Relly's Clothing Wallpaper

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Uploaded 29th Sep 2013 at 8:01 PM · Updated 3rd Oct 2013 at 1:49 PM by HugeLunatic

Not got enough clothes to fill up your wardrobe? Put them in a drawer and get out Relly's Clothing Wallpaper. Perfect for fooling people into thinking you have a lot of clothes!

I created this after having the idea of making a built in wardrobe (and thank you to an awesome friend for that!) . I knew that while I couldn't get it to work like one, I could at least get it to look like one. And then, Relly's Clothing Wallpaper was born!

Where To Find It

You'll find this in the wallpaper category and it costs

I hope people can make good use of this wallpaper, as it took a while and hopefully you can look forward to many more wallpapers of mine turning up here in a little while!

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