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Mina's "Worldwide" Skins + Default Replacements

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2014 at 10:46 AM
Updated: 16th Apr 2015 at 9:22 AM
HelloOoOo my friends! I’m so excited because I finally finished my skin project! Yes!
I have a large number of skin tones for you!

You can see 6 degrees of darkness in my creation, now I’m going to explain about the .rar files:
Set 0: as you see in the images, this set is the lightest, it contains only one color.
Set 1: darker than set 0, contains 3 colors in one darkness.
Set 2: darker than set 1, contains 3 colors in one darkness.
Set 3: darker than set 2, contains 3 colors in one darkness.
Set 4: darker than set 3, contains 3 colors in one darkness.
Set 5: the darkest skins in my creation, contains 2 colors in one darkness.
But you see the files having + hair! The difference between these sets and other sets are to contain male body hair for teen to elder, as you see, the teen body hair is less than adults and elders. Also the hair on set 0 is less and on set 4 is more than others. I didn’t create male body hair for the set 5, because it’s very dark!

You can also see nail polish on female nails! I can’t live without it! So I designed nail polish for female teens, adults and elders!
I also designed nipples for TF, AF and EF.

For the bodies, I just changed maxis texture by Photoshop, even the male body hair is my drawing! I don’t like shiny and sleek skins, so I tried to design smooth skins. Unlike maxis skins, my elder skins are not lighter than adults.

For the nose and ears, I used a very cute blush @ TSR:

In the images, there is no makeup on my models faces.

Please notice that you can only have ONE of default replacements (with or without body hair) for each tone in your download folder.

If since using default replacement skins, you see freaky baby skins, keep calm and read this.

I think you can create your new world of all nations now! From north to south and east to west!
I just hope you will like my this creation and if so, please let me know by your comments or clicking the thanks button! :*

You are free to use my skin colors in your creations, but please give the credit.
Please don’t upload it as yours! Thank you all :*

Creeping Ivy by mustluvcatz: http://modthesims.info/d/500423
Poses by decorgal21572: http://modthesims.info/d/272312