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XMSims Retexture + Alpha Edit

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Uploaded: 15th Dec 2006 at 8:46 AM
Brought to you by -and with permission from- the wonderful Flora from XMSims!

First off: These retextured, and alpha-edited hairs actually use the same hair texture as I recoloured *here*, so all credit for the original texture goes to Flora-- I just recoloured it and placed it on this mesh as well.

Second: I've provided two sets of this particular hair-- one is with the fringe and without the crown and other is without the fringe and without the crown. Each rar and package file is clearly labelled so there should be no confusion

Third: These are all colour binned, so black will be found in the black, brown will be found in brown, etc etc.

Fourth: There are only the four colours you see here -

This hair is available for all ages, and elders turn grey.

You need *the mesh*

Mascara by Barcelonista
Blush by shadaron1
Moles by me
Eyes by tyler2009
Clothes by Poison Pink Lemons
Skin by WillStefan

Last and most importantly: enjoy!

PS: Please credit Flora and myself (beemi) if you use these but do NOT upload to the exchange. Thanks!

PPS: I created these using Pets Bodyshop but I've edited the files so they appear in your game even if you don't have Pets installed Therefore, no expansion pack should be required and no problems should occur.