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6 Redesigned Pitbulls

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2009 at 10:31 PM
Updated: 17th Feb 2011 at 9:36 PM
As if you couldn't already tell, I absolutely adore pitbulls. That being said, this, as the title suggests, is a remake of my older pitbulls here at MTS. I thought that my old ones looked more like hippos than pitbulls, so I redesigned them using my pitbull pups as a base model and this was the result! These pits look so much better in game than the old ones, however they kinda look a little funny in CAS at first. Here's the comparison picture:

See what I mean by the new ones look funny compared to the old ones in CAS? Well they look so much better in game...I hope you will enjoy these and I wish you all much happy simming

Additional Credits:
google images for the pictures of the real life pitbulls

Install Instructions

Because MTS2 no longer accepts Sims 2 Pack files I have uploaded every one of my creations by first converting them to a .zip file. To 'extract' the files you WILL NEED Winrar, also please note that you WILL ALSO NEED the Sims2Pack Clean Installer to use these. I have packaged these while I had Mansion & Garden Stuff, Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, and Sims 2 Deluxe installed. For those of you who DO NOT own these Sp's/EP's, you WILL be required to use the Clean Installer. If you DO NOT have those SP's/EP's PLEASE follow these intructions:

  • Download and install the Sims2Pack Clean Installer
  • Download and install WinRAR
  • Extract the Sims 2 Pack file from the .zip package
  • Right click on the Sims 2 Pack file and 'open with Sims2Pack Clean Installer
* Please note that if you simply double click on the Sims 2 Pack file, the item you are trying to install WILL NOT be compatible, which is why you HAVE TO right click and and use the 'open with...' command *

(Since I have been having issues with my Sims 2 game I have recently uninstalled ALL SP's and have been able to successfully install EVERY one of my pets this way. There should be no reason that it won't work for you.)