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Vezz - Island 001

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2009 at 10:51 PM

= Important stuff you might care about =

> You don't need a camera hack for this. Yay.

> It takes Lots of any size, small or large. The top two loops on the highlands can take 5x5 lots; the biggest sized lots available in Base Game only. There is room in the lowlands, across the beach for 5x6 Lots. Yay.

> This is 'Beach Lot' compatible, though you don't need any EPs to install or play this map, but you do need the BV EP to make & play 'Beach Lots'.

> The areas where Lots are place able are flat. Yay. Flat = easier to share.

> This comes 'Treeless' & "N-Hood Deco Free', mainly just to reduce lag and loading time. Have fun decorating as you please. Please excuse my very sad attempt at making a jungle in the preview screens below. The screen shots where taken on my laptop because our desktop has no real video card and it can not show you how this 'hood is supposed to look like. Nor can it display concrete and dirt terrains. Unfortunately, my laptop is old and can't have too many effects happening at once. This helps gives me an idea of what other people have to deal with so it's ok.

> I hope you enjoy it, because I'm having a blast having my Sims live on the beach and 'off the land'. Too bad they can't fish in the sea, though.