The Character-related Outfit Set

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2011 at 7:50 PM
Updated: 23rd Aug 2011 at 9:44 PM
After a longer break from The Sims 2 and creating clothes for the game I made some more clothes during the last months but my motivation is still gone. I don't know if I will continue creating outfits for Sims 2 or if it's the end. Anyway I couldn't leave without some kind of last or "last" upload. So here I present you my latest outfit set for adult and young adult male Sims.

As you may recognize every outfit with shoes got the same shoes. I haven't made it that way because of laziness (I had to recreate the shoes for every outfit) but because of making this clothes set part of an single Sims wardrobe - of an normal male Sim who found his favorite shoes and he wears them everytime he can. That's why I've always used the same belt too. Men aren't that much into shoes anyway.

Check out the Comments for more pictures.
Bentley Polo-shirt:
That's an self-designed black polo shirt in the style of Bentley. I really like that wings logo so I put a little logo on the left chest and larger one on the top of the back above an big white "2". The collar and the seams of sleeves and shirt are in the color of dark white to give the shirt a little more light.
Requires: Basegame and a custom mesh.

Carhartt Hoodie:
A black hoodie with red inner lining around the torso and an white inner lining in the hood based on the styles of Urban Classics, Carhartt and my own one. A white "Carhartt" writing is placed on the chest with an yellow "89" under it. The waistbands are black and white striped. This hoodie is ideal for the later days in fall to keep your Sim warm and to add a nice contrast to the fall scenery.
Requires: Basegame and a custom mesh.

Concrete Romeo formal outfit:
For this outfit I made an classic, but casual and modern style without the usual elements like an tie or an suit jacket. Instead your Sim will wear black "Dickies O-Dog" suit pants and a white short sleeved "ReRock" button down shirt. The shoes are the same as he ones from the loose-fit pants so they're maybe a bit on the wrong outfit but I like that easy style. This outfit may be ideal for dates, formal parties and maybe even for a wedding in summer. I called this outfit "Concrete Romeo" because the style reminded me of the movie about the modernized "Romeo + Juliet" with Leonardo DiCaprio. This outfit can be worn as formal wear but also as everyday clothing.
Requires: Bon Voyage EP

Sean John - Highshine Lifeline loose-fit pants:
Medium blue denim pants with decorative lines on the inner side of the thighs and an orange-yellow line-embroidery on the backpockets. A classic and simple black belt holds the pants on your Sims hips. The shoes are "Nike Encore 6.0" Running shoes. I like the color combination of black, white and brown a lot. Those colors are fitting into many situations and outfits.
Requires: Basegame

Mustang denim boardshorts:
I like denim boardshorts a lot especially when they come in a light blue denim and some interesting seams to catch your eye. After seeing that I haven't done this kind of shorts yet I had to add the to my collection and I'm really happy how they came out. The blue of the shorts denim is very light with an gentle touch of grey. Your Sim can carry many things within these shorts with two big front pockets, two pockets on the back and an smaller pocket on the right side which can be closed with an zipper. The biggest highlight on these shorts is on the knees: An appliquéd half-round denim patch with decent bump-mapping to make the seems look 3D just like on the real shorts.
Requires: Basegame and a custom mesh.

Rocawear sweater:
An decent styled sweater in light grey with an white "Rocawear" writing along the chest and an little brand logo embroidery right under the neck on the back of the sweater. The writing and the logo are both bump-mapped to add some realistic look the sweater. If your Sim doesn't have to leave the house he can relax well in this comfy top.
Requires: Basegame

Sports outfit:
Get in shape with comfy style. Get in your black "Panther Gym" pants with the nice panthers graphic on the side of the left leg and the flashy white seams on the pockets, on the sides and around the ends of the legs. Grab your red "Reebok" t-shirt with the white collar and the white sleeves and get yourself in shape now. Your Sim will be in everybodys focus. If your Sim is really into sports he can wear this outfit not only during his training but also as regular everyday outfit.
Requires: Basegame and a custom mesh.
Separate versions of this outfit for non-default and default replacements of the mesh are available

Tom Tailor Boxershorts:
Comfy boxershorts in red, black and white for your Sims comfort. These shorts can be worn as underwear and as sleepwear too.
Requires: Basegame

Venum swimwear:
Blue like the open seas and white like sun-bleached sands on the beach - actually this white is more white than sand could be but who cares as long as looks good? These swimshorts are made of many small elements. Each leg has some white inlays on the outer sides and on the inner sides. Visual seams and decent folds are all over the shorts where they are supposed to be. To add some even more detail to the shorts there are cobra heads printed on both sides of the legs and "Venum" writing on the top of the backside to give you short, detailed and sexy swimwear for your Sim.
Requires: Basegame

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