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Randir's sensual boxershorts for men

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2011 at 4:14 AM
After several casual and sporty fashion it's time to give our Sim guys something to wear under those clothing. There weren't many good quality boxershorts around. Many of them have screwed up textures, no seams and just little details and mostly they're just having a design no one would like to wear.
So here are some of them: Randir's sensual boxershorts for men from Tommy Hilfiger in four different styles.

White bosershorts with a fine blue mesh pattern.

Boxershorts in dark navy blue.

Light colored boxershorts in white, green and blue.

Plain and simple boxershorts in white - fits always.
Wearable by male young adults and adults too.

If you need more creations like this check out my profile.

They are pants only wearable as underwear and sleepwear.
It uses a Maxis mesh from the base game so you won't need anything else except of this creation to make it work properly.

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Additional Credits:
Skin default replacement by teru_k
Custom model poses by decorgal21572