defeat me? You are weak Azul for I have not allowed you feed in awhile and each passing moment you grow weaker whilst I grow stronger but now we have decide the fate of this woman” he moved away from him, back to stand in front of his coffin while Azul did the same.

The sounds of coffins opening echoed along the room, Vulcan laughed slightly to see Gerlat’s expression of worry to see all this vampires around him and almost all of them where looking at the pulsing veins in his neck. “he smells wonderful, can I bit him?” whispered a vampire from somewhere behind Gerlat, Darius smiled before he answered “alas we cannot for we must decide the fate of Malodora” they all hissed as one at both Malodora and Gerlat which made Gerlat shake with fear.

Azul spoke though his eyes where fixed but his words where horse and hallow “my king if I may give you my opinion, let her live for she will be of use to you and let me drink the blood of this man for you cannot deny me blood for much longer unless you desire my demise.”

A snarl came from Darius before he answered him “hrm, you may have wisdom in your words, for now Malodora shall live but this human...”

Suddenly Gerlat fell to his knees with his eyes fixed on Darius for he had only one hope was to see if he could appeal to there better nature for it was well known that they were known to perform some good deeds to the human subjects like managing to keep Vailiania’s werewolf population under control and the slaughter of bandits meaning that banditry was at a all time low. “please” he pleaded with words of self sympathy which made Malodora cringe wondering that for all these years her husband had really been just as he is now, a weak pathetic foul who was pleading for his life of the man who had tried to kill “please, my lord ... I beg you, spare my lord in return I shall serve you in the hours of day light meaning I can protect from slayers.”

Darius hissed while Vulcan laughed, Azul looked down at him “get up human, before I end your sad life. By your dress I say you are a hunter then act like an experienced hunter for they have more bravery than you are. Face your fate with bravery” he suddenly lunged towards his neck but when he was almost to sink his fangs into the side of his neck, he was hit in the chest with a ball of glowing green blasting him of his feet to slam into his coffin. Azul slumped, unconscious at the stone base of the coffin.

Darius laughed along with Vulcan with a manner of dark amusement “I will bring your punishment upon you later Azul but I have come to a conclusion to this debate. Malodora despite you failing in your quest I will allow you to live as a member of count now change into something more comfortable that befits your station as one of my vampiric brides for that is your position in my court and as a gift this human’s blood is yours.”

Malodora bowed to him with a smile “my thanks to you, my king of darkness” Darius put a finger under her chin, lifting her head up to look at her eyes “but if you betray me or try to kill me again, I will make sure that your death will be as long and as painful as the light of the sun can inflict upon you” Malodora nodded, making him move his hand away from her allowing her leave him to change her clothes.

When she returned she was dressed in a long black gown with green corset around her waist and black lace covered her arms along with her neck. Gerlat looked her realising that he no matter what happened after this night that his life on way or the other he would not be able to return to his normal life of a hunter fisherman. Before he could say a word to Malodora grabbed hold of him in her arms and before sinking her fangs she whispered into his ear “I am glad that you are the first for me but I will not kill you I will turn you” with a snarl she plunged her fangs into his neck causing the room to go be engulfed in darkness.

Kalian opened her eyes and awoke in a cold sweat for she had felt that she had seen them before but she had no thought of why. Her mind was filled in confusion and fear as over the years her dreams had been becoming more vivid making her spend most of her time sleeping under the bed of Lucia where she seemed to sleep better. Her hopes of a good night’s sleep gone she tried to sleep once but across the see in the distance land of Fallean another was having the same dream as just had.

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Default Chapter 9: The princess of Fallean

Sunlight streamed through a window in the private chambers of the princess of Fallean who lay with troubled dreams but then the door opened as someone entered the room who said to her “oh this unlike you to sleep in” she opened her eyes breaking her slumber. She swung her legs over to the end of the bed and for a moment she sat on the end of bed, her eyes blurry fixed on the girl standing near the door who watched silently. Her name was Ingrid who was her closet friend and sparring partner. She sighed as Ingrid asked her calmly “did you not sleep well my princess?” she nodded as she stood letting her mind clear of her dream although she herself found that hard to do. In recent years she had been having these dreams but this most recent dream worried her for she had sweared for she thought she knew the couple in her dream.

Ingrid chuckled slightly to see her looking like she had been asleep for a century for this was most unlike for she was known to wake her up in the morning as Ingrid slept heavily and was hard for her to wake herself up. “well now it seems that you have arisen from your slumber you can get dressed and ready for” she stopped as the sounds of loud voices meet there ears from out of her chambers “it appears that your father has found someone to yell at but you need to get dressed my princess or else we shall be late” the princess moved towards a chest which contained her clothing.

“if anyone who did not know who you were no would guess that you were crowned princess Ignatia daughter of Aragon, king of Fallean” Ignatia giggled slightly for she was not what people would expect from her title for she carried the responsibilities of the late queen Anneliese who passed away trying to gave birth to her child. The reason why she was not called a queen was because of her age and upon her 18th birthday she would be given a chance to change her title although Ignatia was not sure if she wanted to be a queen yet.

The voices of her father and the being that he was yelling at as they walked out of the room “do you know who my father is yelling at with his rage that is suppressed for the sake of peace, Ingrid?” she gave her a small laugh “ a mage I think but let’s is hear what they are yelling with anger at each other.” They stood at the balcony making sure that they could see what was happening below them.

Hers eyes looked down upon the throne room below and upon a black stone throne sat her father Aragon who watched a man that stood before him who was yelled at him “I told you this would happen but in your stupidity” she shake her head for she had no idea what he was talking about. Her father glanced upwards and noticed Ignatia who watched with them both interest as he turned his gaze back to the man before him.

He gave a small smile and lowered his voice “I told her years ago that she was not of my blood and that she came to palace on a hunt for nourishment as was the truth for if I was right in saying this to you and your friend captain Elizabeth was to give her to me in return for me to give you peace in my lands. Decides that plan did not work for you for she escaped you and that is why I adopted as my own flesh and blood though I pity her for the fact that she has no memory of her homeland or if any true family members she has” Aragon closed his eyes for a moment calming his infamous rage with the words he just spoken to this man.

Aristion laughed coldly. He had been allowed to live in peace in Fallean but the captain and the rest of the crew would not live on the land for they had the sea flowing through there veins but with the acts of piracy that covered the sea between Vailiania, Elevnia and Fallean attacking any ships carry goods on them. When he spoke once more he spoke with haste and rage but almost as soon as finished he regretted every word “you may hide your true nature well from your daughter but I see you for what you are blood haired Aragon! Tell me how long has it been since you bathed in the blood of your enemy with your body dripping of the crimson liquid. I have seen you tear apart your enemies with your bare hands and tales have sad that you consume the hearts of children and those of the enemy leaders.”

For a moment Aragon saw his eyes flash red with rage for without any wisdom in his words he brought his blood lust that had been suppressed for years. After the death of his wife Anneliese he went almost insane with blood lust and grief for Anneliese had managed to help him control his blood lust since they had been together and without her he had lost control of himself. Aragon had ventured deep into the land of his enemy, the shadow lands that lay on the over side of the cavern of lost souls. He gained a new nickname from his people for this Aragon the blood soaked king. Upon one night in the summer after his wife’s demise he had been eating alone in his chambers when he heard a loud noise from the kitchens. Knowing that most of his servants had fled in fear of him and standing, grabbing his sword he stormed towards the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen he saw a small girl in rags trying to consume a large loaf of bread that she had wrapped in her arms. She looked up at him with no fear as blood dripped from his hair but he stared at her as he felt compassion forming this person he hardly knew. Dropping his sword he embraced her tightly in his arms allowing his blood covered hair to drip on to her face. Soon after he managed to regain control over his blood lust and rage, Aragon also adopted the girl, Ignatia who later discovered had very few memories apart from her name and being upon a ship before she came to his palace.

Aragon stood from his throne filled with rage. His eyes fixed on the sweat that started to pour down the face of Aristion as he yelled at him “you dare mage to insult me!” Aristion fear made his voice shake “please my king I did not mean” but Aragon waved a hand at him causing him to fall silent.

Rage was engraved deep into his face. He looked up at the balcony with his eyes to see his daughter was still watching him, upon seeing this he closed his eyes for a moment trying to keep his rage under control but he failed. His hand almost glowed red as he summoned something with gasps from above him Aristion was the most amazed of all for he knew that Aragon had no magical powers but when he spoke to him his voice was that of rage and it echoed around the room “you say that I am a monster that maybe true but don't you insult me mage for you know nothing of my rage and bloodlust” he looked back at him.

He leaned forward so only Aristion could see that his eyes where slightly glowing with power “unless you wish your demise to be inflicted upon you by my own hands and then you shall see my wrath as it was in the past” Aristion did not dare say a word for he felt like his heart was about to explode in flame. Deciding that fleeing would be the wisest course of action.

Ignatia watched him go although she was not quite sure on what se had witnessed her father almost do but an expression of confusion and wonder appeared on her face as she asked him “father, what did you just do for by the gods I though that you were using magic against him?” Aragon looked down at his hands as they stopped glowing with the power that had surged for them with a sigh of relief he answered his daughter “I shall tell you all but you are late by daughter for school” when he told her this Ignatia ran for she noticed that his words where right.

