UPDATED/Traditional Japanese clothing set

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2011 at 8:38 PM
Updated: 30th Dec 2011 at 4:48 PM
Update note:
Sandals fixed to work in formal-wear category

What this is and for who it works:
This is a set of Japanese clothing for Young adult and Adult females that includes Kimono and sandals

About the kimono:
There are 4 designs for this full body clothing, 3 which you can see from the images and 4th one is "empty" of patterns. The first design which is the white colored one (the middle kimono in the first image) can be recolored fully as you wish but the two others are limited with recoloring because of their overlay texture so only certain parts of them can be recolored. This can be found in the everyday outfits and in the formal categories. This mesh is not set to random.

The slights of the kimono: Because the obi (Sash) is wrapped half on the chest, the boob slider - when set too high or low- does not look the best as the under mesh (kimono) will clip through the Obi.

About the shoes:
Not much to tell other than these shoes have larger platform than the EA's original Base game sandals which recolor the same way with two channels.
The socks in the image are merely base game socks.

Background of this set:

On 17th of September I thought "Perhaps I should make a kimono for the sims 3", to avoid finishing some other creations I've done so far. Thus I started. I planned this would be quite uncomplicated mesh and maybe take a week to finish this.
October 17th - I was done. I'll never assume anything again...
My main idea to create this kimono was to create something that would not crash and corrupt my save games as I experienced with few other kimonos. (Just my luck) I also wished to make long beautiful sleeves as Japanese kimono's generally have. I did create them but since The sims doesn't have the engines to make long hanging cloth parts to look realistic the long sleeves only looked like ridiculous planks hanging on the arms so I ended up deleting them. Last few weeks went to the process of texturing this kimono which was the most painful time, for I really can't stand texturing clothing.
Oh well it is done now and I decided to share this if there are some who want to try this out.
I still wish though I could take back the time and created something else

Installing instruction:
Extract the file to My documents/Electronic arts/The sims 3/Mods/packages

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
the shoulder length hair by Cazy, the short hair by Raon, Lipsticks by lemonleaf, Contacts by IBear, eye makeup by Breyete.
And thank you for all the brush, pattern creators.