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Chez Moi Teen Bedroom

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2006 at 3:25 AM
Updated: 9th Nov 2007 at 7:48 PM - to give some French lessons...
This is a bedroom set created for your teenage female sims.

For some reason, my small mind thought that "Chez Moi" (my house/home) would be a really cute and original name for this set. Unfortunately, my small mind forgot that there is a kitchen counter ALSO named "Chez Moi".
By the time I realized it, I'd already made several objects and their names/file names using "Chez Moi".

So this particular set has nothing to do with the Chez Moi counter. It's named for the territorial nature of teenage girls and the French country-like styling of this set.

It features 3 wood color choices: mahogany (I love mahogany), rustic white and sleek black.
There are also 3 main color themes: lavender blossom, pink and green argyle, and blue stripes.
All color choices come built into each object (sorry--but it's only three). You can mix and match the wood and fabric options. Some choices go better with others of course.

The set also features lovely crystallized pulls on the furniture. I created the effect by flipping the normals for the knobs to get a more realistic result. So if they ever appear slightly "inside-out" at certain angles, that's why.


As usual, no new upload would be complete without my disclaimer:
Due to the ornate nature of this set, there are very high poly counts! Know your computer's limitations before downloading.

Items: (Poly count in parenthesis)
  • double daybed (5448)
  • single daybed (4504)
  • 3 bedding recolors
  • bookcase (1582)
  • 3 curtain recolors
  • dresser (2703)
  • desk (1918)
  • desk chair (992)
  • endtable (1316)
  • mirror (1046)
  • rug (8)
  • table lamp (746)
  • corkboard (162)
  • window seat (1190)

Object Notes:

-ChezMoiBedroom.rar contains all the meshes, while ChezMoiBedding contains the bedding. If you want the matching bedding you MUST download the bedding file.

-The curtains are a recolor of the 'Ultra Funky Clothes Curtains' and also affects the 'Loft Curtains'.

-Mirror requires Nightlife. All other objects are base-game compatible.

-The mirror is placed high up as it is meant to go above the dresser. Your sim can still practice speach/romance with the mirror, but they will lean through the dresser to do it, and it looks odd. Mainly I just made this mirror for show and not utility.

-There are both a single and double bed available for this set. They are DAYBEDS and are designed to be entered from one side. Place them against a wall will keep your sims from entering from the wrong side.
It's also best to place them against a blank wall because the back is thin and curtains, low pictures, etc. will bleed through.

The double day bed is meant for one person design-wise. Two sims can sleep in it, but it will look a bit funny when the other enters.
Because all single beds take up the entire tile width, it was hard to get the backboard to not bleed through the wall. As a result, the back of the single bed is a little wonky, but it's purely cosmetic and won't cause any problems to your game


Edit: Novemeber 11, 2007

Jeezum Crow. I don't know how many people are going to correct me on the title of this set. I really didn't want to write this into the download post itself, but I think it needs to be said.

I took French for 5 years. One of those years was at college level. I think I know what "Chez Moi" means!

WMStang -Chez Moi can mean "my place", but that is not it's exclusive meaning. "My house" is the most accepted meaning of "chez moi". This is something most people learn in beginning French!

DAinfinity -using the possessive "ma" or "mon" with the preposition "chez" is NOT grammatically correct in any way shape or form--unless you are talking about the house of someone else (i.e. chez ma cousine--"at the house of my cousin")

kanga2-you are mistaken. The French word for kitchen is actually cuisine. Chez can mean office or store as well, but NOT kitchen.

This set is properly named, and I really don't want to hear anything else about it


Credits, terms and other info:

Credits-This set was created using SimPE and 3D Studio Max. It also requires CEP.

Thanks to Jasana BugBreeder for helping me figure how to do animations with 3DSmax.

Terms-You may recolor this set, but you canNOT clone it! You may also include it in houses and lots, but NOT if you are uploading to the exchange or any paysite (exception is TSR). If you recolor this, don't host these files anywhere else. Please link back so that downloaders can get the actual set here. Please give full credit if recoloring or adding to a lot. Thanks.

Collection file added! Recolor templates coming soon.

Don't forget to download the bedding. They are NOT INCLUDED WITH THE MESH FILES!