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422 South Street

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2009 at 12:14 AM
This two bedroom, 1 bath home will welcome the young family or aging couple seeking the perfect retreat just inside the city limits.

422 South Street, just on the edge of town, radiates small town charm with its mature, park like gardens, and wide sweeping porches, perfect for sunny afternoons spent reading and lazing quietly.

The artist or musician will appreciate the cozy formal parlor that is suited perfectly to the tastes of even the most creative Sims.

Upstairs, cozy bedrooms boasting two large bookshelves, and a full sewing room, make this home a welcome retreat for the avid reader and craftsy Sim alike. The Sewing Room could easily be converted to a study or nursery as well.

This lovely home is available in both Furnished and Unfurnished versions. As always, checked with Clean Installer, and a clone has been playtested for three sim days.

Furnished Price: $83,485
Unfurnished Price: $58,218

The Kitchen Recolors, Easel Recolor, and the hanging light recolors are from Margierytka's beautiful "Country Roads, Take Me Home" set, available here

Content Pictured, but NOT included, which you will need for the Sewing Room can be found here Thanks to Cocomama for this lovely set!

Content Pictured, but NOT included, which you will need to see all of Lethe's beautiful Victorian Greenhouse can be found here

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 83,435

Custom Content by Me:
Rye Siding

Custom Content Included:
- Giant Oleander by corvidophile2
- corvidophile2-Giant Oleander by corvidophile2
- Damask Series 2 Apple 2 by shayshell
- Damask Series 2 Peach 1 by shayshell
- Bathroom Tile Yellow1 by Jcasjr
- Bathroom Tile Orange2 by Jcasjr
- Mauritania Beveled Glass Door with Transom on 2 tiles by leesester
- Mauritania Tall Cross Window on 2 tiles by leesester
- Mauritania Wide Kitchen Window by leesester
- Classic window with peak pediment by Marina
- Classic Window by Marina
- Classic Window by Marina
- Patul by patul
- Aubretia by macarossi
- jJapanese ajisai lavender by reica15
- Organic Comfort Wall by KalicoKat