11 *NEW* Vintage Travel Posters in Simlish + image pack

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2008 at 5:15 PM
Updated: 24th Sep 2008 at 9:46 PM - forgot my credits, bad me.

Tired of having only three pictures to show where your simmies have been? Want to showcase all the marvelous places they've been, or at least fake the friends and family till you get there? Then this download is perfect.

11 remastered and simlished travel posters of vintage variety. These pictures showcase some of the most excotic places in the world (or sim world).

REQUIRES: Bon Voyage, Collectible Poster by Travelkeeper

Simlish Translations:

1. ST. MORTIZ-"The cool place"
2.SPAIN-"The Spanish State Dept."
3.SAN FRANCISCO-"Southern Pacific, four scenic routes meet at...
4.MEXICO-"From the Mexican Tourist Authority"
5.LONDON-"It's Quicker By Rail"
6.DURHAM-"On The London & North Railway"
7.QUEBEC-"Ski Fun! La Province De..."
8.NEW YORK-"The Wonder City of The World,New York Central Lines..."
9.IRELAND-"Land Of Romance,Blarney Castle,Great Southern Rhys,Courtesy of The Tourist Commity"
10.CAIRO-"Egyptian State Railways"

Note that I decided to put the already simmerized pictures that I use for the posters in this download. I know eveyone does't have Bon Voyage or might not like the mesh I used. SO if you want to recolor other wall hanging meshes with these then be my guest, just give credit if you distribute. But DO NOT :
  • Upload to any paysites, TSR included
  • Recolor the recolors

SIMale-For his Simlish fonts.
Simpe-Program used to recolor.
CEP-Allows recolors to show up.
AllPosters.com-For the images and inspiration.

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