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Separate Tops and Bottoms YAF-EF

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2019 at 9:49 PM
Hi again!
Today I have Separate Tops and Bottoms for you. You might want to thank AndrewGloria again, who wanted shorter shots for his female Adults and Elders.
I used a Undie body outfit from K&B to create these. I personally wanted the Top as a Separate, while Andrew was interested by the Shorts part...
So here it is!

This Set includes edited meshes for Adult Female(and Young Adult), and totally new meshes for Elder females...as this outfit does not exist for Elder.

Both ages have their own top mesh, along with several recolors.
-8 recolors categorized as Athletic.*
-8 recolors categorized as Undies-Pj's-Swim*

Both ages have their own bottom shorts mesh with shoes.
(shoes taken from an adult dress from H&M)
-8 recolors categorized as Athletic.*
Both ages have their own bottom shorts mesh with BlooM's feet.
-8 recolors categorized as Undies-Pj's-Swim*

*Since these aren't Full Body Outfits, all Tops and Bottoms are also categorized as Everyday for your Sims to be able to actually buy them. Once bought, they will be able to find them in their proper clothing category.*

Each Top as its corresponding Bottom, but of course you'll be able to mix and match.
Refer to the pictures to discover all the options!
All recolors are named easy, except for these 2...
AOB = Alien On Board.
BBB = Bibitte Blue Bedroom.
You might remember the set I had uploaded here for pregnant male, for the Maternity Theme.
(You can still find this Set among my Old Uploads on MTS in my sig. Look for AMPreg)

Fat morphs included, sorry no preg morphs.

Polygon Counts:
EF Bottom feet : 3547
EF Bottom Shoes : 852
EF Top : 1147
(top + top_alpha)
AF Bottom Feet : 3556
AF Bottom Shoes : 855
AF Top : 1012

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape 3D, PaintShop Pro, The Game!, MTS and AndrewGloria for the great idea.