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No Valentine Ultra-Short Hair - Add a new age group to your game

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2012 at 10:06 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2018 at 3:31 PM

No Valentine ultra-short hair - add a new age group to your game

As for my two previous No Valentine sets, the intention here is to create an age between Adult and Elder sims; somewhere around their 40's or 50's. Of course not everyone will play this new age group, and your teens and young adults might like this new hairstyle too. Keep reading, I have hair for many male sims.

You don't need any mesh because this is based on the Maxis bald head - this is intended to be some ultra-short hair, cut close to the scalp, and not justify the use of any other Maxis mesh - even the Maxis 'close crop' hair is too puffy for what I want this to be, especially on the sides. The SP versions may seem a bit puffier but it's just an illusion, the grey hairs are a bit more difficult to tame, that's all. This is so thin, your sim will feel bare-scalp.

This is perfect for military sims, gym nuts, or any other active sim who likes to wash and dry his hair in a blink. Lazy sims will also like it, a very convenient hair with not much care necessary. I would suggest you put a hat on his head in the winter, as this will not protect him from much elements.

8 normal colors, 8 greying colors and the Custom Grey.
Matching any No Valentine eyebrows or stubble, along with a lot of Maxis or custom stuff.

The 8 normal colors are for teens, young adults, adults and elders. The 8 Salt N Pepper colors are for adults only. The custom grey is unbinned, so usable by all.


'Cut' ^


'Cut' with salt n pepper ^


The 'Custom Grey' color ^

The 2 pictures above give you an idea of the colors coming with this set. The Custom Grey is a pale grey, rich with a lot of shadings. Check the picture bin below for a view of the hair at different angles, too.

2 kinds of files:

'The Easy Standard'
- Sorry. Hair files are structured differently than facial hair, and I'm not sure how to merge them without screwing them up, so no Merged option this time.

'The Selective Option':
- Binned
- One grey (linked to the black)
- No families - make your own families with the colors of your choice
- You can delete some colors, the others will stay with you
- 16 colors in total (normal + salt n pepper)
- 16 files = 16 options in-game (binned)
- WARNING! Make sure you keep the black, else your elders will have Maxis bald heads

'The Trash Heap' - everything is:
- Unbinned, great with non-matchy facial hair colors and unbinned facial hair
- 16 colors, plus a 17th color : the custom grey
- No families
- One grey (linked to the black)
- All colors are usable by teens, adults and elders, at any occasion with no restrictions
- WARNING! Make sure you keep the black, else your elders will have Maxis bald heads
- WARNING! Whole heap = clutter of 17 unsorted files in EACH of your color bins

Both kinds of files work perfectly and have proper filenames.

If you try the unbinned ones, you can inflict your teens a weak immune system and give them greying hair.

You can make recolors. I won't be making neon versions of these, lol, but you can. Just link your recolors here, and link this post there. Crediting me for my original sets would be nice too.

Thanks for trying this, enjoy!

Custom Grey hair model : It's Victor, get him here

All the other pictures:
a simple tweaked Maxis template #2, with:
eyes by Barcelonista
skintone by Corvidophile2 (her remake of oepu's skintones)
lips by me (pirates' Neutralizer)
brows, stubble and hair by me
the rest by Maxis

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Phaenoh for her help on the first round of manual binning of facial hair (with the brows), all the knowledge gained from talking to her has been useful here too! I will re-mention David Nagel's photoshop brushes. Really useful here again!

Thanks to MTS2 staff for the kind compliments about this set!

On the new pictures displaying Victor Senior, his eyes are by Barcelonista, his skintone is by Corvidophile, his clothes are by All About Style, his brows are by Hysterical Paroxysm and the book is part of my I Saw Three Ships extra items.