Minutes flew by as she ran along with Ingrid to her school. The school that she had attended was the blades academy which taught boys and more recent girls in the arts of combat and war. Those students who where magically gifted would be sent from the school to the mages guild to train in magic but it was known for a student or students to learn magic from their defence and combating magic class.

They both bashed into the armoury to grab a sword to use while they were sparing against each other. Ingrid swung her sword clumsy towards her head but it was quickly knocked aside by Ignatia and before she could react Ingrid’s sword flew out of her hand, she gasped slightly from her small sparing session Ingrid smiled at her and Ignatia smiled back at her “hah, you have beaten me once again for your skills with a sword is superior as they have been for years” Ingrid walked to grab her sword which lay on the stone floor of the court yard. “your sword work would improve if you did not grip the hilt so tightly and concerted more on your opponents movements then you could improve” Ignatia held her sword down by her sword waiting for Ingrid to get herself ready to continue their sparing match.

After Ingrid had picked up her sword, Ignatia swung her sword diagonally aiming for Ingrid’s hip. Though the swords wouldn't sharp they could break bones and brose if it hit the person hard enough. A woman watched them from above and called down at them “Ignatia come to me for there is something I need to discuss with you, Ingrid go find someone else practice and keep an eye on your opponents movements more closely” Ingrid walked to the far side of the courtyard while Ignatia put her sword against the wall as she walked inside.

When Ignatia arrived in the office of Sir Fiona, the head of the academy. She often stood at this window and watched the students as they practiced there skills as sword play. Before Ignatia was about to ask her what she wanted from her, Fiona started to talk almost to herself as Ignatia slowly approached her “since my injury that renders my body from fighting in close combat, I remember how much the generals wished me to retire from combat all together and live a quite life far from the battle field but thanks to your father I was given a position to be the head of the academy on the condition that allow you and all girls to train here.”

Ignatia stopped behind her thinking of what she had just sad. Then she remembered how the other teachers where all cautious around her when she started here but Ignatia became more accepted as years passed “urm sir what did you wish to speak to me about for it seems as if you speak only to yourself?” she did not turn her eyes watching the students spar against each other or against wooden training dummies “your skill is that of the finest that I have seen in the years I have taught here and with sight on all the children that come here you are the finest I have seen. I have come to the decision that it is time for you to leave us and either join in military services or join one of the many orders and guilds that are here in Fallean” Ignatia’s face was fixed in the expression of surprise and annoyance.

When she spoke her words came flowing as fast as the wind that flowed over the peeks of mountains “but I cannot leave yet for I am not ready for any of the outside combat against any real opponents or leadership.”

A laugh came from Sir Fiona for she though Ignatia was making herself seem less brave than the actually was “your words amuse me, Ignatia you maybe a princess but for years you have proven yourself better than the common princesses and those of the past. Do not let yourself fall into that or else all your training would have a been wasted. Fear is laying it’s tricks inside of you, be courageous then you will be a great warrior” Ignatia bowed to her, looking over shoulder Fiona smiled for few people bowed to her “I will do my best for my father and the good of the realm.”

Fiona laughed slightly “the good of the realm?! You sound like a princess but you need to both warrior and princess if you wish to keep blood haired Aragon under control, now return to your home and if you need any assistance then send word to me” Ignatia wondered if she meant her fathers rage which she had not seen much of and not to those as told in tales by the bards in the taverns. She ran out of the office biding her farewells to Sir Fiona who turned her gaze back on her students.

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Hi, I just read chapter 1 of your story, wow you have a lot going on. I wonder if the Werewolves will be any help against all the Vampires?
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I have, I have not decided totally yet on the werewolves role in all of this yet.

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Default Chapter 10: An meeting of immortals

While Ignatia travelled back to her home with eager and sombre feet. The land of Elevnia was still shrouded in darkness as a large mysterious black cloud had blocked out the light of day which was to the surprise of Kalian. After an hour’s sleep she had left her home with a note telling Lucia that she had gone hunting although she had hunted many times before but she had not been to this part of the coast. The landscape had the signs of the war that had changed Elevnia forever though most had been claimed back by the trees that covered most of the land.

Kalian stood and thought for a moment wondering why she felt that something mystical was in the air but then suddenly her eyes fixed on movement on the ground below her for she was standing on a small hill. Hiding herself from sight as much as she could encase of her discovery would cause herself to lose her life.

As the gloom cleared her eyes fixed upon the figures of both Laraniel and Naruon. They spoke in hushed tones as they did not want to be heard but the only words she heard was those of Laraniel “Naruon, you seem unwell and I hope that you shall be able to keep your health” Kalian’s mind considered the idea of leaving as Naruon had never had great liking for her although when she was Lucia he was friendly enough to her.

Moving downwards from her hill with silent feet she decided to follow them as they walked away towards the sounds of waves that meet her ears.

Down of flight of cold stone steps Naruon descended with Laraniel leading them to the beach. Kalian realised that where they were was in a hidden cove. This cove was once used by the ships of Fallean as a landing sight for there armies but now it seemed that mermaids had decided to resident in a stone carved pit where there eyes started to follow Naruon. She hid herself from the sight of them encase they exposed her to them.

One of the mermaids who golden scaled tail had her eyes focused upon the face of Naruon. She normally climbed upon the decks of ships or sitting upon a rock to singing to the sailors that passed her where she would either drag them or catch them before dragging the victim down into the sea where the victim would torn apart and eaten by her.

Her name was Merliah and her gaze was fixed upon the face of Naruon with fascination for she was usually in the sea of Fallean singing to the sailors that passed by her and she had never seen a dark elf before but she had once spared a life of a wood elf once when his ship was destroyed. Merliah wondered would dark elf flesh tasted while her follow mermaids thought the same thing. When she spoke her words where designed to make him tier so she can devour him “you look unwell, dark elf lye here a while with us and rest your body so when you awaken you will be renewed and stronger than you were than you were before” Naruon eyes started to glaze over as the other mermaids started to please his looks “you is like black silk and your skin as pale as the foam of the sea.”

His eyes now where falling glazed over as he felt sleep threaten to close his eyes with sleep. Merliah smiled for she could tell that he was under her power “yes, slumber would make me better...” she laughed slightly in the delight that she could have a dark elf in power.

Upon noticing this Laraniel turned around grabbing hold of his shoulders spinning him around to face her. He looked into her eyes in which he could the forces of nature “Naruon, you should not have come I see that you” his eyes unglazed as he said to her “I see that your powers can see what is wrong with me but I should have known since you are the goddess of healing and nature. Decides I could not let you get harmed” she smiled as they walked down to the beach while mermaids sighed for they had lost their meal.

Standing upon the beach with the sounds of the wave hitting the sand under their feet. Laraniel’s voice echoed loudly “come to me god of the sea. I know it was you that have been plaguing my dreams. Come and appear before us” for a moment there was nothing but silence for a moment apart from the sounds of sea.

The water parted as Amisius's head broke the surface of the sea. His eyes looked at them as he emerged from the water to appear on the beach before them. His long flowing white hair was not even wet from the time he had spent in under the sea, ruling the seas of this world.

Amisius’s eyes were fixed on them both before he smiled “greetings my old friend, Laraniel but you have forgiveness for sending you messages in your dreams for I ...” he heard a sharp in take of breath from Naruon. He had not seen a merman for many a year and the last time he had, he came bringing the news of the ships of Fallean and of Vailiania where coming to invade there land. This man he could tell had great power as he spoke to him “and greetings to you Naruon, king of Elevnia. It brings me much joy that you have both saved your kin's from there demise and given them a future” Naruon bowed slightly to them though the effort showed on his face.

Laraniel noticed this, she had seen that with in his body he had been consumed by a powerful spell that was untraceable by all save her and the caster. The spell would take all of Naruon’s life force and energy until he lay bead but by what she had seen it would not be that long. Her face showed confidence although her mind was that of worry and joy “then what is that you want Amisius for you would not have come all this way if you did not want something?”

His eyes where half gazed upon the face of Laraniel and Naruon who’s face was slowly growing greyer “I wanted to know what has become of the child I left you in your care” then his gaze focused on the grey face of Naruon. He stated to walk pass him Amisius saying to him in a voice filled with contained pain “ greetings to you god of the sea forgive me but” he slowly reached up to his chest for his heart was slowing as his breath stopped. He walked to the edge of the surf his gaze fixed upon the sea.

Words came out of his lips as he spoke to himself “across the sea they came in ships of wood and steel carrying the warriors of the human realms with priests that claimed the light but followed the path of blood. They came down from the sky and destroyed it. I stood upon the tower of those a cursed mages watching the black temple’s ruins burn after it’s destruction a few days, my father was killed by a god named Amisius. Now I was the king of my fathers realm. Foot steps came to me as the mad king of Fallean and his three generals they were covered in the blood of my kin. I fought them but the mad king’s curved sword was shoved deep into my right side. My screams filled the air as the pain shoot through me as the king whispered into my ear when we meet your hair was blonde and your skin pale pink but since that temple’s destruction your hair darkened and your skin became as white as snow now dance elf, dance for the entrainment of death. He removed the blade and my blood... Pooled under my body, I knew then that death had come to me and as my sight darkened I heard there laughter echo around me” he stopped for a moment to take a short breath as he continued “I lay there for hours un counting until my eyes lightened for my men had found but I was near to death they lifted me to place me on top a shield and they carried me off the tower. Days passed for they had to take long routes to avoid capture and my certain death through the days my life was kept prolonged along with my pain from the few bits of healing magic that my men knew. A week had passed and there quest to get me back to the palace and save there new king from death for they were six men that buried my father and had searched the coast line for my... Brother. They did not want to lose me to, I was lying next to the fire, my vision was blurred and fever had consumed me but I remember hearing my men yelling and...and” he started to sway as he felt his heart beat slow even further “then my gaze cleared enough to see you... Laraniel.”

