Nessa, The Dancer

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Uploaded 8th Sep 2006 at 5:45 AM · Updated 16th May 2007 at 1:52 PM by jmtmom

This is Nessa, the dancer, wife of Tulkas. I think she is the prettiest sim I’ve ever made.

I know that without custom content from talented people, I couldn’t make anything at all and would have lost interest long ago. Thanks again to all of you

Custom Content included

Barcelonista: Eye liner
Great eyes, brows, skintones, you name it!

Enayla: Eyes (Mint)
She’s back! And better than ever!

Helaene: realistic brows 2-3
Our sims would all be so dull without her creations.

Sumersong86: Skintone (Med630alo)
I really like the glowing texture of her skins

Sanatory: Head ornament (costume makeup)
She has some very nice head ornaments for elves.

Hair (Garden) by Sshodan
One of the best hair meshers around.

I’ve uploaded her in a different dress (a recolor of mine) I wasn’t able to contact the creator to include the dress by Eowyn1 in the in game pictures, Get it here :

You’ll need the following meshes:

For the Dress (Medieval Purple Tapestry Gown by Enbilith The Fair)

For the hair, Garden by Sshodan:

For the elf ears:
Go to reply #11 by FalseZen, Fairy/Fae/Faerie/Pixie/Elf section, Sim Cribbing Elf Ears
Once unzipped, all you need to install is the mesh, unless you want the rest.

My Policy:
I've decided everything that I've made can be boiled, fried, folded, spindled mutilated...Whatever! My only stipulation is that everything stays 100% FREE. Beyond that, a little nod for credit is nice, but I'm not going to get worked up over it if you don't.

This works fine for my neighborhoods. It's a lot more complicated with my sims though. They are full of other people's work and there is a wide variety of terms of use among them. So you shouldn't repost them as is. If you want to take the sim face and slap different skin, hair, eyes, clothes on it... fine, have at it.

**Don't interpret this to mean you have the right to use the custom content I used without credit to the original creator though.**

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