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Default The Madness Legacy Challenge
Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops

-Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace

It all seemed so simple:make a pact with the nice demon, get everything you ever dreamed of. Sure, "and your bloodline shall forevermore be tainted with madness" thing didn't sound good, but hey, you're clever. You'll find a find a way out before your kids are born.

Spoiler alert: no you won't.


In recompense for your unimaginable success, each member of your bloodline (identified by one or more distinctive physical characteristic(s)) must be cursed with madness (two of their traits are determined via dice roll). There are two potential win conditions, and you must pick one to strive for prior to the creation of your founder.

Win Condition 1
Your goal is to dilute your Sim's gene pool enough that your founder's bloodline dies out. The challenge ends when two generations pass without ANY of the "bloodline trait" showing up in any of your offspring.

Win Condition 2
Your goal is to revel in the madness you have wrought. The challenge ends when your bloodline trait vanishes.


*You may use mods and custom content, unless they blatantly violate the spirit of the challenge.
*You may use premium content, even if blatantly violates the spirit of the challenge. (You paid for it, who am I to tell you no?)
*After creating your founder, you may not enter CAS, except to change a Sim's outfits/hairstyle/etc.
* If one of your bloodline traits is a particular hair color, you may not "dye" a Sim's hair to make them a member of the bloodline.
*You may not "seed" a neighborhood with Sims with one or more of your bloodline traits.
*Tinker with lifespan sliders at will, but you may not disable aging OR story progression.
*You may use ambrosia and life fruits to extend a given Sim's life, but a Sim may only live to 1.5x the average age for your Sims. If average age is 80, they may only live to 120. A good rule of thumb is that you may reset adulthood or young adulthood twice, assuming you maintain the proportions of each age category. You may use a Young Again potion once per Sim, and you may not use a Freeze Age potion.
*Non-heirs of the bloodline may continue to live in the ancestral home and may have children.
*There are no restrictions on legitimately-earned reward items, such as the Food Replicator, Collection Helper, or Teleportation Pad.

Generation One
*Consists of your founder and their spouse.
*Create a founder (gender doesn't matter) with one or more distinctive physical trait or traits (purple hair, yellow eyes, blue skin and white eyes, etc.)-this is their bloodline trait, how you determine which children are of the bloodline (and must roll for their traits) and which are not (and are therefore free to have whatever traits you want). You're free to choose whatever traits and LTW you want. If you've got the appropriate expansion packs installed, feel free to make them non-human. If you wish, their "condition" may serve as their bloodline trait, or it can just be the gravy on this insanity cake.
*Move your founder into any lot of your choosing. You'll probably want a larger home to house to accommodate all the children you'll need to have to ensure your bloodline is passed on. You'll be using motherlode to generate money within the first generation, so go nuts! Build whatever type of house you want, but tailor it to your founder's likes (the demon promised you everything you've ever dreamed of-so of course you're adding a second specialty kitchen devoted to the art and science of making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich). This is your bloodline's ancestral home, and will be your base of operations for the duration of the challenge. You may use a pre-made house if you don't want to build your own.
*Your founder must achieve their LTW.
*Your founder must marry and have at least one biological heir (child with the bloodline trait[s]).
*You may not use testingcheatsenabled to fill motives or keep them in stasis, but you may use it to achieve the founder's LTW (but not their spouse's). This may result in your Founder being fired from their dream job (if their LTW is reach a certain level in a career track) for being grossly underqualified (and therefore unable to perform well). Oh that wily demon, twisting the terms of your agreement!
*Your founder's spouse should achieve their LTW, but it's not required.

Successive Generations
*You may not use any cheats, unless necessary to reset a Sim or otherwise combat glitches.
*For the purposes of this challenge, there are two types of children: bloodline, and non-bloodline. Bloodline children have the bloodline traits (chosen at the start of the challenge), non-bloodline children lack the bloodline traits, and must be moved out as soon as they reach young adulthood.
* Bloodline children must have the Insane OR Evil traits. The remaining two traits are free choice.
*If you chose multiple features as your bloodline traits, a sim must have ALL the bloodline traits to be of the bloodline. For example, if Kelly Founder has pink hair and red eyes, her heir must have BOTH pink hair AND red eyes-if it's just one or the other, no dice.
*Intermarriage is encouraged (especially if you're going for the second win condition). For this reason, it's helpful to have lots of kids, even if you only have a few actually of the bloodline. It's handy to have Sims in the neighborhood with green skin (blue hair, yellow eyes, w/e), if it starts to look like your blood line is in danger of fading away!
*You may use cheats or mods to enable incest, but if you marry a Sim to a member of their immediate family (sibling or parent), you must roll twice for each of their children and determine four of their traits randomly, with the 5th being either Insane or Evil, and you may not marry within the immediate family again for two generations.
*You must choose the heir from among the child(ren) with the bloodline traits.
*You may kill off as many Sims as necessary to make room in your ancestral home for your heir's spouse and children. If you chose to kill a Sim, you must keep their remains on the lot (your bloodline is tormented by the specters of its past!). If a Sim dies due to circumstances beyond your control (old age, electrocution, meteor falling on their head, etc.) you may move their remains off the lot.
*Heirs should strive for their LTW, but it's not required that they achieve it.

