Fennec Fox - Small Dog - Adult

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Fennec Fox - Small Dog - Adult
Hey, I'm back with another upload already.
This time, its a Fennec Fox. I know, I know. A lot of people are doing foxes of all sorts. I've seen a few Fennecs, but you know...none of them really did much for me.
So I made one, of course. And here we are.

The Fennec Fox is the smallest species in the family 'canidae'. Most people recognize them for their absurdly oversize ears - which, in a strange twist, are the largest ears in the 'canidae' family.
Fennec Foxes live in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. They're rather rare to be seen, and aren't quite threatened - but close.
They are also widely considered to be the only species of fox that can kept as a pet. Not quite completely tame, but friendly, and very, very energetic.
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