J'Adore Cafe's and Cakes

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Hello,Today i present to you a cafe that i used in jones contest Build A Business.A quaint paris themed cafe for those who like to sip those coffee's and munch on those baguettes.

J'Adore Cafe's and Cakes.

The main dining hall.

The lounge and reading area.

The outdoor dining for those that like the cool breeze.


Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $72,656

Custom Content Included:
- Round Tablecloth by fizzbin @ mts2
- Freesias by macarossi
- HolySimoly_OrionCeilingLamp by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_SorrentoDiningChr_LeafYellow by Jcenalover4 at Holy Simoly
- The 'Tranquility' Dining Chair by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_SorrentoDiningChr_Yellow by Jcenalover4
- The Bravo Bistro Dining Chair by Honeywell
- The Bravo Bistro Table by Honeywell
- The Bravo Bistro Umbrella by Honeywell
- JB Cave Comfort Rock Wall by jon119
- Loverat steffor-windowcollection recolor by Loverat@ MTS2
- Loverat steffor-windowcollection recolor by Loverat@ MTS2
- _Mango_ Tapis 3x4 seconde édition by Mangosims
- _Mango_ Tapis 3x4 seconde édition recolor by Mangosims
- Walnut Washroom Door for Women by MsBarrows
- Walnut Washroom Door for Men by MsBarrows
- NumenorDeckStairs by Numenor
- One Tile Base Game Piano by TheNinthWave
- NumenorDeckStairs by plasticbox
- Lattice Siding by Reyn
- Bedroom 7 - table by Delphine at SIP
- Simsinparis wall2 by Jasmine at SIP
- Brick Pediment 10The Sims2EP3 - Batch 5 by Spaik
- * * window by Steffor for Avalon * * by Steffor
- * * Window by Steffor for Avalon * * by Steffor
- Craftsman 1Tile Door by tbudgett
- Victorian-Gothic Tied Drapes by Adele by Adele
- Feast of Frames by buggybooz
- Manor House Garden Lamp Post by phoenix_phaerie
- Mediterranean Balcony by macarossi
- Colonial Column by Brace Yourself! Designs by Taroo
- Cyan Fence by wideopeneyes

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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