Valentines Day Special - FULLY ANIMATED FOODS - With Custom Plates

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2007 at 7:01 PM

Hi all :D

Oh i'm just so in the mood to spread the love, Valentines day is just growing nearer and nearer.

I thought why not spoil your sims with some valentines meals this Valentines, there are a total of 5 meals, 3 milkshakes (requested a dozen times), biscuits and a dessert.

Does this food require any EP's?

Yes, it requires the OFB EP.

I just get really tired of seeing chocolate chocolate chocolate every valentines day so i thought i would think outside the box, as you will see in the picture i have made:


1) Strawberry milkshake
2) Kiwi Milkshake
3) Orange Milkshake

I have also added some little details to each milkshake like the little monkey, the kiwi slices,the strawberry pieces and the umbrella :D

Its perfect not only for the valentine occasion but also for beach time parties or just something to drink on when you feeling thirsty.

Valentines Day Biscuits

These consist of assorted heart shaped biscuits..........*mouth drools*

Last but not least

Creme Brulee

This yummy dessert finishes the night off and gets your sim in the mood

It consists of thick cream, caramalized strawberrys and of course the yummy creme brulee ingrediants.

These foods are FULLY ANIMATED and go in 3 eating stages:


P.S., please excuse the lighting on the strawberry milkshake, it looks better in-game.

Oooh oooh ooh whos hungry :D

lets take a look

Okie dokie from here i wish you all a early and happy filled with love and joy.

If you like my meals then please thank and all comments are welcome.

Kind Regards


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