Models Wanted: New Positions at Modeling Agency!!

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2007 at 5:39 AM
Updated: 16th Feb 2008 at 7:15 PM
Hello, everyone! Before I say anything, allow me to get something out of my system. *bursts into joy and laughter* THIS IS MY FIRST UPLOAD! Yay me! Sorry about that. It is the first ANYTHING I made with SimPE, so please try it out! The job is basically similar to the series of 'America's Next Top Model'. You'll see why in a moment. The job level positions are:
1. Audition~Try out for the job! Are you worth anything?
2. Fashion 101~You know how to dress?
3. Make-up and Accessories 101~You know how to coordinate makeup?
4. Walking 101~Can you strut?
5. Church Model~Walk down that holy runway!
6. Radio Voice~Show off that wonderful voice!
7. Runway Model~Walk the runway, from Chinatown to Hollywood!
8. Commercial Model~Smile! You're on the verge of becoming famous!
9. Breakthrough~The next to last step...
10. Known From Around The World/Supermodel~You, famous person, you!

The salary ranges from about 120$ a day at level one to 700$ at level ten.
The pay is pretty good, from what I think, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I really don't care what you do with this, and I don't know why people hate it when you put their stuff on the exchange, but I guess I'll add maybe one rule here. If you are going to use this as a base for one of your new careers, please ask me first! I'll allow you, but I want to know that you understand me. (Also, I LOOOVE to get PMs, and I haven't been getting any at all!)

I dunno... No uniforms! How about that? If you look at the picture with the really bad photoshoping, (the girl in the pink dress)

you can see she's really happy about that! And if you are wondering why I added the picture with the blondie, that is supposed to be a biography about Swansa Gretll. She's a swedish MODEL! Exept she's old now.[/img]

And I'm completely off topic.

~~I hope you enjoy, and I appreciate any thanks coming my way!~~ [img]

EDIT: I understand there have been a few problems finding the job ingame. Check again,nd it will most likely be under 'Servants', Which I dont know why, so please don't ask me this. Happy Simming!! :google: