Testers for WDS LONG HAIR Re-colours *Updated with 12 haircolours/styles*

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Uploaded 18th Feb 2005 at 10:10 AM · Updated 19th Feb 2005 at 9:20 AM by Bubbleberri

I am currently playing around with the new long hair mesh that BriAnna at The Well Dressed Sims made for us. **NEEDED FOR HAIR TO WORK**

I will upload them here if you wouldn't mind testing them and letting me know how you go.

Appreciated. :thumb:

I have uploaded them to TSR under Bubbleberri each one by itself. If they get accepted you can download from there also. EDIT: 19th Feb: I have also uploaded shorted versions on TSR for download.

EDIT 19th Feb: Uploaded 4 Dreadocked hairstyles one braided, re-uploaded original files after other people said they could use them fine in the game.
*Added Bloodred Dreads and Black Dreadlocks. See next page for files*

I have no idea why the bunny head would show up on your computer, It doesn't show up in my game nor in body shop. I did have a problem with Pippi's hair colour. (The red one) But when I clicked on it I could still see the red hair an my sim. (I deleted that recolour, her other files work fine) I have no known bunnyhead skin files (Except for the maxis ones) in my game.

Having said that. New files to play with. Any problems please let me know so I can try to fix it or delete the files.