Besen's mesh recolour to fit the Shiroi Yu~ki's Outfit

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Uploaded 1st Sep 2006 at 11:02 PM · Updated 31st Aug 2008 at 10:27 PM by Voltin_jr

Hi !

Here is a recolour of besen's hat mesh.
It's just a hat with a simple black decoration.
Perfect for Shiroi Yu~ki (for sure, I made it for him... ),
but nice for London After Midnight Sims too !


Here are the links to the other elements of the Shiroi Yu~ki set :

---> His outfit
---> His hair
---> His make-up
---> His eyes


Credits for the model :

Eyes and skin are by ewall.

Enjoy !

Accessory Type: Hats
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Tags: #black, #ega, #elegant, #gothic, #aristocrat, #hat, #yu~ki, #yuki, #shiroi, #malice, #mizer