Gran Turismo Career

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2010 at 7:33 PM
This career was requested by a user by the name of autotrasher. Since I had nothing better to do, I decided I'd fulfill the request

The levels are as follows:

Level 1: Pit Crew Member
Description: You've been employed by a GT racing team working with tires. Expand your mechanical knowledge to move up the ladder.
Wage: $335

Level 2: Pit Crew Chief
Description: Congratualtions; you've been promoted to the Pit Crew Chief, but you're not a racer yet. You now have to co-ordinate your team to make the "pit time" faster. Build that charisma!
Wage: $425

Level 3: Mechanic's Assistant
Description: Your boss is so proud of you, he's decided to give you a promotion. You are now a Mechanic Assistant! Do your best to get the next promotion!
Wage: $500

Level 4: Head Mechanic
Description: You're not a racer yet, but you are the Head Mechanic. You need to increase your mechanical knowledge before you can become a racer.
Wage: $860

Level 5: Local Racer
Description: Finally! You now work for your team as a Local Racer! You bought yourself a nice car and now you race at the local track. There are challenges to be expected!
Wage: $1220

Level 6: Legal Street Racer
Description: Yep, you're moving up the ladder. You race in the streets for your team. Things get a little exciting now, so you need fast cars.
Wage: $1340

Level 7: Regional Substitute Racer
Description: You are now a GT racer! However, you're still a substitute. You have to wait until the main driver gets tired and decides to change jobs. Impress the boss to move on to the next step!
Wage: $1850

Level 8: Regional GT Racer
Description: Your manager is impressed with you and has decided to promote you to Regional GT Racer! The international world of racing is waiting for you. Go for that trophy and move on!
Wage: $2550

Level 9: International Substitute Racer
Description: You're now an International Substitue Racer. Things are getting tough; opponents are getting fierce! You need more skills, and a better car, too!
Wage: $3550

Level 10: International GT Racer
Description: Alright! The final stage of your career! You're an International GT Racer! Win this season, impress your team and your boss, and who knows? Maybe you'll drive for the next season too! That big trophy is waiting for you. Go for the podium!
Wage: $5220

Now, seeing as I have absolutely no experience with any racing games, let alone Gran Turismo, the job titles, descriptions, and chance cards, sparsely numbered as they may be, were provided by autotrasher. I merely made it into career form.

There's also no custom icon attached to the career, or reward. I had an icon all lined up, but there were some... problems, getting it to work.

So anyway, I hope you all enjoy this career

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