Traits for Sims of the Bloodline

1. Never Nude & Dislikes Children. This Sim has a crippling fear of intimacy and sex. Despite being of the Bloodline, they may not be an heir, have children, or enter into romantic relationships.

2. Neurotic & Hates the Outdoors. This Sim is plagued by anxiety and fear, to the point where they are afraid to leave their ancestral home. They may not leave the lot for any reason (children and teens may leave for school), including to hold a job (they may have a profession that allows them to work from home).

3. Childish & Absent Minded. This Sim is simple-minded, and has the mind of a young child. They may not attend university or pursue a full time job (part time is fine). If they have a child, they will be a poor parent-they can play with their child, but cannot care for it (i.e., may not change diapers, toilet train, give bottle, etc.). Their LTW should be something that would appeal to a child-I'll leave it up to your discretion exactly what that means (remember: they cannot work full time, even if their fondest wish is to become an astronaut).

4. Clumsy & Light Sleeper. This Sim is frail and sickly. They cannot learn the fitness skill or enter the Military, Law Enforcement, Evil, or Athletic careers, and cannot do anything that would put them in physical danger (fight fires, explore catacombs, ride a horse, bike, or motorcycle, etc.). Again, I'll leave the exact constraints of this limitation up to you.

5. Loner & Mean Spirited. This Sim is extremely distrustful of outsiders. They may only befriend and marry family members and should limit their contact with outsiders, unless they are using "mean" interactions. They may not enter the Political Career, write novels, or sell paintings/inventions/etc. ("these are precious family treasures! I wouldn't trust one of them with it!").

6. Can't Stand Art & Technophobe. This Sim is an uncultured Luddite. As soon as they reach Young Adult, you must remove all decorations and electronics from the lot (you may store them in a Sim's Inventory or in the Family Inventory, rather than selling them), and these items cannot be restored until after their death. In addition, they cannot enter the Science career, or join any "artistic" profession (Stylist, Architect, Singer, Acrobat, etc.).

7. Inappropriate & Kleptomaniac. This Sim has no sense of propriety. They strive to make others feel uncomfortable and upset the established order. Whenever they spend time on a community lot or in another Sim's home, they MUST steal something. You must allow them at least 3 hours of autonomous behavior on a Community Lot per week.

8. Snob & No Sense of Humor. This Sim is uptight and takes their bloodline very seriously. If possible, they must marry a relative. If no relative is available, they may not marry or have children. They may not get a part time job or enter the Military, Culinary, Law Enforcement careers, or clean the house, as they consider such tasks beneath them.

9. Coward & Loser. This Sim is timid and weak. They cannot learn the fitness skill. They cannot leave their ancestral home at night, unless accompanied by a Brave Sim. They're drawn to people stronger, and braver than they are-their spouse must be in the Military, Athletic, or Law Enforcement career, and must marry within 10 days of aging into Young Adulthood.

10. Slob & Unlucky. This Sim is lazy and accident-prone. As soon as they age into Young Adulthood, you must fire your maid (if you have one), and cannot rehire one until after their death. You may not hire a repairman or replace any objects they break. They cannot cook, clean or repair broken items, and may not bathe or shower until their hygiene need is completely depleted and they have the "Smelly" moodlet.


11. Pyromaniac & Hot Headed, aka "Blood of the Dragon." If one of your bloodline Sims has a child with an NPC firefighter, you do not have to roll for traits (though the Sim must have be Hot Headed). In addition, you may flip a coin to determine whether they will be "immune" to the family's madness. If the coin comes up heads, you do NOT have to give them the Insane OR Evil traits. If it's tails, they're subject to the same wickedness/madness as the rest of their clan.
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As I've gotten a few generations into my own game, I have additional rules/points of clarification.

Rules Addendum
*With the exception of your founder, no member of the bloodline has to marry, unless explicitly stated as part of their unique trait set. If a Sim must marry, and fails to do so, they must be removed from the game (your choice to kill them or kick them out).
*Your founders and heirs may have affairs, and heirs and bloodline members may be the product of said affairs (for this reason, the challenge may be easier if your founder/heirs are female).
*Even if your Sim is only permitted to marry relatives, they may have children with non-relatives.

EDIT: I made this whole challenge to be as variable and base-game friendly as possible, because I don't have any EP's. If you want to write up additional trait sets using traits from EP's, or want to modify the rules of the challenge for your own game, be my guest. The rules are intended as guidelines.
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