My Cute, Anime(-ish) Model! (By Poke_Simmie_)

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Uploaded 16th Feb 2007 at 4:49 AM · Updated 23rd Feb 2007 at 2:26 AM by poke_simmie_

Hi all! Today I've uploaded my anime(-ish) model for your enjoyment. She modeled my Pokemon Major, and someone suggested I upload her, so I did.

I think she's really adorable, and it took me a while to get her looking "just right," but now I'm quite satisfied with the result .

CC included:
skintone (Golden Grace) By Enayla:
eyes by PunkChiqe
eyebrows and eyeliner by Helaene
blush by Im_A_Disaster
lipstick by Sera
earrings by me

CC NOT included:
Vintage Summer Day Dress by JoeBart622
Hair (Hair in most pictures, came with University Expansion Pack, the other hairs are by and
Earrings Mesh- You MUST download the mesh here: go to ts2 freebies, then accessory meshes, and it'll be the only earring mesh

For several of the ingame poses, I used Jaydee's Photo Poses Animbox ( Thank you very much to Jaydee for making this useful object!

Sim packaged with basegame, Maxis clothing and hair, so if you use the Clean Installer, this sim will be compatible with base game and any expansion packs.

My Rules:
Do NOT ever ever ever redistribute my sims ANYWHERE, pay site, free site, exchange, etc. I don't mind if you change the sim's facial structure and the content used on the sim and then upload, but never upload my sim as is. You may include cc by me in sims uploaded to any free site (excluding the exchange) but please include a link back to my member page. Thank you!

Please give me feedback on what you think is good, or what could be improved. I really appreciate comments that are positive or helpful, but please do not post something that is just mean or ugly.

If you liked this sim, please click thanks (I really appreciate the small gesture ) and see my member page for more of my creations! Adios!

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