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True Blood Sims: Nora Gainsborough

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2012 at 5:19 PM
Updated: 16th Jul 2013 at 5:45 AM - changing thumbnail
Nora Gainsborough
Chancellor of the One True Vampire Authority. If you watch True Blood....SHHH!! Please don't discuss the plot in this thread. We don't wanna spoil it for folks who haven't seen it yet, right? Right. Good. Extra special thanks to all the custom content creators mentioned below, and to the actors, writers, and entire crew that makes True Blood. Particularly Lucy Griffiths who portrays Nora so well.

Please do not redistribute this sim or altered versions of her. Thank you. :lovestruc

Recommended but Not Included
  • Fangs! Nora is packaged as a human. She'll grow fangs when you turn her into a vampire in your game. You must have the Nightlife Expansion Pack installed in order to make her a vampire.

  • Default-Replacement vampire skin overlay. By default, Sims2 vampires have a blueish tinge which is wrong for True Blood vamps. I highly recommend TSN's Normal looking NL Vampire Skin Overlay (vampireNoBlueNoRedEye version) if you have Nightlife and plan to make Nora a vampire.

  • Maxis Skin. This sim uses default Maxis skin. If you have default-replacement skins installed, please download the light non-default Maxis skin here and put it on her in CAS.

Included Content
  • Nora Sim

  • Eyes by Oepu

  • Brows by Rensim, slightly darkened by me.

  • Lipstick and eyeshadow by Helaene

  • Eyeliner by dragonmandy

  • Blush by Hairfish of Mermaid Cove, which is sadly now closed.

  • Nose shading by Rensim

  • Beauty mark by me

  • Hair texture by Oepu, edited by me.

  • Hair mesh by Nouk

  • Outfit by me. It requires the Nightlife expansion pack. Just change her clothes if you don't have Nightlife, but I hope you do have it since you need Nightlife for her to be a vampire!

Free Tips
  • Install with Clean Installer to avoid "missing EP" error messages.
  • Nora requires no Expansion Packs, but you'll need the Nightlife EP to make her a vampire.