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Coco's Quiltshopset

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2008 at 9:40 PM
Updated: 19th Oct 2008 at 8:55 PM by Delphy
Info The Quiltshopset

I've updated Coc-Quiltshop-2tile-Tableshelves-Mesh to make it recolorable and moved slots a little so fabricbolts won't cut into tablelegs anymore, please redownload Coc-Quiltshop-11displays.zip

Hello, I am Cocomama and I am a fabric-addict.
In real life I love to make quilts, so for my game I was making a Quiltshop using the Fabricshop from HChangeri at Retailsims and wanted more choice in fabrics to display and sell in my shop.
After many, many hours spend in learning how to make new objectmeshes, I'd like to share with you the new objectmeshes I've made to make my quiltshop complete.
All decorative objects have an unique guid, are recolorable, placeable on OFBshelves and are cloned basegame compatible. You can find them in the catalog under Decorative-statues, and I have made a Collectionfile for it.
For all recolors you need the CEP and the Shelves Displays need OFB offcourse.
The Wall shelves are made so that they allow something placed under it. By combining them with some of the LowShelves or Tableshelves, you can make a wall packed with fabric, just as I wanted it to look.

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt1 5 recolors Salesprice=50 OFBplacement Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt2 4 recolors Salesprice=80 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt3 8 recolors Salesprice=100 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt4 7 recolors Salesprice=200 OFBplacement= Mediu

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt1 6 recolors Salesprice=50 OFBplacement= Small
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt2 6 recolors Salesprice=80 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt3 6 recolors Salesprice=120 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt4 6 recolors Salesprice=200 OFBplacement= Medium

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricboltside2 5 recolors Salesprice=80 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide3 5 recolors Salesprice=110 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide4 6 recolors Salesprice=200 OFBplacement= Medium

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt1 6 recolors Salesprice=55 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt2 6 recolors Salesprice=55 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricboltgroup1 5 recolors Salesprice=105 OFBplacement= Big
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricboltgroup2 6 recolors Salesprice=200 OFBplacement= Big

Fabricbolts to be placed in the Stackable Cube Displays:

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-BigBundleFabricbolts 3 recolors Salesprice=800 OFBplacement= Big
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FakeCubeFabricbolts 3 recolors Salesprice=600 OFBplacement= Big
Same as the BigBundle but with the middle part removed to reduce polycount, when placed inside a stackable Cube, you will not see any difference.
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-BundleFabricbolts 5 recolors Salesprice=300 OFBplacement= Big
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-CubeFabricbolt8 3 recolors Salesprice=400 OFBplacement= Big

I made a recolor for the Maxis Magazine rack to display Quiltmagazines, and although there already are a lot of magazine meshes:
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Magazine 2 recolors Salesprice=15 OFBplacement= Medium
Ok, this mesh is facing the wrong direction, just turn it in game.
And a recolor for two OFBcounters "Old Boys" and "Terrible Modern" to place the Cashregister on.

Some tools a quilter needs:
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Cuttingbase 1 recolor Salesprice=75 OFBplacement= Big
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Cutter 1 recolor Salesprice=40 OFBplacement= Small
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Scissors 1 recolor Salesprice=25 OFBplacement= Small
Made from the scissors of "Run with Scissors" a free download from EA.
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Needles&PinsCushion 5 recolors Salesprice=40 OFBplacement- Small
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-5thread 4 recolors Salesprice=40 OFBplacement- Small

Quiltfabrics are not only sold by the yard but also in little pieces:

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-BasketFatQuarters24 4 recolors Salesprice=240 OFBplacement= Big
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Basket24FatEights 4 recolors Salesprice=120 OFBplacement= Medium
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FatQuarters4 5 recolors Salesprice=40 OFBplacement= Small
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-12FatQuarters 3 recolors Salesprice=120 OFBplacement= Medium

If you have a quilter in your family, you can make them very happy with fabricgifts.

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricPresentLarge 3 recolors Salesprice=80 OFBplacement= Medium
Made from mesh of the in game present/gift, looks lovely but is rather high in polycount due to the bow and ribbons, so I made this placement medium.
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricpresent 3 recolors Salesprice=80 OFBplacement= Small
Coc-Quiltshop-FabricGiftSmall-Mesh 3 recolors Salesprice=40 OFBplacement= Small

The Shelves all require OFB-expansionpack to work:

1. Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Shelves Polycount= 186

2. Coc-Quiltshop-TableShelves-Mesh Polycount= 164
Looks like a single-tile table, works like shelves. Sims can't eat on this table, but you can place objects on the lower shelf too.

