Female Hair: Nouk Charming Hair for Teen and up! (Streaked recolors added!)

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Uploaded 17th Apr 2007 at 10:34 PM · Updated 18th Apr 2007 at 9:02 PM by Nouk

Female Hair: Nouk Charming Hair for Teen and up!

Hi there, I'm here to entertain you with some 70's inspired wild hair.
It is wild, reminds some people of a mushroom and others of Princess Peach. I have nothing to do with those people's dissapearance.

Thank you, Flora from XMsims2, for allowing the use of part of your wonderfull alpha! I'm addicted!


* Has 2739 vertices and 3852 triangles. Don't use on computers that allready runs Sims 2 slowly or on really low graphics.
* Is animated to sway and bounce around.
* 8 binned natural colors included.
* Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder. This looks dumb on kids and toddies so I didn't add those.

What does it look like?

Mesh with 8 recolors.

Extra, Streaked recolors added!
These streaked ones just look nice. Binned!

Backside darkblonde

Teen and adult

Thanks to:

* Hysterical Paroxysm for giving tips for the nicest texture.
* XMsims for allowing me the use of parts of their alpha.
* Wes_H, he rocks every meshers world, we couldn't live without him!
* Creators of SimPE and all it's plugins!

* Do not upload mesh or recolors to a paysite. (Any site that wants money/subscription to get to the item.)
* Recolor at will.
* You may upload the mesh with your new recolor, but not on a paysite.
* You may edit, burn, cut, rip, splatter, mutilate, feed to your parrot, the textures and alpha's.


Polygon Counts:
Has 2739 vertices and 3852 triangles.

Additional Credits:
www.xmsims2.com --> thanks for letting me use part of your alpha!

Tags: #long hair, #charming, #seventies, #70's