His breath stopped as he fell backwards onto the sand, a cry came from Kalian who was hiding above them, she had heard and seen everything that had just happened “my king!” she started to run down the steps to help her fallen king.

When she had reached she felt the gaze of the two gods fixed upon her for there gaze was filled with surprise for the only mortal they thought was there and that was the dark elf king that lay at Kalian’s feet. Though her breath was short from her mad run she asked them “what is wrong with him? True I have no great love for Naruon but I do not wish to see him perish here and why are all three of you here?” no answer game from the two gods for they were unsure for those words that may comfort this startled human.

Amisius’s face had a slight smile upon his face for now seeing her eyes she recognised the girl, she was the same girl that he had brought here many years ago “it pleases me to see you well and soon you shall know more of what you and I have in common. As for him I sense that your king suffers from some aliment” Laraniel spoke softly “you have heard what he said about the mad king, upon his right side is a scar that will never fully heal and without my powers keeping it under control it will weaken and slay him. He has not told me that at has pained him so and has hidden from my eyes along with his body guard but I will save him for I owe him everything that I have done since I came here.

She walked over to him before her lips started to glow with small stars of sparkling green, she blew and they fell all over his sleeping form, before sinking into his skin. For a moment nothing happened it appeared to be that Naruon had passed from this world. His fingers moved slightly and he started to breath once more as life returned to him.

Naruon opened his eyes and slowly moved upwards but when he saw the face of Kalian “oh it’s you human” she looked at him for she was unsure of what to say to him.

Laraniel smiled at him for she was unsure that her powers had worked on him “I am glad to see you alive, I believed that you had perished. If you do not mind Kalian may you take him back to your home for he is to weak to make back to his palace at the moment” Naruon stood his voice shook slightly as he said to her “I am fine, I do not need this human’s aid” she narrowed her eyes at him “Naruon your body has not fully healed yet and without rest you will weaken again.”

With some annoyance of being commanded by the goddess and he slowly followed Kalian out of the cove to her home. She walked ahead of him with the hope that he would not try to slay her for his hatred of humans was very strong after his brush with death and a unexplained one he had since his transformation into a dark elf.

When they had gone Amisius suddenly embraced Laraniel who was surprised with this motion of friendship. Years before the two had been good friends and they were about start dating each other for they had a crush on the other. They had not seen each other for many a year since the events after the destruction of the black temple. He whispered into her ear “do you still have feelings for me? For last time we spoke I was a human with short white hair and blue eyes, not this.... Creature that stands before me” she sighed before he touched her check “Amisius after what happened to us my feelings for you are unharmed if you would have an Nymph.”

He laughed slightly and held her tightly in his arms as Amisius’s mind was overjoyed that he was still capable of loving someone but he had a plan that was forming his head.

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Default Chapter 11: A tortured soul

Ignatia’s footsteps echoed through the throne room where Aragon was sitting upon his throne, he knew that she was coming back early and even from he could sense her anger. Since she had left Aragon had been lost in thought for he was in conflict for there was something he needed to tell about as he wondered if something was about to happen to him that would set motions in place which would change the world for the better or the worse he could not tell.

He walked down from his throne to hug Ignatia in the hope of calm her anger before she could speak he told her “I know what has happened though you appear younger than you are but in a few months time you will be an adult then you will take your the title of queen” she sighed “but am I ready though father I mean when you was declared the soul heir by the mad king Michael how did you feel?”

Aragon thought for a moment. He had in the army barracks in amongst the corpses of a hundred men who had tried to kill him on sight. Michael appeared there and his men managed to over come Aragon, he remembered the mad kings laugh as he said that he was to be taken to the palace to be crowned crown prince and his soul heir much to the horror of his men for many believed that Aragon was going to be an evil tyrant. Now years later he maybe not be as kind or as a gentle the old king was to his people but he kept order through his guards and the army. Fallean was in an unsettled peace for un dead, tribesmen and demons attacked the settlements all over the realm. When he spoke he said calmly and with truth “surprise for I thought that I would executed by him” she closed her eyes wondering what her father looked like when he was her age.

He let go of her and walked towards a door that led into a library for he had business with their scholar “I will see you in a while, Ignatia for I have business to do, you may do what you want for I have something to do” Ignatia grinned for she wanted to explore the lower part of the palace for she was only ever allowed to go inside the kitchen. Servants would usually take her away but there none in the palace today so she could explore more.

He walked to the library where the old scholar and head magistrate, Gregor who had served Aragon since the start of his reign and he had taught Ignatia how to read, write, how to be a good monarch and many more. Aragon sat down at the table he looked over his shoulder to speak with him, Gregor heard some worry in his voice “should I tell her, Gregor? Who I am really and what is coming.”

Gregor thought for moment before answering “I am pleased with you for after all these years you have managed to mostly keep your bloodlust and rage under control with the help of mortal women and your own will. If you tell her you better tell her the whole truth about all of us” he saw him nod in agree with his answer.

Ignatia had entered a dark chamber with the only light coming from a torch on the wall. Her eyes where shocked with what she saw, a man was loamed over a female figure who was chained in a chair and was in pain.

The man’s name was Christopher, the torturer. He had served the mad the king until his death and when Aragon stopped letting him torture whoever he wanted to but he held a deep dark hidden secret in the dungeons. Christopher had once been a teacher at the bards school teaching the art of drama to bards there until his violent nature got the better of him and the mad king discovered his talent for pain and employed as his torturer. His voice was that of horse old warrior “now tell me what you have heard!”

She gasped slightly, she was Ingrid’s mother and one of the servants that worked in the palace. “I told you...that I have heard nothing” Christopher leaned forwards to her “you are lying” he punched in the stomach until but before she could speak a voice yelled behind him “leave her alone!” Christopher slowly turned around to see Ignatia.

He smiled at the sight of her for he had not seen such a beautiful woman for many year in his dungeons “well, well who do we have here? A little girl in chain mail” she started to walk backwards from him, trying to reach for a weapon she realised that she had none with her. Christopher examined up and down “at least I can have some fun” he whispered.

Ignatia’s mind raced with feat for what images that flashed in her head as she knew what he would do to her if he caught. With her mind filled with fear, she started to run out of the chamber followed Christopher who chased after her, looking forward to what he would do to her.

Though he was a good runner, he fell to the ground after tripping over himself. He did not move for a moment knowing the he had lost her for now “damn, but she cannot escape me for long” he stood back up thinking for a moment before making sure that his prisoner was secure.

Running down the corridors that was will filled with rows of cells, she stopped at the last cell at the darkest and deepest of the dungeons. Then for the first time in over her year she started to weep with fears as the fear in her mind reached her heart. She spoke quietly to herself as she cried “how can this exist and why I am so afraid for I have never been this afraid in ages. What am I do when I he comes and finds me for I see only pain down that path” she continued to cry.

Her gaze had not spotted that the in the wall opposite wall was occupied, a voice spoke to her. It was weak and quite as if the speaker had little strength in them “why do you shed tears human? Do not fear I am not worth your tears” she stopped crying upon hearing the voice. Turning her body to look at the cell.

Her gaze fell upon a heavily injured man was standing inside the cell. Ignatia gasped in horror “by the gods, what happened to you?” he smiled weakly at her “you show concern for me? Few here have shown me such kindness and you are the first woman I have seen years. What has happened to me is that I have been tortured by the torturer for years” Ignatia was horrified for she could tell that was suffering from a huge amount of pain. When she spoke to him again her voice shook slightly “who are you and” looking him up and down “what are you?” she asked him.

As he moved even slightly, his wounds started to bleed a fresh as he spoke “I came here from Elevnia by ship I was ship wrecked on the coast of Fallean where I was captured but then I was a high elf and then I was transformed into the dark elf that you see now. For my name that is Rilien but few call me that now as apart from my torturer few come to see me” he gasped in pain from his many injures.

After a moment he meet her blue eyes with his red ones as he asked a question of his own “now tell me this who are you to come here?, anger my torturer thus meaning that I will be screaming before the next sun rise.”

For a moment she did not say anything but thinking that he was bit more nicer to speak to than his torturer. Ignatia answered him with a slight friendly smile towards him “my name is Ignatia, daughter of Aragon the king of Fallean. I came down here with aim to see what is doing this but this torturer wants inflict pain upon me” silence fell between them for a moment as the two where lost in thought.

Rilien turned his back as blood dripped from whip marks on his back making her wince in sympathy for him as realised that she pitied and liked him for his imprisonment and the fact that he had a nice nature. He looked over his shoulder and told her “a princess that stands dressed like a warrior. If you run fast enough you can escape Christopher, my torturer. When you find your father tell him that I have news that will concern him greatly. Farewell, Ignatia if you have any mercy for me then return with a dagger and kill for that is the only way to end my suffering for” he collapsed to ground as all his strength left his body.

