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I found it very annoying not having a University major not designed for those athletic Sims so I created one. I used actual class titles taken from UNLV's kinesiology and fitness management undergraduate degree program. I just tweaked the descriptions a bit to be more Simmish. Here's all the info for it:

**This major was cloned from the Maxis Drama major but it has its own GUID: 0x003D7B00 so it will not overwrite.**

Major Description
Kinesiology: the study of Sim movement. Learn what makes a Sim’s body move and how to take properly care of it. By the end of your university studies you will be in the best shape for a spot on Sim City’s own team, the Llamas.

Courses (Class length)
Freshman Year
Anatomy: Knowing where everything is and how it works (2 hours)
Exercise Physiology: A fancy term for getting in shape (3 hours)

Sophomore Year
History of Exercise & Sport Sciences: Learning the difference between jocks and athletes (2 hours)
Strength Development: Bulking up for the serious athlete (3 hours)

Junior Year
Sports Nutrition: Learning not to eat that third helping of cake (2 hours)
Biomechanics: How to use exercise equipment without falling on your face (3 hours)

Senior Year
Sport Medicine: How to properly ice that “sprained” ankle (2 hours)
Athletic Training: Pushing yourself to the limit (3 hours)

I tweaked the skills needed since this major is made for the athletic career. It concentrates on the 3 skills that the career uses plus cooking, since every Sim needs to know the basics in the kitchen. By the the time your Sim graduates he/she will have learned the following skills:

Body - 5
Mechanical - 4
Charisma - 4
Cooking - 4
Logic - 1
Creativity - 1
Cleaning - 1

*In order for your students to declare this major you must download Majors Made Easier found at this link:
FrikaC's MajorsMadeEasier

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