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~*Kawaii Shirts*~ for teen males!

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2009 at 5:55 AM
Well~~ I got around to finishing these later than I originally thought (Sorry about that) but at least they're done now!

This is a set of shirts for teen males only. They show up in Everyday, Sleepwear, and Athletic. I didn't want them to look too childish so they don't feature the same pictures as my other sets. These are stencils meaning you can still freely add patterns or change colors on the background of the shirt with the Create-A-Style tool.

A panda piloting a robotic panda... brilliant. I just had to use Panda-Z again ^^; The last one is Tenorikuma.

Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Buru Buru Dog, and a random cute face you see on a lot of kawaii things.

A few quick notes: Just thought I better mention, these all originally show with just a default gray background in game. Obviously it's not a big deal since you can change the color yourself with CAS, but I tried to fix it and it just didn't wanna work for me. Ah well, you'll have to pick your own colors! ;P

Also, I may not be making any more of these sets anytime too soon. I'd like to take a break to try my luck at making some cute patterns~!

Hope you liked these!

Additional Credits:
mesh by Maxis
Thanks Delphy for the Cas Texture Unitool