Ignatia started to run out of the dungeon hoping that she could find away to save Rilien from his torment.

When she escaped the dungeons, she ran into the library of the palace where her father sat still at the table. The door slammed shut, Aragon stood and walked over to her “father...there’s” her were fast and confused. Ignatia’s face was covered in fear for her mind was racing with the blood she had seen and her sheer terror of what happened.

Gregor saw the expression that was upon her face “what is wrong my...” Aragon bashed forwards her as she fainted, he caught her in his arms. He looked at her wondering what have scared so much “my king, will you use your powers on her, they maybe for” Aragon stood with Ignatia limp in his arms. He looked at him “I fear if I use my powers on that I will burn her soul into oblivion” Gregor was about to answer him to find that Aragon had vanished with Ignatia. He gave a faint smile to himself “it seems that you care for her more than almost anyone else you have friendship with” he sighed and closing eyes as he fell into sleep.

Aragon had managed to undress and lay into her bed while kept vigil over her as she slumbered. Aragon’s mind was thinking of what scared so much as she was not known to faint “I wonder if my powers where showing when she spoke to me but I have no idea what else could scare us.” wondering when she would wake, he sat back to wait.

The sun had set by the time Aragon had seen his daughter stir showing signs of awakening and when she sat she gasped yelling a name “Anaxis!”. Aragon stiffened at the sound of the name for why would she call that name “Ignatia?” he asked her. She turned her head to look at him, a look of surprise was that of those who did not expect to be in under garments in front of her father.

With her appearing to be mostly awake, he asked her question “Ignatia what has scared you so for I have never seen you this afraid as you have processed the heart of those who had gained heroism. Tell me, Ignatia?!”

When she spoke, she did so many shudders “with bravery I decided to explore the chambers below but I have seen something with horror. There I discovered a man who enjoyed the pain others by the name of Christopher” she fell silent for a moment thinking until she remembered what she had been told.

Ignatia continued “I meet a prisoner, father, he was in pain that would kill a normal man and he said that he came from Elevnia” Aragon looked thoughtful, he had no knowledge of a elf of any kind being was in his dungeons “continue, Ignatia, if you can my child.”

Taking a deep breath, composing her thoughts she told him “his name is Rilien, I guess he has been there in secret for years, losing his life slowly each time. He told me that he has something to tell you father” Aragon sat still thinking of what she told him.

He arose from his chair and walked to the door telling her as he walked “I have some business to attend. Thank you for telling me what worried you so but know this I will make sure that Christopher shall not hurt you or any one else ever again. Now rest, Ignatia for I shall return” the door closed behind him. Ignatia closed her eyes to sleep hoping that no dreams would come to her as she fell once again to sleep.

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The story is great, but a little choppy and rushed in some parts. And please try to work on your grammar. Please don't take my critique the wrong way, the idea is great, but try to add a bit more duration to important scenes like when Vulcan trapped Vikar in the secret room, and when Queen Amelia was turned into a vampire. Otherwise I give it 4/5
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The thing is that my spelling and grammar is getting very slowly better but may ask what you mean by duration. I know that not all parts of chapters are good but I try to type the right first time. You are actually the first user has been given this sort of comment to me on this story. I personally thought those scenes where okay but I may expand upon them on later chapters, I am not offended by your post at all.

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Default Chapter 12: A hidden romance

The sun was high over the sky when Kalian returned to home after her doing a small bit of shopping in the main market of the city of Ravenscroft, the hidden capital city of Elevnia since the previous capital was all but destroyed along with many of there other settlements but she had purchased anything due to lack of gold she had with her. She had tried to take Naruon to her home but he had managed to avid her and she had not seen him since. Fearing that his body could be lying cold and bead in a hole somewhere for she knew how much trouble she would be in if she had to be blamed for his demise as if that happened then no power could stop her from being executed.

When she entered her bedroom, the room a joining it was that of her mother, Lucia. Sounds of muffled whispering and what seemed to be movement came from inside the room to her ears through the thick wooden door. Kalian stood and listened to muffled voices for she could only recognize one voice was that of Lucia, the other was that of a male.

Making that no one in the a joining could hear she whispered to herself “what is happening? What a day I have happened upon me, I witnessed two gods and the near death of the king” then a thought came into her mind for she was wondering wither her mother was in trouble so she bashed towards and through the door into Lucia’s bedroom.

When Kalian entered the room she fell silent for she did not believed what she was seeing before her gaze. Naruon was passionately kissing Lucia was folding her arms around him pulling him closer to her before they heard Kalian gasp with disbelieve with what she was seeing.

Upon hearing this Naruon let go of her letting her lie back down of the bed as he whispered “I shall deal with this Lucia, I guess it is your sister for your human should not be back for time to come” he left her on the bed while he moved to see who had interrupted them.

Naruon's gaze was that of surprise when he saw that it was Kalian he had heard. He sat on the edge of the bed before arising to stand before her. His gaze quickly changed to rage as she asked him “by the name of the gods what are doing here?” Lucia was about answer but Naruon waved a hand to silence her. His voice shook with contained rage “you dare ask me, human! I am your king and he who has allowed you live in my realm in peace without the fear of death upon you and this is how you repay me?!”

She answered him with her words of worry which she regretted after she had spoken to them “I ask for she has raised me and you have never been known for love Naruon for I believe that you are incapable of it since you became a dark elf!”

His eyes seemed to glow slightly, a hand was reaching for a dagger he had concealed in his robes. Temptation was now in his mind was slit her throat for such insult despite his Lucia’s and the gods wishes for soon he should be able to do that her.

His voice broke from his suppressed rage that made his voice seem almost demonic in tone as his voice was filled with rage and villainous intent towards her “if not for Lucia, your mother as it was I would strike down where you stand. I have love in my heart, for years I have loved Lucia and we have been meeting in secret for years. Why are your people allowed to love each other, I and Lucia are in love. I will tear an army apart to keep Lucia safe. Be gone human before I rip out your heart!” Naruon hoped that he had scared her for she deserved it instead of him killing her for insulting him.

Fear followed along her blood as she did not want him inflict death upon her body. She ran out of the room as she heard his evil laughter, Kalian started to cry as the door to the bed room slammed behind her for she wanted to get as far away as possible from the dark elf king.

Silence fell as he stopped laughing for he was only acting slighting in order to scare her. Lucia turned her head to look at his back “she did try and help you my king but you hate for the acts of other humans upon. Please shed your hatred of humans for I fear that this will destroy you” he turned his gaze upon her “I could not let get away with insulting me.”

Lucia could sense his rage fading, he was not known for holding his rage for long periods of time. He sat back down on the edge of the bed his head in his hands “I wish it never happened the war, the darkness that changed us and” he felt her arm round his shoulders “please find it in your heart to forgive her at least as you have my sister.” Naruon removed his hands from his head to look over his shoulder at her, “I shall send my body guard to find her and bring her to the palace where you shall be also. For I will make sure that you will be my queen” she fell silent as she knew that he wanted her to live with him and she would leave her wood elf sister behind her.

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Default Chapter 13: The blood haired king’s assassination and the freedom of the dark elf

The dungeons where shrouded in shadows for they lay thick around the cell of Rilien. Red light emulated the room as Aragon appeared, smoke poured of him slightly as he stood. He had not used that power for many year, Aragon saw the blood stains and the sleeping form of Rilien “with what would those of a prisoner have for me” he waved his hand towards him causing Rilien to slowly wake up from his sleep.

When Rilien had stood before him, he asked him “I am Aragon, king of Fallean, my daughter told me that you have something you wish to tell?” for a moment Rilien did not answer for he was unsure whether his torturer was going to come to him or Aragon may slay him for his words that may not please him to hear.

Rilien decided that Aragon could only give him a realise from his pain he told him “my greetings to you Aragon though I guess that you hide something for I know you entered my cell without opening the door. Time is short for Christopher will come and check on me soon so I shall tell what I am able to” his eyes seemed to be slowly closing “a night ago a message came from a man named Arandur on to Christopher which came to him while I was...for lack in a better words can say blood letting. Those words where told of him that an assassin was coming to slay you and I was been to be blamed for it all and then I was knocked out resulting on the injury on my face.”

Aragon looked at as he saw starting to sway from both exhaustion and pain. His mind wondered in what power was keeping him alive as a mortal man would be bead by now.

He started to cough as Aragon watched him “how did you survive all this time Rilien?” he asked him. Rilien’s gaze was focused on him his eyes “I see war and flames in your eyes which is not common for humans, I survive so long for Christopher had used dark magic upon my soul to prolong my life along with healing my body once every month” he heard foot steps outside the cell.

His voice was now filled with fear along with pain as he almost collapsed to ground “go my king flea unless you want to become Christopher's new pet for that’s what he considers me as.”

Before his gaze Aragon vanished in smoke and red glowing light, Rilien whispered to himself as foot steps hastened towards his cell “what is this upon my sight, is this king of humans a mage? For I thought that few where gifted in magic.” He moved away towards the door for he had not be able to sleep on the bed for years as insects and other small creatures had been devouring his flesh as he slept.

A torch was lit in the corridor outside the cell as Christopher dashed into sight. Christopher turned to look through the iron bars of the door, he had voices coming the inside the cell though that was impossible for anyone to enter the cell for Christopher owned the only key. He looked upon his face “who were you talking to elf?” Rilien gave him a wicked smile “I have spoken to no one human, are you sure that your mind has been destroyed by all the pain and death you have inflicted upon human and elf alike.”

