Fashion Essentials - Fashion Glasses

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Uploaded: 13th May 2011 at 2:17 AM
Fashion Glasses - Fashion Essentials

Mesh: Here

Have been searching for a long time for a pair of decent fashion sunglasses, both simple and glamorous.
Of course whenever I find a pair, of course it has to be either pay content or the download isn't available...
so I screamed while disgruntled and frustrated, while pulling my hair out simultaneously: "Screw it! I'm makin my own!"
a few days later... when bodyshop finally opened up...I began to work on these.
Hope you guys like em : )

2 pairs of Glamorous and Simple fashion sunglasses.
Pair one, the Princess Glasses, feature a rectangular shape with a gem studded frame.
Pair two, The Fashion Diva Glasses, feature over sized lenses, and a thin elegant black frame
I apologize, there is nothing really special about the sides
Generally though, the sides are hidden by your sim's hair, so I don't think
it entirely matters : )

Princess Glasses:

Fashion Diva Glasses

Additional Credits:
Mesh: stonetower
Hair - Princess: xIceDee
Hair - Fashion Diva: XMSims*

* ReTexlored by me