Rey Mysterio

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Uploaded 24th Mar 2006 at 10:39 AM · Updated 6th Jul 2006 at 12:17 PM by Hardy boyz

Hello again.

I was working on these yesterday, after a request. Well and also because I like this wrestler

He's the shortes and lightest wrestler in the WWE (at least what I know). He's just round 1.65 m long (5f 6) and weighing 70 kg (165 pounds). And his name is Rey Mysterio!

I didn't know if you want him with or without the mask, but on his homepage every photo of him without the mask is blured (his face). But I took two pictures of him without the mask. He's *so* cute

And now about the paintings. I'm not sure for whitch game these will work. Because I have all three. But I think that the big one, I named it Mysterio, needs OFB. The other ones... I think they'll work fine with the orginal.

All right:

Scull & Blue: You'll find under "A Stroke" by Alfred D'simvo

Red Eye: I did a little mistake on this one, it was suposed to go under "A Stroke"... But I klicked on the wrong picture, so you'll find this under "C Stroke" By Alfred D'Simvo :sorry:

Purple and Green & Entrence: You'll find it under The Lady on Red

White: You'll find it under Reprint Serial

Mysterio: You'll find it under Grilled cheese

Red, Hood & Shirt: You'll find under Olive Peynters City SkyScrape. These three is not this bright in the colour from my pictures, it's because the frame has a glass on it... hope you understand

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