Christopher glared at him, it had been years since Rilien had not dared to anger him since he brought him here. When he spoke he gave a devilish smile “upon the morrow I will bring you all the pain that half bead soul can take but rest so your screams will be my music” he walked away as Rilien’s smile faded. A soft thump came as he collapsed into sleep as Christopher left him. Rilien dreams where confused and hazier with pain.

As sleep fell over Rilien, Aragon was lying in his bed with hands on the bed sheets as he started to lye back. He had the thought that his time with the name of Aragon was coming to an end for he had always wondered when Arandur would try to end his mortal identity he sighed before closing his eyes. No dreams came to him as he wondered what would happen to him soon, would it happen tonight he knew not as his mind wondered into slumber.

Below him, Christopher was performing surgery upon a corpse of a bead criminal. As he reached inside it a voice came to him “greetings Christopher” he looked up to see Odysseus was standing there watching. He smiled “Odysseus it’s good to see you, I guess that you have come to perform the task that Arandur.” Odysseus stood and showed him a dagger which had the hilt filled with a yellowish black substance “poison?” asked Christopher “for the death of Aragon I thought it would have involved blades which will tear apart his flesh” his hands seized around something inside of the corpse. “my orders where to make his death slow though way he spoke un to me was that not matter what he did to him he would live.”

A surprised yelp came from him then as he accidently removed the heart of the corpse, his eyes and hands where working upon putting the corpse's heart back inside it. His words where hurried as he told Odysseus “you shall gain a problem with entering his chambers for he locks the doors when he sleeps at night, for fear of assassination along with using a protective spell on the windows. I know that you have magic of your own but he also has powers of his own for I have seen his eyes turn red as the flames of the sun. To enter his chambers there is only one way for there is a secret passage way that leads in there, through a book case.”

With a smile he bowed to him “you have my gratitude, when we rule this world you shall be rewarded” Christopher nodded for he felt his eyes starting to close with tiredness.

Odysseus appeared inside the room, he was pleased that had been able to enter the room using his powers to appear there. His gaze fell upon the sleeping form of Aragon failing to notice that his eyes where slowly opening with a slight flame coloured glow. His words where cold as he said almost to himself “why does master, Arandur call you first by the name of Anaxis but it’s matter not for I shall still slay you” he pulled out a dagger, a single drop of poison fell from the tip of the dagger.

He lunged but as the dagger was about to pierce the flesh of his neck, he vanished. Aragon stood on the other side of the bed, “come mortal embrace your death” his voice was filled with rage and conjured images into his mind of war and of the fire consuming all around him. With eyes glowing of fire, Odysseus moved towards him dagger raised as he attacked him with fear in his heart.

The battle that ensued between them but Aragon struggled to overpower as it had been years since he had since he had used his godly powers. Odysseus sensing his moment of weakness for despite not being able to use his powers he had managed to hold him off with his physical combat skills. He plunged the dagger into his back making him scream in pain.

She had not slept at all but when she heard a scream coming from outside her chambers. With swift movement of the bed she stood dressed in her undergarments, Ignatia dashed out of her room. Charging towards her fathers chambers where the scream had came from.

Fearing the worst, she quickened her pace even more until she moved like the wind for Aragon was the only family she knew of or had.

Tragedy was in the air as she entered her father’s chambers to see her father lying on the bed, looking as cold as the dead. Ignatia eyes started to fell with tears as her voice shook with breed and fear “what have you done?” Odysseus turned to look at her.

He was surprised to see her for it had been many a year since he had been Fallean and no information of any heir. Arandur had not mention this to him or what he wanted to do with him.

Odysseus looked out of the window but when he spoke, it echoed with slight annoyance “a princess, I thought that Aragon never had children but still. I am an assassin and soon your father shall perish” he laughed before vanishing into thin air.

Ignatia fell to her knees as desperation consumed her. She bid not know what she do for she had never suspected that her father could be assassinated. Once she had seen him covered in blood as a bead assassin was lying on the ground at his feet, his body was shaking after slaying him. There had been other attempts to assassinate him but none of were successful.

When she was about to cry when a voice spoke to her “Ignatia do not shed tears over me... I am” he did not say anything more for he heard the door open. As Gregor walked in Ignatia dashed out of the room, tears falling down her face.

Moments passed as Ignatia had changed into her tunic. The door swung open as Gregor entered her chambers “be gone old man!” she yelled at him but he moved closer to her. His eyes were filled with concern for her. Gregor had been sleeping when he was awakened by the sound of a scream but when he arrived to see that Aragon looked like a corpse and Ignatia consumed by grief at his apparent death. He thought for a moment knowing that Aragon had tried to her there secret “Ignatia my... Queen, Aragon is not” she spun on her heel and snapped “he’d dead nothing you can say would change that. Now I have to take my role as queen of Fallean.”

Gregor though gave her smile “listen to me, Ignatia, I have known for many a year and you know as well as I do that your father is not bead though he is gravely ill. I have a suggestion for you if you will listen to my words of wisdom” Ignatia looked down as she embraced herself in her arms. Gregor took a deep breath before saying to her “I know that you have never had faith in the powers of the gods but they have always watched over you. To save your father there is only one way, the goddess Laraniel dwells in the land of what was those of the elves, her powers can heal him but there is one thing that we need to do first” he started to leave and gestured at her to follow him. For a moment she hesitated for she knew that Laraniel was the goddess of nature and healing but no one had seen or heard from her in years.

Ignatia knew though that her father would perish if she did not try something so with worry in her mind she followed Gregor out of her chambers.

There feet echoed loudly in the empty dungeon. Christopher was not around for he was in deep slumber as he dreamed of what he desired most in the world, power. Ignatia realised something, they were approaching the cell of Rilien. Gergor stopped and turned back to see the confusion on her face “what are we doing here?” “when you told an... I mean Aragon of this dark elf, he feared that this may happen so he gave me an order that is to set Rilien free.”

Gregor moved towards the door, Ignatia stepped forward but she saw his hand glow pale blue as it touched the lock. Gregor smiled as her gaze fell upon him, “praise my divine powers” she winded her eyes as she was unsure what he meant by divine powers.

The door swung open as they entered, the lock lay in a pubble of metal which glowed slightly blue as the magic started to fade from it. Rilien lay as if dead upon the floor though from the slight breath showed that Rilien was sleeping. Ignatia whispered to Gregor “who are you? What are you?”

Gregor smiled at her “I am the words wisdom, the verdict of man thieves, murders and the monsters of men and I am a very old man but apart from that you need not know for it worry you more” she decided it maybe wise for now to question him for she did not what his divine powers could do to humans. He knelt down to him “Ignatia help me carry him. I doubt he will wake himself” she compiled with his commands.

Rilien opened his eyes to the chambers of the king. He had been carried in silence up here so not awake his torturer. Confusion filled him for he had did not recognize where he was “where am I? For this no place for a dark elf victim of pain” he arose from the bench but he almost fell back on to the bench. His gaze focused upon Ignatia but he was unsure of what she was doing with him.

When he managed to stand with shaking breaths he asked her “what are you going to do with me?” she blinked, she thought he would be grateful for what she had done “you are free, dark elf from your pain now you under my command. We will return to your home land” Rilien fell to his knees as he watched his blood “no what you have you done?! My people believe that I am dead and there is something that I must tell you.” Ignatia seemed surprised by his words for he seemed to be afraid of returning to Elevnia

Gregor looked over Aragon, he wondered on wither or not he awaken on his own. He looked Rilien “why do you seem so afraid of your home land, if you have been imprisoned soon after the destruction of the black temple then you are skilled in combat as well as hiding secrets for I sense that you are hiding something from us.”

She looked upon his face to see that his eyes glimmer with some sort of fiery passion before it vanished to replaced with the pain that was in his wounds. Ignatia commanded him “you will accompany me to your homeland with no complaints from your mouth” he did not answer.

Rilien was unsure on what would happen to him if he even survived the journey for despite the fact that someone had healed his minor wounds. Gregor looked over at Ignatia saying to her “as the night still lies upon us you go to the port where a ship is waiting to carry you both to Elevnia. Until you return I shall rule in you steed” she bowed to him “my thanks to you, Gregor.”

They started to walk out of the room with Rilien looking ashamed as he followed. She did not notice the blood or the expressions pain that where upon his face as he moved. Ignatia knew that when she returned that she would be a fully grown woman and would take her place as queen of Fallean if her father still lived she would rule by his side. It would take them many a day to get to Elevnia and with minds wrapped in many a thought of loss and fear they left the chambers of Aragon.

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Default Chapter 14: The escape of darkness

Upon the sea and wrapped in night the island of Arandur and his order either slumbered or carried out their masters orders. They waited on news of the assassination of Aragon for they hoped that he would be bead, though they knew not of the plan to save his life.

Golden light dispelled as the wizard named Cyril appeared inside a rounded chamber. Once he had been a mage that served the army of Vailiania until he swore his life to the service to the god of light. He was entrusted with his knowledge of his plans for the future and the present of this world, the only knowledge that he did not share was that of the past. When his gaze focused upon a guard “how are things for our lord seems tense of late.”

