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Simrock Bowling

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2006 at 4:30 AM
Updated: 10th Sep 2006 at 12:08 PM
Welcome to Simrock Bowling!!! It is fully fitted with one state of the art bowling alley made of pure granite rock, granite pins included. You may bring along your own bowling ball, but we do offer an assortment of melons to help you make that perfect strike! Enjoy!

Included in the package are only the custom items that I made, you can download the rest from the main Simrock thread here.

The package includes the following:

Simrock bowling stone - This is actually a recolour of the Simrock welcome stone. Well recolour is much said, I only changed the text on it to go with the theme.

Bowling balls rack I altered the Maxis bowling balls rack mesh a little and recolourd it in the official beautiful stone colour.
2240 faces / 2443 vertices

Stone slab This is a new mesh, was cloned from the big gorilla in OFB, it will look great on your sims' houses or on their lawn. Not too big, can be attached to another slab to cover a large house.
38 faces / 76 vertices

Bowling lane This is cloned from the original Maxis bowling lane. I changed nothing except the colour, but I had to clone it in order to recolour all the parts as there wasn't a recolouring option for the floor boarding. Now, your sims can play bowling in a natural way, directly on the ground.

T-rex nest For some reason this felt like a natural decoration for your sim's lawn: a dinosaurus egg!!! It was cloned from the big gorilla in OFB.
2760 faces / unknown vertices

stone boulders for flowerbed lining oh, well, if your prehistoric sims need to line their flowerbeds, now they cand do it with real stones!
2016 faces / 1414 vertices


Mod Squad Team for the stone texture and the great Simrock items

The rocks, hosta and red flower plant is from www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf
The Eponymous plants are from www.parsimonious.org
Windowsills are by Bienchen83 at MTS.

Software used

Wings 3D
UV Mapper classic and Professional Demo
Paint Shop Pro SimPE