*UPDATED* Base Game & EP Floor Loom w/ Anims, Skill,and $$

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2006 at 2:19 AM
Updated: 4th Dec 2008 at 2:24 PM by -Maylin-
***UPDATE*** There is now a Base Game Only and a seperate EP's version that pay your sim $1000 per skill point earned on them. I wish I could've made it pay by the hour, but that is currently beyond my ability. I tweaked the animations to play the ones that I felt looked better than the standard, and improved my shadows and textures a bit. The light and dark wood versions of the Base versions have different GUIDS for numerous technical reasons. The base versions cost $1200 and have 1734 vertices and 1198 faces. The Base Game version is "cokenasmilebaselooma.rar". The base game only version doesn't work with EP's. The new version for EP's is "cokenasmileloomsEP.rar" and costs $1900. These two new versions have different file names and GUID's so they will NOT overwrite anything.*** ***NOTICE: It has been confirmed that the EP versions do not work if you have university only. I have added cokenasmileUNIloom.rar which has a version that does not pay out but is compatible with University for those that have only that expansion pack. It has unique GUID's and filenames so it will not overwrite anything and comes in both light and dark wood.***

The Similock Floor Loom will increase a Sim’s creativity and may be used by children through elders. This Floor Loom comes with a boat shuttle and bobbin and is pre-warped to save you time and frustration! Comes in light and dark wood color sets, PLUS a Simstones rock recolor of the EP version that pays-out.

I made this from the Maxis piano and it borrows the animations from there. The EP versions work with any and all of the EP's but they need at least one because the coding changed from the base game.

Original upload only "cokenasmilefloorlooms.rar":Contrary to the Sewing Station, A Sim with *medium to high* creativity looks best in the animations because they reach left and right as you would to weave. (I tweaked the anims to be those of higher skills in the base game version and for the newer EP version so they look better no matter the skill level.) This will appear under Living Room and Misc and under Hobbies. It costs $1875.

I changed the pie menu for this item to allow your Sim to “Weave”. I also disabled the piano music so you won’t hear that during the animations.  I was NOT able to take out the pie menu option of “Perform/Jazz/Rock/Country”, but if you choose them, they fade away (your Sim would rather weave anyway). So, the loom does not play music, but any piano’s you have will still be just fine and play as normal. Please let me know if you find otherwise.

Maxis piano had: 3210 faces and 4220 vertices
Floor Loom has: 1278 faces and 1858 vertices
Pay Loom has: 1234 faces and 1768 vertices

For tutorials that helped me go from 0 to this in a couple days, BigThanks to:
Echo: Programmer’s guide to BHAV’s tutorial and Making your first custom BHAV tutorial

Programs used in the making of this: SimPE CEP MilkShape 3D
UVMapper Classic
Adobe Photoshop CS2
And Plug-ins by :
wes_h http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=122399 UniMesh plug-in
demon432 http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=139859

***DO NOT upload to any paysite or anything like a paysite. My work is to stay on MTS2. Period. DO NOT recolor or clone without my permission. I worked hard on this and would want any recolors or inclusions in other items to be by my permission and with credit and a link here for the mesh.***

~ cokenasmile