Her name was Greta, she had been raised as a member of the brother hood of silver stars since she was a small child. When she spoke her voice was hard and strong while the man that sat behind was silent “since the last escape of one of them we have managed to keep the last of the gods imprisoned and kept him in eternal slumber for this time.”

For years Arandur had his fellow gods imprisoned until one by one they escaped for they had changed themselves for ever by tainting themselves with essence of many a different creature. They though had no idea where they were now but one still remained, Arandur had threatened them with death if the last of the imprisoned gods gained his freedom once more. Cyril smiled at her “that is good for I remember after the last time our lord told you that he would slay you if he escaped. I am glad that has not happened to you yet” she gave him a smile filled with daggers.

Across the sea, upon the sandy shore of the hidden cove stood Amisius and Laraniel. The black cloud had faded only to give them night which was cold upon her green skin. She looked into the eyes of Amisius for she could say something in them that she had not seen in many a year “what is it? Do you remember our imprisonment.”

He smiled slightly as he said to her “that I do though I have not heard word from the others in many year for we our all in hiding from the traitor god but there is one who needs to be free once more” Laraniel gasped and took a step away from him “you speak of, Morzan god of the death and darkness. We know not if he still lives for we both know that Arandur wishes him dead above all others.” Amisius turned to face the sea “we are all immortal and if he had perished we would have all felt it, I need him free” before she could ask him why he dived into the sea. Laraniel decided that she would wait for his return and hope that Amisius knew what he was doing.

Lightening stroke the ground of the island of Iseisandias for Amisius needed to use the lighting. He had placed a small portion of his own soul into this for he could not risk coming in person in case he was discovered. When he spoke he voice echoed “arise Morzan! Arise from your un waking state and take vengeance upon your captors” the lightening faded as the piece of Amisius’s soul returned back to his body.

Cyril had heard the voice speak his command, a cold icy chill had fallen over him. He was unsure of this for he knew it was impossible for Morzan to awaken, his powers where weak now from years of imprisonment. Greta looked to see his worried face before saying to him “you have no need to fear we have the most powerful” she did not finish for all the lights had gone out. For many years the prism of divinity which was the chamber that had held the gods had been broken before by the escapes of the others but Morzan had suffered more than they had so the common belief was that he would never have strength enough to do so.

Suddenly the other guards had there hands wrapped around there necks as if some unknown force was choking them to death. Greta bashed over to the small cell that held Morzan only for herself to feel the same thing that her fellow guards where suffering. Her gaze was fixed on the dark figure who seemed to be still asleep “how is this are...never” she perished as Morzan opened his eyes.

The cell door had swung open although it was locked, a dark figure bashed out of the cell as the guards life was perished along with a mage who had been sat behind the desk.

Cyril’s face was that of horror and shock. He had never witnessed anything like in his short existence for when the others escaped none of there order was killed in such a manner before, though Arandur had put more of his energy into keeping him imprisoned. As he emotions calmed, his mind showed before his shocked sight what he should to do.

Eyesight though had failed to tell him that Morzan had killed all save one of those stationed to guard him. Her skin was green and green light rose from her form. Once she had been one of the witches of the forbiaen valley until she was captured by there order. They twisted her mind to serve them for they had little grasp of dark magic.

Cyril looked upon and commanded her “move yourself witch, Emily you are under my command” she gave him a cruel smile appeared on her lips. Emily arose from her chair saying as she did so to him “with my powers and yours combined we should be able to stop him for his still weak but I can already sense his fury against us.”

He stood next her, he knew that he could not get far without aid so with there powers combined they could recapture him.

When they appeared, they had focused upon the life force of Morzan. Cyril smiled as he saw Morzan bash towards the sea, he commanded quietly to Emily “place a spell upon him so we can recapture him and with that we should have eternal slumber upon his soul once more” Emily compiled by drawing out her wand.

Green flames struck Morzan in the back causing him to fall to the ground to wrapped in them. A smile was on the lips for he knew that now he could captured without Arandur sensing his escape attempt. Cyril’s voice was filled with a deceptive joy as he told Morzan “you have failed to escape us, Morzan. I advise to surrender to us before we are forced to inflect injures upon your bead flesh.” Slowly Morzan arose as the green flames vanished from him.

He stood looking at water, feeling the sea breeze against his skin which made him smile for it had been many years since he had felt anything. Lightning struck the sea’s surface, a storm was concerted over this area of the island.

Morzan spoke with a voice that has not been used for many a time “I will not...let you place me back into that prison for my soul to be ravaged by your insane master” Cyril clicked his fingers sending small white stars towards him.

With another flash lighting Morzan had gone and the white stars vanished.

Cyril was consumed by worry for now Morzan had escaped them both “what a dark times are these or what is to come when we put are master plan into action. With the last of the gods Arandur had imprisoned has escaped us” he shuddered wondering how long it would take Arandur to find out what had happened here.

A crazed laugh escaped the mouth of Emily to hear the worry of Cyril. She gave him a smile filled with joy “the spell I placed on him will make him sleep and will allows us to find” she was suddenly silent. The air all round them was spilt as a scream echoed loudly across them, it was filled with rage.

They both fixed there eyes upon each others as fear grow inside of them as they heard Arandur’s voice say to them “what is this I feel in my soul?!, I command you to come me at once!” Cyril vanished in a column of light followed by Emily.

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Default Chapter 15: A shadowed god

All the creatures of night watched her as she ran through the trees no knowing where she was going and not caring. Tears flowed from her eyes for she did not understand why Naruon hated that much. No one had came after, guessing that Naruon would eventually come for her himself and rip out her heart.

She stopped unable to run further for her blood had turned to ice in her veins, her tears fell from her eyes in rivers. Her mind was filled with fear as she quietly spoke to herself “why does he despise me so much, we have never been present to each other but” her voice cracked as her sorrow and fear consumed her further.

Then she heard a yell coming from the sea as something was washed a shore. Kalian stopped crying, she had no idea what had come a shore. Was it some monster from the depths of the sea intending to feed on the flesh of a living thing, she knew not. Curiosity over whelmed her as she slowly walked towards the figure.

Her heart seemed to race with emotions that where strange to her. Relief filled her mind to see that it was no monster but a man of flesh and blood. For a moment she thought that he was dead until saw the slight movement of his breath. His body was dripping with water from the sea that had laid him upon the shore, Kalian looked down at him, at his pale skin.

“I cannot slay him for I know that would not be right and it will plague my conscious” she fell silent as she knelt down beside him. With nervous hands she grabbed hold of his arms and started to drag, noticing how light he was as she dragged him to cave, further inland. Leaving them as she dashed off to find anything that she could use to help this man.

Half an hour later she returned with a red candle in hand, sending a small aura of light around her. The caves entrance was shrouded by mist, hiding it’s existence from the world. She wondered if he had awakened but she could see that he had not.

Sitting on rock beside him she gazed upon him. Despite his appearance his scarily light when she brought him inside, for reasons unknown to her, eyesight of hers had not seen his face. A shiver came from her which was both from cold and the remains of fear that still coursed through her. Kalian spoke almost to herself “why do I care for you? A man from the sea who could be for all I know you could be a...demon but not understand” she paused afraid for what she was going to say would make her sound that she was desperate.

Many men lived on the island but they had not interest in the human girl that was known as the round ears and though they were all elves, she had never had a crush on any of them. Kalian blinked for her heart knew that she had a crush upon this man she had saved.

Her eyes started closing, exhaustion fell over Kalian. The candle in her hand was not giving any warmth to her as she fell into unsettled dreams while her rescued man slumbered further.

As the sun rose in the sky, the silence that followed the rising was broken by the appearance of a dark elf. Her gaze looked around the trees but they were shadowed with a night of travel. Her name was Tariel, the Naruon's personal body guard and member of the court. She knew all which had and that was happening in the realm and she had known Naruon from the day his born as she had been assigned to be his bodyguard by her mother. It had been true of her family to serve the royal family as bodyguards for her mother served Naruon's father, Morcion along with his mother, Naius and her late brother, Khan had served Naruon's brother before they were both killed. Tariel started to search the area for so far she had seen no sign of her target that she had been searching for.

Kalian awoke standing with worry passing over her as he had not awakened. “why do you not awaken from your state for I can see no signs of ill or hurt upon your form” she giggled slightly as the realisation that she was going to be in trouble for she was not allowed to stay out all night unless she was hunting or had permission from Lucia or Bellethiel. She had rarely seen her recently due to her training of becoming a druidess of the Laraniel and a master healer.

She looked around with hesitance to see if any creature was around for she bid not desire her man to be devoured or to be killed. As she ran out from the cave entrance she swore that she heard a whisper as if from a spirit “at last, the master of shadows and darkness is free!”

Before Kalian could run any further she was ambushed by the appearance of Tariel who’s gaze was fixed upon her. “where have you been all this time?! I have been searching for you as our king, Naruon wishes me to bring you the palace” Kalian was both afraid and surprised. He had never asked for her to come to the palace before but fear came over her as she remembered him wishing to tear her heart out of her chest.

Upon fearing this she snarled at Tariel “why should try those orders to what completion when the king that you serve so readily told me that my heart would be forfeit to him, I will fight you for that pleasure of not making his orders came to pass.”

Tariel laughed slightly at her words for she had taught Kalian how to fight unarmed combat but she had not the skill to defeat her.

