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"Eternity" Eyebrows - 7 Colors - Child to Elder

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2012 at 4:40 PM
Hey everyone, I made these eyebrows that I thought you might like. They are kind of thick-ish and they come in 7 colors. They are for males and females child-elder.

They are unbinned, which may be useful at times, because some of the colours can be interchangeable. In the picture with the elder female and the child female, the child female is wearing light red eyebrows with maxis brown hair, and it looks pretty good to me. Please PM me before any recolours.

And also, elders have grey eyebrows. In case you didn't notice it in the pic

Have fun with 'em!

Hair credits to coolsims.net, and Nouk's hair here.
Eyes and makeup by me, skin by Ren here