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Winged Wuffums - Default Fur Accessories for Dogs!

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2007 at 3:23 AM
Updated: 11th Jul 2007 at 4:05 AM
Yes, that's right! Today I present to you these wings... for dogs!

*Important Info*

- This is a Default Replacement. It overrides the Poodle Fur Accessory! By using these wings, you will no longer be able to create poodles in CAS.

- It is very important that you delete the Accessory.cache and Groups.cache files located in your My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 Directory before you add these wings to your Downloads folder, and also after you remove them. If you do not delete these files, there is a possibility that the meshes will explode in-game. If you do forget, and come accross an exploded mesh or error in-game, simply Exit, delete the cache files, and everything should be fixed once you re-enter the game.

- If you already have poodles in-game, don't worry! They will not be affected, and will remain poodles unless you change their appearance via mirror, in which case they will switch to use the new wing mesh instead. This is the same for winged dogs; if you remove these defaults any dogs in-game that have wings will keep their wings until their appearance is changed via mirror.

- The wings will warp on dogs with pointy ears. This means that the wings will become slightly disfigured on dogs with odd or extreme body shapes. However, this does not apply to floppy-eared-dogs, as the wings do not warp with them, and the disfigurement on pointy-eared dogs is minimal at best, and a little funky at worst.

- At times, the wings can become very pixely around the edges. This is mainly noticable at night, outside, and with the smooth-objects feature turned way up high. Otherwise, they look fine.

- These will work on any adult or elder dog. Also, I have uploaded the wings for small dogs and the wings for large dogs seperately; so if you download the wings for Small Dogs, only the small dogs in your game will be affected, and vice-versa.

- I am currently working on converting these to non-defaults. If successful, then I will be making versions for cats as well.

*How To Use*

These wings work in the exact same way as the poodle fur accessory. Simply create a dog in CAS, select the Fur Accessory option, and then click the icon of the poodle fur accessory. Your doggy should then have a pair of wings protruding from his back.

Like all fur accessories, these wings will take on whatever color you have selected as your dog's Base Color. So your doggie's wings can be any color that is available to you in-game. And, like all fur accessories, the wings can be passed down to your dog's offspring.

*A Thank You*

I'd really like to express my appreciation and gratitude to everyone who helped me while making these, whether it was with technical help and suggestions, or just commenting and offering opinions. A special thanks to HystericalParoxysm for being brave enough to test these in her game!

Also, thank you to the MTS2 community, as it is here that I learned how to mod Sims objects. Thank you for all the help, kindness, tutorials, and programs!

I really hope you guys enjoy using these, so have fun! Comments and feedback, like always, are greatly appreciated!

Polygon Counts:
Large Dog - "Faces: 5134" "Vertices: 3228"
Small Dog - "Faces: 5134" "Vertices: 3181"

Additional Credits: SimPE Milkshape 3D