Rasha-half-elven/half-mermaid sim

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Uploaded 31st Mar 2006 at 5:02 AM

Hi all! it's been a while since my last upload so here she is! This is Rasha, and let me tell you her story.

She was born from a mermaid and an elf, she wasn't allowed with her mother since she was royalty, and mermaids and elves had been in several wars in the past, so she was raised in Lakeshore Village Astoria with the fishermen elves, eventually, her father dies and she has to take up on thieving, gicen the magical affinities of elves and mermaids, she can control the wind, making her faster and any enemy she faced slower, or a few miles away.

She then finds out her true destiny, the will of the sirens, powerful female spellcasters with beautiful fans as her weapons, her first weapon "The Jack of All Trades" is a fan made of cards reminding her of those days she worked in the local casino when she grew up. and her final weapon, the "Sirenia Fan" is made of mermaid gold and elven cloth, showing her heritage, and that she is the best of both worlds.

NOW for the custom content:
The Rasha you see in the pics uses Enayla's skintone(non packaged since it's a default skintone here (link to non-defaults))
Hair from XMSims
And dress by Sussi

NOW what you get:
Maxis hair and outfit.
Skintone by Oepu
Eyes, makeup and eyebrows by helaene
Eye makeup by Rose
and something that I forgot she was using! Elf ears by kitiara

I think this is all so please enjoy her!