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Final Fantasy VII SOLDIER Career

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2013 at 8:22 AM
Updated: 23rd Sep 2013 at 8:26 AM by OtakuFan17 - Wages were for the Sims 2 version
Ever looked at your Final Fantasy VII sim and thought, "Man, I wish I had a SOLDIER career for these guys."

Look no further! (than your local military base rabbithole)

Please note, if you do not already know this you will need to download and install NRaas Careers mod found here. For immersion/roleplay purposes I also recommend downloading a SOLDIER outfit here and Cloud's outfit here. If you want even more Final Fantasy VII awesomeness, be sure to download the Zack Fair Sim I'm using as a model, created by DarkWitchVampire and found here. Hell download all of the SOLDIER Sims there, they're pretty damn cool!

Level 1: Private, Third Class
Description: Inspired by propaganda and rumours, you have decided to join the Shin-Ra company's military division. Have fun in the Security Department.
Base Pay: $50 per hour
Pension Pay: $70 per hour
Hours: 5 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday

Level 2: Private, Second Class
Description: With no real need for the military, Shin-Ra has everyone doing battle training. Keep building those muscles, and before long those simulations will be a snap!
Base Pay: $60 per hour
Pension Pay: $80 per hour
Hours: 6 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday

Level 3: Private, First Class
Description: Training has moved on to sparring sessions with SOLDIER. Your fellow operatives seem to dislike the SOLDIER, but something about them seems very attractive to you. Maybe one day you can join them.
Base Pay: $75 per hour
Pension Pay: $90 per hour
Hours: 7 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Level 4: Corporal
Description: Further training sessions with SOLDIER have only served to increase your desire to join them, so you've submitted an application to be transferred. In the meantime, you've been selected to test weapons for Shin-Ra. Don't get distracted.
Base Pay: $90 per hour
Pension Pay: $110 per hour
Hours: 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday

Level 5: Specialist, Fifth Class
Description: Unfortunately Shin-Ra have received too many SOLDIER applications and you weren't selected to become a Trainee. There's no time to get depressed, though: there's rumours of war in the air, and you can't afford to get sidetracked.
Base Pay: $100 per hour
Pension Pay: $120 per hour
Hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday

Level 6: Sergeant
Description: Shin-Ra have implemented guard patrols to keep crime in check in Midgar. It's your job to organise them and choose who gets to go.
Base Pay: $125 per hour
Pension Pay: $150 per hour
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday

Level 7: SOLDIER Trainee
Description: An accident in the SOLDIER training room the other day resulted in the death of a Trainee. Bad news for him, but great news for you! Don't worry, the training isn't always that lethal. Maybe.
Base Pay: $150 per hour
Pension Pay: $170 per hour
Hours: 11 am to 6 pm, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Level 8: SOLDIER Third Class
Description: Phew! Looks like the mako infusion process didn't kill you after all! It might be a little hard to get used to, but hey - now your eyes are a cool colour!
Base Pay: $300 per hour
Pension Pay: $350 per hour
Hours: 12 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Thursday

Level 9: SOLDIER Second Class
Description: You're close to the top of the food chain, but before you can become a SOLDIER First Class you have to teach a class of Trainees, and those Trainees can be real brats. You should know - you were one!
Base Pay: $500 per hour
Pension Pay: $550 per hour
Hours: 1 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Wednesday

Level 10: SOLDIER First Class
Description: You've finally made it to the top. Few ever reach First Class, but now you're among the best of the best. Now you're on par with Genesis Rhapsodos, Angeal Hewley, and even the legendary Sephiroth himself. Congratulations, SOLDIER!
Base Pay: $700 per hour
Pension Pay: $750 per hour
Hours: 2 pm to 5 pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Also includes custom tones that try to make as many non-subtle references to Final Fantasy VII as possible!

Do Squats - Do squats like that dark haired guy taught you
Chat With Flower Girl - Chatting with that pretty brown-haired girl selling flowers is sure to raise your conversation skills
Practice Using Materia - Train with the latest Materia creations

Actual SOLDIER (last three levels) get paid far more than normal owing to the supremely dangerous nature of their work (this is a better explanation than "because I felt like making it pay really well")

This mod was made using a Blank Career example on the SimsWiki tutorial, so I don't think I can mess with any vanilla careers, and I don't think it will mess with any careers also using this as a template.

The last time this mod was edited was in April 2012 (yes, it takes me a long time to do stuff). I can't remember what patch the Sims 3 was or what expansions I had, but it should work no matter what you have installed. It definitely works on patch 1.57 with all expansions/stuff packs installed.

There are no custom opportunities or custom books to read etc because a) I don't think I can insert them without recreating the entire career again, and b) I don't actually know how to, although I am going to try

Thank you for looking at my mod, and I hope your Sims have fun being a SOLDIER!

Additional Credits:
twallan for creating awesome mods
DarkWitchVampire for making a Sim of Zack Fair
JudySims for creating the really nice world in the pictures, Atlantis Renaissance, found here
Creon for his great tutorial at SimsWiki.info
You for downloading this