3. Coc-Quiltshop-TableShelvesWide-Mesh Polycount= 164,
Same as the TableShelves, but made wider. Use these to make a connection to and between two other shelves, preferable against a wall, otherwise sims will cut/walk through the wider sides.

4. Coc-Quiltshop-2tile-Tableshelves-Mesh Polycount= 188
Looks like a 2-tile table, works like shelves. Sims can't eat on this table, but you can place objects on the lower shelf too. Wanted this to display the open bolts better.

5. Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenQuickDisplay Polycount=166
A lowered QuickDisplay.

6. Coc-Quiltshop-LowShelves-Mesh Polycount=164
Looks like a QuickDisplay but works as shelves so you can place something on the lower shelves too.

7. Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-WallShelves Polycount=156
The idea for the WallShelves-meshes came from a Breaddisplay I have a in my game from PCsims. I love the way the rotated shelves display my fabricbolts. For the shelves to be able to be placed over other objects I looked at the BHAVs of the Numenor-PeterHalland-Multishelves.

8. Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-WallShelves2 Polycount= 156
Same as the WallShelves but with the shelves placed higher, can be placed over other shelves.

9. Coc-Quiltshop-HighWallShelves-Mesh Polycount= 184
Open High WallShelves with long legs to place over other shelves.

10. Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-StackCube Polycount= 144
Stackable Cubes, can be placed on top of eachother. A big thanks to Echo for her explanation about fixing self-referencing objects.

11. Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-HalfStackCube Polycount= 144
Works the same as the Stackcube, but because I moved the slots it's better to place only Medium and Large OFBplacement objects, otherwise small objects will appear to float in the air on the front slots.

I made the shelves to combine in different ways so there are a lot of different combinations to make. Sometimes its easier to place objects on the shelves first and than place it under or over another shelve, because with only using the M on the keyboard, the game will see only the slots on one of the parts untill that one is filled.

Thanks to the creators of Simpe, Milkshape, UnimeshPlugins, UVmapper-Classic and all the tutorials about making and modding Objects. Thanks to HChangeri from Retailsims, Gara's Boutique and Marilu at TSR for the ideas of fabricshops.
I also especially want to thank Echo for answering my questions and all the other kind people that have answered questions in the "Create" forums, without that (and the tutorials and programs ofcourse), making these meshes would have been impossible.

Recoloring my meshes is much appreciated but please link back to my posts for the meshes. Do not include my meshes in your zip files yet. I'm quite new to objectmeshing and although everything tested fine in my game, wait a few weeks in case I have to alter something on them, and after that you can do whatever you want with them, as long as my work stays free and you give proper credit.

Polygon Counts:

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt1 Polycount=92
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt2 Polycount=176
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt3 Polycount=260
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt4 Polycount=344

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt1 Polycount=72
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt2 Polycount=136
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt3 Polycount=200
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt4 Polycount=264

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricboltside2 Polycount=176
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide3 Polycount=260
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide4 Polycount=344

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt1 Polycount=122
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt2 Polycount=122
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricboltgroup1 Polycount=280
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricboltgroup2 Polycount=352

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-BigBundleFabricbolts Polycount=784
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FakeCubeFabricbolts Polycount=352
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-BundleFabricbolts Polycount=392
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-CubeFabricbolt8 Polycount=520

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Magazine Polycount=46

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Cuttingbase Polycount=10
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Cutter Polycount=112
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Scissors Polycount=544
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Needles&PinsCushion Polycount= 268
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-5thread Polycount= 360

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-BasketFatQuarters24 Polycount=536
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Basket24FatEights Polycount=536
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FatQuarters4 Polycount=168
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-12FatQuarters Polycount=504

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricPresentLarge Polycount=706
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricpresent Polycount=508
Coc-Quiltshop-FabricGiftSmall-Mesh Polycount=428

Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-Shelves Polycount= 186
Coc-Quiltshop-TableShelves-Mesh Polycount= 164
Coc-Quiltshop-TableShelvesWide-Mesh Polycount= 164
Coc-Quiltshop-2tile-Tableshelves-Mesh Polycount= 188
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenQuickDisplay Polycount=166
Coc-Quiltshop-LowShelves-Mesh Polycount=164
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-WallShelves Polycount=156
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-WallShelves2 Polycount= 156
Coc-Quiltshop-HighWallShelves-Mesh Polycount= 184
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-StackCube Polycount= 144
Mesh-Coc-Quiltshop-HalfStackCube Polycount= 144