Resika Rogue Teen Top Model ~ By Request

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Hey guys!

This here is Resika Rogue, my Teen Model for the Teen Top Model contest at slapdash_sims.

A few people liked her a lot, so I offered to make her available for download, so here she is! :D

The hair in the above pictures is not included, but you can get the recolor here and the mesh here .

Also, not included are her eyebrows (red) by Juice @ PeggyZone (3rd from top): here!

She is packaged with Maxis Hair and Eyebrows (see thumbnail)

Enjoy! ^__^

Custom Content by Me:
- Resika Rogue Teen Top Model ~ By Request

Custom Content Included:
- Endsong By Yumedust by Yumedust
- zoej [freckles & blush] by zoej
- Layerable Nose Freckles 1 by alkaloid by alkaloid
- helaene - soft blush - 7 by Helaene
- Lash For All Races by Anva
- Blossoms - Bold Burgundy - Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Earring#3 by Ren
- helaene - 0201 shadow - 4 by Helaene
- Pixie Kisses by Enayla by Enayla
- The Punk Girl by Puma by TheGirl

Chiriko mesh TeenMiniHeels is NEEDED for outfit, and can be found by clicking the 2-f0r-u link, clicking Meshes in the sidebar, and selecting Female Teen. It will be the one on the far right (looks like a strappy dress with heels)

You also NEED THE MESH for Ren's Elf Earring #3, link provided below. :3

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SimPE, for allowing me to make her available for download, Maxis/EA for the game, and all the awesome creators on this site who's stuff I've used. <3

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