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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2015 at 1:50 PM
Updated: 16th Jan 2015 at 11:52 PM by KarenLorraine - added the word 'green'
Before installing seasons, I don't know that there is a plantsim =).
But the new city attracts me.
I settled into it.
I was surprised to see a neighbor, green).
It was Rose Greenman =), which in fact turned out to be a green-colored girl.
I decided that I want to do the green man....PLANTSIM.
Haha. He wanted posterity , then another, and another...
And then I'm just confused.....I stopped to distinguish them.
I dug through the Internet in search of a replacement skin for this type of characters.
In the end I found what I wanted , but not quite... so I had to make a mod for myself.
For a basis I took a picture taken from the Internet
And tried to work ... the result is what I want to share with you=).
On the screenshots you can see both sexes , all 4 tones coiu children, elders, and full Sims.(my skin color is transparent, so your character will not change color, it will just go buy the pattern on the skin).
I made a skin that during the transformation of Shem in plantsim admits that his main skin tone, but simply adds to it the figure of the leaves.

Skinton contains a version of faded, but I've never seen her play....Even when using the default skin from Maxis.
Children have the same skin color as adults.
Individuals do not have drawings
To display properly, you must remove other replacement skin for this type of character.
As I use in my game mod that allows PLANTIMUM to wear normal hair : can be downloaded here>> ;

I use the default skin from pixie to 4 primary colors.
skin from Pyxis be found here >> ;

Screenshots :my version of the plantsim skin is superimposed over the skin from Pyxis

Additional credits:
skin from Pyxis be found here >> ;
mod that allows PLANTIMUM to wear normal hair : can be downloaded here>> ;
Paint.NET; SimPE;Fraps.