Shimmer Eye Set

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Uploaded 5th Jan 2010 at 5:29 AM

Hi, I decided to upload my first set of eyes. They are beautiful, quite realistic, and in gorgeous colours. I haven't ever uploaded here before, but hopefully this will attract attention. I used a picture of a sclera, then edited it a bit, if you're suspicious about a newbie creating a perfect sclera. If there are ANY problems with the eyes, tell me. I like to learn new things. Please have a nice day, and enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Vampire Aninyosaloh for her Advanced Eye Creating tutorial. I got lots of my tips from there!
Shady for telling me where to put my zip files!

Eye Type: Custom
Eye Style: Human Realistic

Tags: #eyes, #shimmer, #shimmering, #gorgeous, #beautiful, #glow