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New Jackets for Toddler-Teen Seasons Version

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Uploaded: 5th Mar 2007 at 4:49 PM
Updated: 12th Oct 2008 at 4:34 AM by CatOfEvilGenius
Here is the uni school jacket that I reworked to fit teens, kids and toddlers, and a host of recolors for them.

They were originally posted as everyday, this version is both everyday and outerwear. The filenames and unique ids are IDENTICAL for these files - if you downloaded my previous version, drag the project files to the same location as the originals and let them replace them. These files loaded okay in my test base-game-only system, so if you do not have seasons yet, you can probably still install these and not have problems.

I have included the meshes, so you do not need to download the entire set twice just to get the mesh.

There are 3 downloads, sorted by ages. Read carefully and get the ones you need. Put them in your saved sims or downloads folder.

Recolor as you wish (on free sites) see readme for details.
Based on the Maxis mesh for young adults. Supports fit and fat.

Polygon Counts:
for all 3 meshes: 2328 faces - same as original Maxis mesh

Custom Content by Me:
- MESH-tig-child-unillamajacket.package
11 recolors for boys and girls
- MESH-tig-toddler-unillamajacket.package
13 recolors for toddler boys and girls
- MESH-tig-mt-unillamajacket.package
6 recolors for male teens

Additional Credits:
Made with Unimesh, thanks to Wes_H and Demon for his extended edit tools. Thanks also to Delphy, who has been working on this new upload wizard for over a month, HP, Emino (who suggested doing the jacket to begin with), and the staff and members who make this place what it is.

Free for your personal use. Please don't redistribute without asking permission (that includes posting to the sims exchange).


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