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KOF's Leona Heidern 2007 remake

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2007 at 7:39 AM

This is a remake of Leona Heidern, a character from The King of Fighters.

I decide to remake her after I got that hair from Rosesims, I thought it was
perfect for her, though the color should be purpleish, but this magenta hair is
perfect for the "orochi" Leona version ^__^;

things that are needed and not included:

the hair

the makeup
eyebrows helaene - realistic brows - 3
eyeshadow helaene - 1225 shadow - brown

the skin
she uses my "Jill Valentine F-INevo2" skinset,
so if you are already download my Jill Valentine remake
then you don't need to download the skin again.

if you want to have my other skinsets, please try those links on my signature

EP needed:
Thesims2 University for her shirt mesh

my policy:
do not reupload my skin. just link back to this post if you want to use my skin
for your sim upload.

do not reupload my sim models

you may use my sims for your story or screenshot, no need to ask permission.

Happy simming!!
and please support 2D fighting games!!


Custom Content by Me:
- eyes evo2 grey by navetsea
- Leona top by navetsea
- Leona bottom by navetsea
- 2007Leona Heidern sim by navetsea