Kalian lunged forward hoping that her fist would make contact with her opponents face. Tariel dodged her blow until she exchanged Kalian’s blow by reaching for neck and bushing her down. Swinging her legs under her to clip at back of Kalian’s legs, knocking her to the ground.

Her voice was slick as she said to Kalian “I recommend surrender before I am forced to break limbs but as measure to make that you will not evade me” leaves covered her skin. Tariel leaned down and hit Kalian between the eyes with a fist that glowed slightly with green light which caused Kalian to fall into slumber. Tariel straightened to her full height looking around, not noticing the cave that was hidden for she wondered where Kalian had been and she sensed powerful magic in the air as if some ancient power was stirring.

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Default Chapter 16: The foreign princess and a secret of Rilien

The royal palace of Elevnia was originally built in the city of Zienwal until the war with the human realms where the city was sacked and then destroyed by fire. Since then the remaining members of the army along with those who luckily to survive the sacking Zienwal where any living being of none human birth where brutally killed had abandoned the city giving it the new name of Elf’s bane. Since then the dark elves along with the wood elves had turned a small village into there new hidden capital city of Ravenscorft.

When kalian had awakened she decided that she would stand on the balcony that looked down into the throne of Naruon. Hoping that she staid out of the sight of the king who still meant her harm to her knowledge. Then her gaze was fixed upon movement below where she stood.

Naruon’s eyes glimmered with wonder and malice for he was in deep thought of what the words that had come to him. Early that morning he had been given a message from a being unknown with the royal crest of the royal family of Fallean upon it. It was a request to have an audience with him and after sending a reply that he would see her upon this day along with asking for the court to assemble for no human had come in such manner since the diplomat of Fallean under the orders of the mad king had come to declare war upon Naruon's father.

He turned his head to look upon Lucia “come and sit beside me” she blinked for that meant sitting on the throne that was reserved for the queen. Wondering why she stood from her chair to walk to the throne beside Naruon’s throne. As she past him, he whispered to her “listen, I need to spin a lie to foul the human and I do desire you to be at my side” she smiled as she sat down on throne.

It had taken a few months for her to arrive in which time she had become a fully grown woman. The journey had been upon a ship crewed by sailors who had been given her the respect of her title and position as crown heir to the throne of Fallean. Though her mind raced with wonder and confusion for she had believed like most of the world that the people of Elevnia where hidden or destroyed.

She had seen the new and thriving peoples of Elevnia. Upon seeing her many of them drew weapons towards her until she was brought to the palace by the guard to talk to the king.

Naruon stood from his throne, he was surprised to see that the human was no servant of the mad king or the king of Vailiania. When he spoke his words echoed with hatred towards the human “a human that stands as bold as any human soul of her kin. None of your kind know of my or my peoples continued existence so I will make you swear upon the soul which you demons have inside you to keep them my kinds existence secret from your human friends but now I shall demand the knowledge of what you have come here for?” Ignatia kept quite. His hatred of humans was clear to her though to her lessons of history taught by Gregor he had many a reason to hate humans but Gregor told her that the dark elf that stood before her was believed by all the humans to be bead.

Ignatia words came rushed and hurried “I have come across the sea from my home realm of Fallean” Tariel looked straight at her. Her eyes became frosty “your realm is that of our enemies past why should I not where you stand for the sins of your people against us” Ignatia continued with worry in her words for she had no weapons if they decided to attack her “I know that you have hatred for us but let me speak to you. My father is the current king of Fallean, Aragon the blood haired king. At the moment his is gravely ill with poison I have come to ask for your aid and that of Laraniel to save his life which if you do then we will give your kingdom back it’s glory of old and if not then I shall make Fallean declare war upon you and we will slaughter you all” a cold laugh came from Naruon.

The laugh did not reach his gaze as his wrath came from his heart “you dare threaten me when you plead for my subjects aid, if you desire your continued life then leave this realm never to return” he fell silent as the doors of the palace slammed open.

“It appears that your wrath that came from the war and my apparent death has inflamed your heart but still it is good to see you again my”

He had been left upon the ship that had brought them both of Elevnia but upon her living the ship to ago a shore the crew started to look murderously towards him. Rilien had many fights with members of crew for he had seen it’s duty to protect Ignatia from them who wished nothing but harm upon her beauty.

Wounds which he had received from his torture had become infected but with minor health potions he had been able to hide the black eyes and minor wounds from her, though a recent wound on his torso which had bleed the shirt he wore.

Sudden look of surprise fell over him to see Rilien and also that of Ignatia. Rilien was the twin brother of Naruon and only older than he by an hour, he had disappeared after the death of their father Morcion. Upon a ship bound for the coast of Fallean was where he had last seen him but only to hear the news of the ship that had held his brother had been claimed by the sea. Searching across the coast line they found only wreckage and the dead of the ship but no sign of his brother. Believing he was bead Naruon had taken his place as Ruler of Elevnia believing his brother bead.

Ignatia looked back at him “you did not tell me that you were a prince?” he smiled at her fixing his red eyes upon her “what would you have done to me if you had known of heritage that my blood carries. Decides I” as she turn to fix her eyes upon Naruon he pressed a hand on his torso, the wound was starting to bleed through to his leather breast plate.

For a moment silence until he spoke to her “my gratitude to you for bringing my the long awaited return of my brother who I believed to be bead. To show my gratitude I will spare your life but not only that I will send my spies to Fallean to see if what you say is true and I will decide what to do” as he finished speaking he noticed that was Rilien was doubled over with pain. All of the sudden all the pain of Rilien’s wounds and the infected state of it had taken its toll at long last upon him.

His legs fell from under him to a lie curled on the floor. Ignatia was terrified as she did not know that Rilien’s wounds had received where she believed to be healed for that is what he had told her. It would explain why he refused to remove his robes in her presence.

Under the belief that Ignatia had poisoned Rilien thus crippling him he raised his arms, red light started to glow around his fingers. Few remembered the fact that he had the gift of magic as he rarely used it “I may not be as skilled as my brother but I have power to slay thee” he hissed as he sent the light towards Ignatia as Lucia cried out his name. She feared the spell would slay himself instead of killing the human that stood before them.

She was taken off her feet to lie upon the stone floor. The heart inside her chest stopped beating for a moment as the red light sank into her chest to kill her, permanently.

Gasping Naruon staged back with Lucia grabbing hold of his robes to stop him from falling back. He looked upon a gingered hair elf but before he could say anything to her, she arose from her chair to walk over to Rilien a thought full look upon her face. The name that she had given was that of Alya. She was one of the few to escape the tower of eclipse where she had been healing many of the wounded warriors of her army. A scar on her eye came from a mage which had shoot a fire battle at her eye though she had managed to save the sight in her eye but had not removed the scar.

Alya examined both Rilien and Ignatia before saying to Naruon “your brother is not bead nor is the human you were so eager to kill. Rilien is though gravely wounded I will need to heal him immediately to save his life and the human is only paralysed. What do you want to do with her?” Naruon blinked recovering his strength before giving her answer “I will keep her alive until my spies return then I will kill her but Alya save my brother.” she bowed to him “as you wish my king.”

To lie upon a bed with heart beat slowly coming to her form was not what Ignatia expected for she thought that her life was over. She was glad that she was not bead but she could not move any part of body apart from her eyes which looked around at the room which was in. Her mind raced with the knowledge that Rilien was a prince and she wanted for reasons unknown what she wanted most was to speak to he.

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Default Chapter 17: A night of secrets

When Ignatia realised that she was now able to move her body again, the sun had set. She knew that the door was locked meaning that any plans of escape where thin especially when she had no weapons of her own with her and had no idea what the guards who had taken them from her had done with them. Someone had come in and changed while she had been unable to move into a night gown so that she can rest if he so desired to.

Ignatia sat still as she heard the sound of movement from outside. Fearing that it was the king come to kill her, she braced herself for combat as the door slowly swung open. Her gaze softened to see Kalian walk into the room, “who are you? You do not seem of elven blood” Kalian did not answer. She had been watching her since she arrived in the palace and curiosity had taken hold over her since she had not seen a human in her life or at least not as far as she could remember.

She answered her with some worry in her voice “my name is...Kalian and I am human as I am always teased by people for. You are the first human I have ever seen in my life lady...” Ignatia stood from her bed and walked over to her “my name is Ignatia, it is a pleasure to meet you. Forgive me for asking but haven't we meet before... I swear that I have seen you before this and if there is no humans on this land how come you were born human?”

For a moment there was silence as the two looked at each other noticing that they shared the exact same eye colour. Kalian answered her looking confused for she was unsure what she would think of her “I am unsure, I have been raised by Lucia, the kings lover. I owe her everything for raising me but I have wondered the same thing myself for years. I will have to take my leave of you for I have own business but I shall leave the key in the door for you. If you have any intentions of escape then I would advise against it for are men are highly trained” she walked out of the room, leaving her alone.

Slowly Ignatia followed her towards the door. A hope she had wished to speak with Rilien as she wanted to know why he did not tell her who he was.

Meanwhile as Ignatia and Kalian spoke, Naruon stood worried in the chambers of Tariel. He had a plan to propose marriage to Lucia and he wanted to impress her so he had decided to ask Tariel for her advice. “you wish to impress her with your poetry? We both know that your poetry is as good as the blade of a sword being used to break marble” he glared at her back. She was training her body on a training dummy “I know that but I worry that she will laugh at my singing.”

