Russian clay stove (Please redownload!)

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2008 at 10:28 PM
Updated: 27th Oct 2008 at 4:14 PM by -Maylin-
Please redownload if you have experienced interaction problems with cooking on my stove or if you downloaded the temporary walk-through version. I resolved the interaction problem and returned the original footprint so all 6 tiles are not walkable anymore.

Hello again!

Let me present you another piece of Russian culture.

The interior of typical Russian peasant houses in earlier times was quite simple, even severe, deprived of decorative furniture. But there always was a dominant feature inside any log hut and in people’s life. All the family got together near it in the evening to embroider, to carve wood or just to tell stories. It was a large clay stove, occupying one corner to the left or right of the main door. It was not only the means of heating the house and cooking meals, baking clay pottery or drying herbs and fruits, but also a sleeping place that could accommodate ten to twenty people. I believe it was quite comfy to spend long frosty Russian winters on a warm stove! So comfy that some characters of Russian fairy tales could spend over 30 years on it (not because they were unable to walk, but just didn’t want to leave such a nice place) or they could go to conquest pretty girls right on it like on a car! There are dozens tales, songs, proverbs where the Russian Stove is mentioned. You can read, if you want, one of those stories here.

Your Sims, unfortunately, won’t be able to sleep on my stove, but they quite can cook delicious traditional Russian meals.

This stove comes in two recolors: white and tidy one for an ordinary peasant family, and a shabby one which could make a good addition for a Baba Yaga log hut. Be careful! She also bakes strangers in it! So don’t be surprised if your neighbors start disappearing.

You can find it in Cooking Appliances.

Polygon Counts:
Faces=2665, vertices=3103 for 6 tiles

Additional Credits: SimPE and CEP creators, Milkshape, 3D Max, Photoshop

Big thanks to
The Well-Equipped Thief for great textures!

Many many thanks to Jasana_BugBreeder for her help with resolving the problem with the stove interactions.