Hirashi, First Sim Uploaded

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Uploaded 26th Jan 2006 at 4:12 AM · Updated 1st Apr 2006 at 2:03 PM by angel f

Hi folks! If you've been keeping track of "The next big Geisha" contest, you should have seen that in on my last pictures there's a girl in a green dress. well, that's Hirashi, and I've been planning to upload her a while ago, but I only did until recently.

Now onto the custom content:

Hair *NEED MESH* is DJ_Mur3's Jeanette for all ages here
Eyes, Blush & Lipstick by Helaene
Eyemakeup by Rose at Rose Sims2
Dress is a simple recolour of MimeWhite's Aerith dress here (not sure if you need the mesh) (ATTENTION: I take no credit for the texture, the dress just screamed Hirashi, except that it was pink, so I made a simple recolor to make it green, credit for the texture goes to MimeWhite)
and the skintone is oepu's gotten here

I'll also show you my newest "batch" of simmies(only bodyshop pics for now, sorry!), from left to right is girl Sammy(there's a boy Sam in the making) Hirashi with different makeup and outfit by navetsea(not for upload, though, the canon Hirashi is this one), and Cyrus.