Tariel giggled slightly. Though Naruon had been always been shy about the fact that he could sing due to his mother discovering her son singing in his chambers and thus she trained him to perfect his singing ability. Tariel spun to look at her seeing how tense his body was “you will not charm her with you acting tense my king, come lie down and I will give something that will make you relax, come” he obeyed her command.

He cautiously removed his robes before lying upon a table with only a white strode to wear. Naruon felt her hands run across his back, it was soothing to him. She talked to him as she worked “listen to me you will be fine my king. I have not seen you this afraid of anyone since you asked me on my date when you were barely called a man” Naruon chuckled “yes...and to think that I ended up lying on the surface of the lake after you accidently pushed me in.” she laughed as she rubbed the old the scar that he had been given by the mad king. Though it was well concealed by his white skin but when splatter by redness of the skin or any other colour it maybe seen as a long spiked curve which snaked his way across his right side until it ended just before his hip. She removed her hands allowing Naruon to stand and move to redress in his robes.

As she averted her gaze she reflected upon her memories she had of her long past which she had always been in the inner circle of the affairs of the realm. Though the loss of her brother had always weighed heavily on her mind being that he had been one of the few bodies they had found in the search of the ship that had been distended to travel to Fallean but never made it there.

When Naruon finished getting dressed he smiled at his body guard. She returned his smile for she could tell that she had managed to calm the mind of her king. “I see that you are cleared your mind and are relaxed but you should not worry yourself though you have had a most auspicious day my king” he gave her a nod as answer. He had told Tariel many a time and commanded at her times to call him by his first name as she bid before he became the king.

Naruon started to walk out of the room but paused as Tariel spoke quietly to him “if you want my opinion, Lucia will make a strong queen for our people along with that of our original race which we were born to of which her sister is still one of the wood elves. I will serve her and any children you may have together” he looked over his shoulder with small smile “I am glad of that my friend” he walked out of the room, leaving Tariel on her own in her chambers.

Ignatia moved as silently as she could as she entered into the chambers next to hers that was reserved the royal healer. Her fear was that even at this hour that the healer would be awake still which to her fear, she was awake. When she spoke, there was no anger in words but rather surprise “though I maybe of elven blood but my sight serves me well to see that you have come to see old Alya. What brings you to us” she stopped looking upon the slumbering form of Rilien.

From his appearance he seemed to be fully healed and now she could see how once his warrior physic would have made him imposing to behold but years of torture had stripped of that along with little to no food to eat. He had told her many things about his imprisonment on there journey to Elevnia some of which made he skin crawl and filled her mind with intense horrifying images.

Taking a breath to calm her voice for if she spoke she knew it would come shaky “I have come to see if Rilien is fine for I am concerned for his health after what has happened during his imprisonment in Fallean and we have been travelling along side each other for several months” before she could finished she was silenced by a strange sound coming from Alya. With embarrassment she noticed that the elf was giggling at her making Ignatia checks turn red with her own embarrassment.

She covered her mouth with a hand trying to hide her amusement at Ignatia’s reaction. Alya looked at her “do not think that I am being of mean spirit towards you for I am not. He spoke of you, told me who you were, my lady Ignatia” noticing that she looked worried she continued to say to Ignatia “do not fear yourself my lady I have not told another soul but your words of that you told the king did not point you as his only heir for once Aragon had a child but died during birth along with the mother. He may have forgotten that fact but soon he will now of your true identity. I see how you blush so, does your heart grow faint with love at the sight of Rilien” Ignatia looked away before saying in a whisper “you see much Alya for Rilien is handsome like all the elves that I have had seen which are gifted with beauty.”

Alya managed stop giggling but a smile was still on her lips. She had known for years of the romance that had existed between Naruon and Lucia by just how the two looked and the tone that they spoke to each other in. “Rilien is more highly skilled in magic than his brother Naruon and he would have ruled the realm if not for his mission to travel to Fallean. If it pleases you I think that I think he has some feelings towards you as the crew of the ship that brought you here wished to do horrible things upon you. He fought them every day and night to stop them from doing such things hiding his wounds from you by using small amounts of health potions to hide them for the most part from your attention but he jumped of the ship when all the crew turned him with spears and knifes thus following you here” Ignatia fell silent her mind filled with more sympathy and now respect for Rilien.

As Ignatia was about to leave, deciding that she would stay at least for now but she stopped as she remembered something that she needed to tell Naruon. Looking back at Alya she quickly spoke to her “please tell the king that in an abandoned village near the long unused port has werewolves dwelling there. I have no idea of why they are here but they did attack Rilien” she bashed off not seeing Alya checking the sleeping Rilien for she swore that his eyes had opened but they now tightly closed.

They had heard rumours of these fowl creatures upon there lands but the court was yet to muster a force to hunt the werewolves down. If they were starting to attack there people then soon they would have to deal with them before they slew anyone. Alya sat still for a moment, how could she have known that for unless she knew he had followed her. Wondering if Ignatia had any magical abilities of her own or if she had witnessed this herself.

With Ignatia back in her chambers and Alya still watching over Rilien. Naruon was shaking before the woman he loved who sat behind him looking surprised by his recent actions towards her. She smiled at him “I have not seen you being this close romantic towards me in this manner. What are you planning my king?” he did not answer sitting with his hands tightly folded over a small black box in his lap. He had taken great expense to make sure that no one knew that he had this in his person.

Very slowly he placed the box on the table before them both. He took a beep breath to see the look of surprise and excitement at it’s appearance on the table. It was washed over with candle light from the two candles before them. When he spoke he layered his voice with charm and pleasantness “Lucia my dear dark flower, we have been together for many a year and... I love you and...” he fell silent as nerves consumed him again. Lucia smiled at him wondering if he could blush or if she could tell with his pale white skin.

She held the box and started to open it when Naruon quickly said “will you take my hand in marriage to become my queen?” her eyes lit up with delight as she saw the boxes contents. Her smile grew on her face with all the feelings of love, happiness and surprise for she did not think that he was about to do this in such for a manner. Lucia had expected him to propose to her in plate armour and without any romantic motions but her she was pleased with his efforts at least for the moment.

The ring was placed white silk, padded with pale blue which was almost white velvet. It was made out of pure gold band with glowing crystal which was the colour of moonlight. Hands shaking she slipped it on her ring finger while saying “’s beautiful” tears started to form in her eyes.

A smile was now shared on both there lips though Naruon felt more nervous than filled with happiness that Lucia had. Suddenly she flung her arms around him making him blush as she whispered into his ear “I will marry you Naruon” he kissed on the neck with relief for he had thought she refused him but he was glad that she had accepted.

Later he awoke from his bed with little memory of what happened though he remembered dancing which he was not good at. His blurry eyes focused on a something that was on the table decide him. A smile was on his lips for he noticed that it was a vase of crimson roses which was both his favourite colour but his favourite flower.

The small card attached it was addressed to him by Lucia’s elegant hand writing. It read: To Naruon, since we meet as a small children we have been connected by fate but though we may have not seen eye to eye in the past. I am glad that we are together in our love for each other, I am happy to be called your bride. Yours always my king, Lucia xxxx.

Naruon cast of the bed coverings placing his feet upon the cold wooden floor walking from his bed to the window.

Through the stained glass window he could look down upon the grounds of his. He suddenly noticed movement on the ground below his window, from the clothes it wore and the blonde hair he knew it was Kalian. Then a voice spoke came from behind him saying to him “I see that you have noticed of our human friend night time quests” Naruon did not turn to face her watching Kalian leaving his palace.

His mind was thinking of treachery from Kalian’s actions for unless she was hunting, Lucia would not let her leave her place of living unless she knew of it. Many a night though he did not know of any life outside his chambers at night as slumber usually came to him quickly but Tariel spent most of night looking for anything wishing to kill her king.

With his mind filled with suspension of Kalian’s night adventure to somewhere unknown and for unknown motives. He looked over his shoulder at his bodyguard “I have task for you, Tariel as this is of most import. Follow kalian to where she is destined to go and discover what she is up to. Do not tell anyone else of your mission for my bride will be enraged with me if she knew what we were up to” a slight smile was on Tariel’s lips.

She was pleased that he had been able to have Lucia as a bride for him though she had once had the idea of herself in the role of the queen by his side. He could not betray her for she knew more of the in working of the kingdom than another member of his court. Tariel gave him a small bow “yes my king though I must as if she meeting someone what shall I do to any accomplices?” Naruon faced the window once more knowing that Kalian would have left by now. He spoke with hiss his answer “I desire you bring me any of them alive and harmed if it is needed to do so. Make sure that you present them to me when no one else is around for I guess that may cause problems with our human friend. They will be sent to the tower of eclipse.”

After the war and the destruction of the black temple, the tower had been abandoned by the mages who had once called it home. Now it was dungeon designed for the most powerful creatures and magic users to be held in. Torture was common to many of prisoners that dwelled there and the mages that lived there now used there powers to inflict pain on the prisoners. No one had ever escaped there since it became a dungeon.

Tariel straightened saying to Naruon “as you will and it shall be done Naruon” she then vanished, with her intentions and mind set upon her orders from Naruon. He stood there for a moment before slipping back into bed with the sent of the roses sending into pleasant dreams.

"I know, and it breaks my heart to do it, but we must remain vigilant. If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!" - knight commander Meredith (dragon age 2)

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