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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2013 at 9:55 AM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2015 at 3:19 PM - added working skintone d/l link

This is Arthenna, she's an outgoing sim, she's great at making friend and being around around people, but she rather stay at home and hang out with books and paints.
This sim was inspired by my favorite character from my favorite video game, the awesome and the great Alyx Vance.
I made Arthenna's face with a bit of African and a little of Asian = Afro-asian, hopefully. But the differences will be more significant with different hairstyles.

She likes to spend her weekend evening alone, ignoring phone calls and door bells.

She's quite sloppy too.

Custom Content by Me:
- Sim
- Eyes
- Lips
- Eyeshadow

Custom Content Included:
- Newsea Eyebrow edit (non-default) by Lilith
- Anva eyelash edit by Nabila
- Blush hairline by Lilith
- Nose bulb by Rensim
- Teeth mask by Pooklet
- F-IN cheek glow by navetsea
- Faceshine by E-studio
- Cheek Hollow by A.S.K
- Geek On Prom Night Skintone (re-uploaded here) by Cutthroat Dollie
- NymphyTrappingCurls by Nymphy / Trapping
- NymphyTrappingCurls mesh by Nymphy / Trapping
- Dilettante - 18 H&M cardigans for (Y)AF (top-only) by Sadisticpyro
- Dilettante - H&M cardigans mesh by Sadisticpyro
- Capris with sneakers by Trapping
- Capris with sneakers mesh by Trapping